Tracking Employees: The Technology Is the Easy Part

Do the benefits of tracking employees' whereabouts outweigh the possible privacy implications?.....»»

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Teradata Shows How Improving Integration Can Lead to Better Business Alignment

Teradata's pushing "data fabric," or connecting multiple systems and retaining flexibility......»»

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First Halo 5 Multiplayer Footage to Debut During HaloFest Event

Microsoft has today announced a special “HaloFest” live-stream event that will take place the night before the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. During the stream, viewers have been promised extensive interviews with developers, th.....»»

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Dubai Real Esate Ad Caught Using SimCity Screenshot

A Dubai property developer has been reported to have been caught using images from SimCity in its real estate ad campaign. Visionary Property allegedly decided to show off its futuristic vision to potential investors by passing an image from SimCity as th.....»»

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Google Inbox Email Service Lets Users Organize Emails and Reminders

Google launched a new email service called "Inbox" on Wednesday, which allows users to organize emails and reminders......»»

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San Francisco’s former mayor and current senator pens aggressive anti-Airbnb op-ed

Feinstein does not want Airbnb in residential neighborhoods. Image Credit: Flickr user quinn.anyaWhile Republicans are proudly supporting sharing economy startups to boost their support among young voters, Democrats appear to be doing the opposite. A.....»»

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Why Google’s Inbox is my new favorite email app

Email is a real pain in the neck, but Google's upcoming email application, Inbox, could dramatically cut the time wasted on the task. Above: Google InboxImage Credit: GoogleEmail is a real pain in the neck, but Google’s upcoming email applicati.....»»

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Aorus X7 Review

The 17.3-inch Aorus X7 gaming laptop packs dual GPUs and triple SSDs into a super-slim chassis, but don't forget the power cord.....»»

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This BMW i3 Coupe lookalike could school EV makers

Electric cars may already be out on the roads around us, but that doesn't mean the segment isn't ripe for some innovation, and while Tesla might be doing its level best to push speed and luxury at the top end of the market, so one German team believes it .....»»

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Yahoo Mail app now tracks your flights, event info

Yahoo is announcing some changes to the Yahoo mail app today, bringing in some features that will remind you of Google’s Inbox. Yahoo’s latest update rolls in cards that will tell you about travel plans, and even lets you get real-time info about poss.....»»

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Google Earth for Android is now faster, better at 3D exploration

Heads up, Android fans: Google Earth for your phones is about to get a lot better. That's what the folks in Mountain View are promising, anyway -- they've released an update to the app brings with it snappier performance and improved labels for maps........»»

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Sketchy ethics of scientists involved with "brain training"

Jeff sez, 'Scientists consulting with companies that sell brain games "falls in the same kind of category as medical researchers' taking money from drug companies,' says a Harvard educational-neuroscience professor. Or, as other scholars contend, should a.....»»

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iPad Air 2 teardown reveals lower capacity battery, internal layout tweaks

A teardown of the recently released iPad Air 2 on Wednesday revealed a slew of iterative changes made to Apple's flagship tablet model, including sized-down components and a smaller battery......»»

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The FCC Just Released 2,444,672 Public Comments About Net Neutrality

The FCC's proposed "Open Internet" rule is the single most commented-on rulemaking in the history of the agency, with nearly 4 million submissions to date. The FCC just dumped all of the words from the second commenting period, which ran from July 19th-Se.....»»

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11 Common iOS 8.1 Problems & How to Fix Them

11 Common iOS 8.1 Problems & How to Fix Them is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Earlier this week, Apple pushed out its iOS 8.1 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 8.1 delivers new features but it also brings a laundry list of bug fixe.....»»

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Bluetooth-tracking beacon programs uncovered in LA, Chicago

Marketers are using beacons to see who sees what in their ad networks. The Logan Square stop on the Chicago Transit Authority blue line. Kumar McMillan A report from BuzzFeed News Wednesday suggests that the tr.....»»

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Twitter Wants to Dominate Apps By Winning Over Developers

Social network wants to expand its reach beyond tweets Twitter is trying to make itself an essential part of the app ecosystem with a new suite of tools aimed at mobile developers. Those tools, announced Wednesday and bundled together in a free servic.....»»

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The Best First Smartphone for Your Child

It's time to get your kid a smartphone. But which one? There’s no more modern rite of passage than the first smartphone. How else for kids to text their friends (all of whom, rest assured, “already have one!”), swap Instagram and Sna.....»»

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Apple Pay: Who Won and Who Lost?

Not all Apple Pay winners are created equal Mobile payments are happening to the retail industry like bankruptcy happens to Mike Campbell in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises: gradually, and then suddenly all at once. Google has offered mobi.....»»

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First of Five Alien: Isolation Add-On Packs Launching Next Week

If you haven’t seen our review for Alien: Isolation yet, I can sum it up in a single sentence for you: It’s a solid game that is just way too long for the minimalist survival horror genre. With that, why... If you haven’t seen our revie.....»»

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