Parks: Cloud DVR Sees Growing Interest, Legal Clarity

Parks: Cloud DVR Sees Growing Interest, Legal Clarity The recent Aereo Supreme Court case, while not exactly positive for Aereo, may help drive cloud DVR adoption, according to Parks Associates’ Research Analyst Glenn Hower. And with growing interest i.....»»

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6 Developer Tips for Better Disaster Recovery

You go through life thinking that it won’t happen to you, but someday it will: Your development PC suddenly goes from being state-of-the-art to having the computing power of a brick. How quickly you get back into action depends upon your budget and .....»»

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Deal Alert: Transcend microSD cards up to 53% off at Amazon!

Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day has approximately 16 hours remaining on Transcend memory. Some good deals to be had on microSD inside! Today, Amazon is offering great deals on Transcend MicroSD memory cards. Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day has .....»»

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7 Ways Your Smartphone Can Actually Make You Happier

Smartphones get a pretty bad rap, and not without reason. We tap away at our phones instead of talking to our friends, sleep with them instead of people, and miss crucial life moments while staring into screens. But in a recent study conducted by New Yo.....»»

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Why Is The NAACP Siding With Verizon Over Net Neutrality?

The NAACP and several other major civil rights groups have emerged as flashpoints in the debate over net neutrality, the idea that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. More than 40 civil rights groups are supporting broadband providers that op.....»»

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The 5 Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes

There are some things you can do with your email marketing, that while seemingly innocent, will make your subscribers want to throw you off the proverbial cliff ... right into the spam folder. Rather than risk becoming the Thelma and Louise of email marke.....»»

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Ask the Art Professor: How Can an Artist Bypass Galleries and Sell Directly to Their Audience?

"In the age of social media, do you have any tips for artists who want to sell directly to their audience? How do we artists get above the noise and reach our audience? I would like to bypass the gallery system all together. Online stores like Etsy are p.....»»

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This Phone Plan Lets You Pay For Facebook And Nothing Else

If all you do on your smartphone is check Facebook, why should should have to pay for all those other functions that are going unused? That’s the question that inspired Sprint's new Virgin Mobile Custom plan. The plan lets users customize exactly what .....»»

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The 404 Throwback Ep. 447: Where the cheese stands alone (podcast)

Five and a half years ago Justin Yu thought it'd be a good idea to do The 404 Show by himself. Here's what happened. (Original air date: 10/16/09).....»»

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Watch teens react to Weird Al"s music videos

Can legendary laughmeister Weird Al Yankovic impress the teenagers of today? The Fine Brothers find out......»»

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Lego "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer is the best one yet

To entice audiences to get out to the movies this weekend, Marvel releases one final trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy.".....»»

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"Doctor Who" season 8 photos and trailer debut

Mysterious images and a contemplative teaser trailer give fans a few more clues before the August 23 "Doctor Who" premiere......»»

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French Firm Makes Bid for T-Mobile

Iliad, a telecom business based in France, has made an unsolicited offer to purchase T-Mobile U.S. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal reports the company submitted the offer to T-Mobile's board within the last week. The Journ.....»»

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Apple confirms Beats layoffs; 200 people expected to lose jobs

Apple has confirmed reports of job losses at Beats as a part of its $3 billion acquisition. "We're excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee," says Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr. "Because of some over.....»»

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Sky Mobile wireless service launches in US on Sprint frequencies

Sky Communications has launched a new wireless provider, Sky Mobile, across the US. The new carrier offers several options for mobile users with basic users still being able to purchase flip phones, with smartphone users being able to choose from devices .....»»

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Shift Your Thinking About Content Marketing

For B2B marketers, there’s no question that content marketing is a key initiative. And these days, it seems everyone is sharing his or her content marketing best practices, promising marketers that if they could simply do X, Y and Z, then success is.....»»

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The Future is Programmatic

Since the first banner ad was served in 1994, digital media has been on a steady course of evolution.In the past 15 years, the ways in which digital media has been bought, sold and measured changed at a reasonable pace, making it fairly easy for advertise.....»»

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HTC: When good products aren"t enough

HTC showed some stability in the second quarter and touted its latest One device. The problem is that HTC may be merely a one-quarter wonder......»»

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Twitter laments government roadblocks in fifth transparency report

Intellectual property is actually an overlooked hotspot given Twitter received nearly 10,000 copyright takedown requests for the micro-blogging site and subsidiary Vine......»»

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The NFL Gets Quantified Intelligence Courtesy of Shoulder Pad-Mounted Motion Trackers

 The NFL is making a move to integrate RFID-based activity tracking tech to give fans, coaches and players more information about what exactly athletes go through during each game. The Zebra Technologies tracker systems will mount to player shoulder .....»»

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