2019 London Marathon live stream: how to watch coverage from anywhere in the world

Can Mo Farah take the win in this year's 26-mile epic? Watch the race (and the fun) unfold with a 2019 London Marathon live stream. The surge of the adrenaline, the smell of the vaseline, the shine of the silver foil blanket. It must be London.....»»

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Intel"s 9th-Gen Mobile Core Chips Aim For the High End, Rocking 8 Cores at Up To 5GHz Speeds

Intel debuted six new 9th-gen mobile H-series Core chips on Tuesday -- with its fastest, the Core i9-9980HK, soaring to a new high-water mark: 8 cores, 16 threads, and a whopping 5GHz clock speed, after boost. From a report: After launching its 9th-g.....»»

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Julia Angwin Is Out as Editor of New Tech Watchdog Site The Markup

Ms. Angwin was one of three founders of The Markup, which is dedicated to investigating technology and its effects on society and plans to start publishing in July......»»

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Pence to visit Michigan to tout new North American trade deal, report says

Vice President Mike Pence will speak at an event with automakers and auto suppliers in Taylor, Mich., and also is expected to tour Ford's nearby truck plant in Dearborn, Reuters reported......»»

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How Technology Can Help HR Avoid Breakdowns in the Employee Experience

In the war for talent, it’s not just the compensation package that attracts and retains top candidates, you have to provide a great culture too......»»

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Why Information Management Plays a Critical Role in Digital Transformation

Small and large organizations alike will suffer from less than optimal productivity if they don’t address information management issues......»»

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Combine Chatbots and RPA Bots for Better Customer Service

Robotic process automation (RPA) bots can serve human agents as well as virtual agents......»»

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Tesla wants a fleet of self-driving taxis by 2020

Tesla's new microchip is the next step for a truly autonomous vehicle. Tesla has laid out an ambitious vision for the future of autonomous vehicles, with plans for a fully-autonomous Tesla model and a fleet of robo-taxis on the road by 2020.The.....»»

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Anthem"s next big update promises new Stronghold and bug squashing

An Anthem update is being rolled out today, adding a new Stronghold alongside various other game improvements and fixes. Anthem hasn't had an easy ride since its launch in February. BioWare's online multiplayer has been plagued by bug.....»»

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Voiceflow, which allows anyone to make voice apps without coding, raises $3.5 million

The market for voice apps has opened up — Amazon Alexa’s platform alone has over 80,000 skills as of earlier this year — and there’s little sign of that growth slowing now that smart speakers have hit critical mass in the U.S......»»

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India’s Mfine raises $17.2M for its digital healthcare service

Mfine, an India-based startup aiming to broaden access to doctors and healthcare using the internet, has pulled in a $17.2 million Series B funding round for growth. The company is led by four co-founders from Myntra, the fashion commerce startup acq.....»»

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Waymo firms up plans for autonomous car assembly plant in Detroit

Waymo will lease an American Axle factory in Detroit, where it will integrate self-driving systems onto vehicles provided by Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar and create its first full-fledged assembly plant for retrofitting vehicles with autonomous-car techn.....»»

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The New Microsoft Edge Sometimes Impersonates Other Browsers

AmiMoJo writes: The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will impersonate other browsers depending on the site being visited. This is may be done for compatibility reasons, like properly rendering pages or how video will be streamed and played back. Whe.....»»

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Trump approval rating drops 5 points after redacted Mueller Report released

A significant drop, but no worse than he's been before, reports Politico's Steven Shepherd. “President Trump’s approval rating has dipped to its lowest point of his term in the immediate aftermath of the redacted Mueller report release,” said.....»»

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Gagarin’s Start nears the end—historic launch pad to be decommissioned

Sputnik, Gagarin, and Tereshkova all launched from here. So did Scott Kelly. Enlarge / A Soyuz rocket launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in 2012. (credit: NASA) Site no. 1 in dusty Baikonur, Kazakhstan, is where it all began. In October 195.....»»

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Amazon opens Key delivery to garages

Starting today, Amazon can drop off packages to your garage. Assuming, of course, you’re cool with that. The massively multiplayer online retailer just expanded its Key delivery options to include garage, a feature it announced at the beginning of.....»»

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U.S. expands probe of airbags possibly linked to multiple fatalities

NHTSA is expanding a probe into potentially defective airbags to 12.3 million vehicles. The issue could be related to as many as eight deaths, the Associated Press reported......»»

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EU to create 350m person biometric database for borders, migration and law enforcement

An overwhelming vote in the European Parliament last week means that the EU will merge a grab bag of existing biometric databases to create the Common Identity Repository (CIR), with biometric data on 350,000,000 people (both EU- and non-EU person.....»»

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Don"t look up childhood friends, unless you"re sure you want to know

Douglas Preston's search for a boyhood friend led to a dark discovery. He fled from any hint of conflict, usually with a wiseass comment flung over his shoulder, and he could outrun any goofus who took up the chase. I couldn't begin to fathom the tr.....»»

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A Sanders candidacy would make 2020 a referendum on the future, not a referendum on Trump

One thing that immediately struck me in Lauren Gambino's excellent analysis of the Democratic nomination campaigns in The Guardian: a quote from GOP never-Trump political consultant Rick Wilson, who counseled Democrats not to select Bernie Sanders.....»»

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