Creepy iPhone Case From Japan Modeled After Isopod Carcass

Be careful because some things just can’t be unseen. Engadget Japan has discovered a new iPhone case modeled after the dead carcass of a beloved giant isopod which passed away earlier this  year at the Toba Aquarium. It died because... Be careful .....»»

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Weekend Project: Start Guarding Yourself Against Heartbleed - ReadWrite

ReadWriteWeekend Project: Start Guarding Yourself Against HeartbleedReadWriteThree tasks with the biggest security payoff for anyone who uses the Internet, i.e. practically everyone. Adriana Lee Author: Adriana Lee Publish date: April 20, 2014 Section: Cl.....»»

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Nike denies to stop the production of Fuelbands - The Westside Story

Times of IndiaNike denies to stop the production of FuelbandsThe Westside StoryIn a recent report, Nike has fired most of its Nike FuelBand team. The team, which was composed of more than 70 employees, is now only left with few members and the action woul.....»»

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S5: The evolution of the Galaxy - Business Standard

Times of IndiaS5: The evolution of the GalaxyBusiness StandardWith annual flagship refreshes of nineteen-to-a-dozen brands, times have become pretty hectic for reviewers. It's that time of the year again and we start off with the Galaxy S5, one of the.....»»

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Leaked images claim to reveal iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5S

With Apple's annual developer conference quickly approaching, we have little doubt that somewhere in Cupertino there are devices already running iOS 8, and a new report could very well offer our first glimpse at one of them.PhoneArena turned up a handful .....»»

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16 Easter Candies Dissected for Sweet Science

Easter is hopping its way into our candy-shaped hearts this weekend. Kids may be scrambling to grab as many confection-filled plastic eggs they can handle, but us responsible, mature adults can celebrate with a bag of Reese's eggs all to ourselves When yo.....»»

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General Mills Backtracks on Legal Policy After Angering Facebook Users

General Mills inadvertently shocked social-media users everywhere this week after an update to its legal policy was interpreted as preventing customers from suing the company if they Like any of its brands on Facebook. Now, the food company is reversing t.....»»

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3 Killed in Ukraine Gun Battle; Kiev and Moscow Trade Blame

KIEV, Ukraine – While most Ukrainians on Sunday congregated at cathedrals and ate traditional frosted cakes to celebrate Easter, those in Sloviansk were trying to get to the bottom of a deadly confrontation that unfolded at a checkpoint manned by pr.....»»

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Samsung mobile and Smart TV services temporarily extinguished by building fire

Samsung mobile and Smart TV services temporarily extinguished by building fire.....»»

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DDoS attacks in 2014: Smarter, bigger, faster, stronger   

Guest Post: Distributed denial of service attacks are evolving at a rapid pace with no appearance of slowing down. GUEST POSTAbove: This is the best illustration we could find of how a DDoS attack actually works.Image Credit: ShutterstockDistributed .....»»

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How to install Wi-Fi in Laptop to connect to internet?

I want to have wi-fi connection in my Laptop. At home I am using BSNL broadband modem. Can someone give me step by step guide, how to install Wi-fi network?.....»»

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Biodiversity Survives Extinctions For Now

A meta-analysis of ecosystems finds that species losses in any given place do not yet translate to large changes in the number of different species in that place. David Biello reports.   -- Read more on»»

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What Is the Deep Web?

Tech Talker: Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World -- Read more on»»

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Audi TT offroad concept car sports two electric motors

Audi presented a four-door concept car at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, showcasing the brilliance of combining the efficacy of a compact SUV with the sportiness of a coupe. While … Continue reading.....»»

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Gadget Rewind 2006: Lego Mindstorms NXT

It's our 10th birthday, and to celebrate we'll be revisiting some of the key devices of the last decade. So please be kind, rewind. Lego, the popular toy brick maker, graduated from simple plastic playthings in 1998 when it released its Mindstorms........»»

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This Faucet Sprayer"s Flat Blade of Water Scrapes Dishes Clean

If you're lucky enough to have a retractable sprayer attached to your kitchen faucet, you've probably noticed that its circular blast often isn't powerful enough to really scrape dishes clean. To fix that, Kohler is introducing what it calls Sweep spray t.....»»

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5 Hidden Windows Phone 8.1 Features iPhone Users Would Kill For

5 Hidden Windows Phone 8.1 Features iPhone Users Would Kill For.....»»

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You Can’t Control How Some People Will Treat You Or What They Say About You

You can’t control how some people will treat you or what they say about you. But you can control how...The post You Can’t Control How Some People Will Treat You Or What They Say About You appeared first on Lifehack. You can’t control.....»»

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Trello – A Beautiful Organiser App

I’m hard-pressed to think of an area of technology that has more really good apps then the Organizer, To-Do List,...The post Trello – A Beautiful Organiser App appeared first on Lifehack. I’m hard-pressed to think of an area of techn.....»»

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Canon EOS 1D X vs. Nikon D4s: All you need to know

The Nikon D4s is the new kid on the block, showing off its shiny new Expeed 4 processor and presenting itself as the quintessential DSLR for professionals in photography. Meanwhile, Canon is still relying on the cool kid, the EOS-1D ... Read More The .....»»

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