Leggage: A laptop case that massages your tired feet

It's time for lazy laptop cases to step up and do more. The Leggage protects your computer and soothes your feet......»»

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Live: photoshop the future with The Verge

Live: photoshop the future with The Verge: Hello internet, it’s me, T.C. You might remember me from such threads as “Steve Ballmer’s Surprise Introductions Throughout History,” or “Google Glass Throughout History,” or “Ben Affleck is Sad Bat.....»»

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HARO Founder Peter Shankman: Still Crazy After All These Years

You have to wonder what it feels like to be described as the guy who "redefined the art of networking" … " "a public relations all-star who knows everything about new media and then some" … or, better yet, "crazy but effective." But Pet.....»»

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Google Dealing With 1M Data Takedown Requests Daily

Google is attempting to sink information pirates by processing more than one million takedown requests every day. The number of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), requests has rocketed since Google started making the information public and look.....»»

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Facebook responds to developer demand with analytics for App Links

Since launching in April, Facebook App Links has grown to support more than 3 billion unique URLs tagged for the open source tool......»»

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US universities at greater risk for security breaches than retail and healthcare: BitSight

A new report says the majority of attacks experienced by higher education institutions come from malware infections, and most universities are ill equipped to prevent and handle such attacks......»»

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Google: Drive for Work adds 1,800 businesses a week

Given the competition and the price curve that points to zero for online storage, Google is hoping to draw a crowd with Drive for Work......»»

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Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Enlists Reddit Users To Rebrand Net Neutrality

 Today in a video and accompanying post, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo asked Reddit users to help come up with new branding for net neutrality. The term ‘net neutrality,’ while useful, is being misused by some, according the Congresswoman. A n.....»»

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Instagram Starts Offering Essential Ad Tools At Last

 Facebook-owned Instagram is making itself more advertising-friendly today with the rollout of a suite of business tools aimed at brands which offer insights and analytics related to their use of the image-sharing network. Included in the suite are .....»»

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How Many Tons of Cement Will It Take to Rebuild Gaza?

The second floor of the al-Awda factory is covered in a sticky red liquid, as if a massacre had occurred here. The truth, happily, is much less gruesome: An Israeli tank shell had ripped open plastic cartons containing strawberry juice, which had been int.....»»

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Smash Bros. Creator Explains Time Gap Between 3DS and Wii U Versions

There’s a gap between the official release date of the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. and the one that’s bound for the Wii U. These are two separate games with overlapping features, and the 3DS one is set to release...See full gal.....»»

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Sprint Introduces $60 Unlimited Plan, Takes Jabs at T-Mobile

Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure, mere days after his appointment, promised that his plan was to drop Sprint’s prices before he spends cash building out the company’s network. He made good on his promise Thursday by introducing a new unli.....»»

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Ascend: Hand of Kul Support Canceled On Xbox 360

Toy Soldiers developer loses its moody, free-to-play action RPG less than a year after launch on Xbox 360. Free-to-play action RPG Ascend: Hand of Kul has been deliberately removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, with support for the game apparently.....»»

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Nic Cage & Hayden Christensen Go Medieval

Check out the first trailer for Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen's Medieval action movie Outcast. Nicolas Cage returns to the Middle Ages -- alongside Star Wars' Hayden Christensen -- in Outcast. Cage's character takes on the moniker The White Gh.....»»

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The Last of Us Receives Free Multiplayer Maps

Meanwhile, work continues on the matchmaking issues. Naughty Dog Software has announced that it is giving away two free multiplayer maps as a thank-you gift to fans enduring long matchmaking times in The Last of Us Remastered. The multiplayer add-on.....»»

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Sigourney Weaver Passes on The Expendabelles

The Alien and Avatar actress has reportedly decided not to join the Expendables female spinoff film. Oscar-nominated actress Sigourney Weaver will not appear in The ExpendaBelles. Sylvester Stallone wanted Weaver to play his ex-wife in the Expendabl.....»»

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FIFA 15 Gets an Additional Cover Star in UK

A Chelsea superstar joins Lionel Messi on the cover of FIFA 15 in the UK. Chelsea star Eden Hazard will be joining the FIFA 15 cover in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, Electronic Arts announced today. The 23-year-old Belgian w.....»»

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Iconoclastic Billionaire And Investor Mark Cuban To Speak At Disrupt SF

Iconoclastic Billionaire And Investor Mark Cuban To Speak At Disrupt SF.....»»

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Google Opens Chrome To Cuba — For Those Who Can Get Online

Google Opens Chrome To Cuba — For Those Who Can Get Online.....»»

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A Bracelet That Charges Your Phone?

A Bracelet That Charges Your Phone?.....»»

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