FYI! Consoles are Helping in Keeping PC Gaming Alive

When console gamers debate over which platform is better (PlayStation or Xbox), PC users simply sit back and watch them rip each other apart. I often feel that PC gamers somewhat suffer from god complex (not all of them but may be most of them), they refu.....»»

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New Suicide Squad Video Shows Batman Chasing The Joker

Suicide Squad in currently in development and like most movies of its kind, leaks have started to appear as fans are more than eager to know all about it. Once such leak shows us a pretty interesting video of Batman chasing Joker via the batmobile. The Jo.....»»

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Magicka 2 Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Connection, Performance, Controls and Fixes

The naughty wizards are back and they are ready to wreck havoc once again. Magicka 2 just got released on PC and I am sure fans of the first game must be eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible. Although the game is not that resource hungry and.....»»

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‘Connected Conference’ will highlight IoT ambitions of France and Europe

Three-day conference will showcase the region's efforts to become a global force in IoT. When it comes to making a mark in the next wave of technology, Europe in general, and France specifically, have taken dead aim at trying to seize a leadership r.....»»

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5 tips for outstanding mobile advertising experiences

SPONSORED: This article is part three of an ongoing content series called “Maximizing Mobile Ad Monetization” presented by Supersonic. With an increasingly complex mobile ecosystem, the series will guide publishers to take back the reins and navigat.....»»

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Are restaurants designing meals to look good on Instagram?

The US chain Chili has spent $750,000 on a special glaze to make its burgers look better on social media - and British eateries are following suit.....»»

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Aldi"s brand is now worth more than Tesco"s

The value of Aldi's brand has surpassed Tesco's after the value of the latter's declined by 37pc last year, according to the annual BrandZ index from WPP and Millward Brown.....»»

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Google, Yahoo said to also be interested in buying Flipboard

Barely a day after the news broke that Twitter was considering an acquisition of Flipboard, the mobile newsreader app, news has surfaced that both Google and Yahoo are also interested, and have even had talks with Flipboard already. The negotiations betwe.....»»

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SanDisk Z400s SSD aims at embedded applications

SanDisk makes SSDs and other storage devices that are designed to fit into just about every usage scenario you can think up. The company has unveiled a new family of SSDs called the Z440s that is designed from the ground up to be affordable and to address.....»»

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iOS 9’s transit directions to see limited rollout in only 6 cities

Expectations continue to grow that next month's WWDC will reveal public transit directions are finally coming to Apple's Maps app in iOS 9. In the three years since Apple ditched Google as its map data supplier and debuted its own mapping service with iOS.....»»

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One day, a tiny robotic pill might treat your diabetes

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis is currently studying a brand new way of delivering drugs to patients, one that involves tiny robots with needles made of sugar that could change the way treatments are administered for certain diseases. DON’T MISS: .....»»

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Apple retakes #1 slot as world’s most valuable brand based on perceptions of 3M consumers

Millward Brown has published its 10th annual brand equity ranking, with Apple shown has having regained its #1 ranking from Google. The company bases its rankings on the perceptions of more than 3M consumers across 50 countries. With a 67 percent rise in .....»»

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70,000 pictures make up this panorama of Mont Blanc

This is a photo of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the European Union. But it's not just any photo: it's actually just a small part of a panorama comprised of 70,000 pictures and 365 gigapixels. In 2014, a team of photographers led by Filippo Ble........»»

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"Evolve" simplifies the hunt with free deathmatch arena mode

Evolve isn't a typical multiplayer shooter. The game pits four hunters against a quickly mutating monster, with the first task usually being to find and trap the player-controlled goliath. The experience can be a little bewildering for newcomers, so ........»»

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Reactions to the IRS hack that impacted 100,000 people

Cybercriminals were able to successfully steal tax forms full of personal information of more than 100,000 taxpayers through IRS’ Get Transcript application. This data included Social Security informa........»»

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Keep your parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme fresh in this airtight 1-up Mushroom jar

In the Boing Boing Store! High Times called this container from 420 Science “the best in herb storage.” It's a large, airtight jar made from machine blown glass, has a durable base, and pops with freshness every time you open it. Read the rest.....»»

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Pastor busted for gay sex in church van newly arrested for stealing $60K from church

Pastor says he was just preaching the Lord, one-on-one. If that's what self-loathing men-oriented-men call sex nowadays, OK great. Read the rest.....»»

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Mashup of all the studios" vanity reels

ART404 has produced a genius remix of the vanity reels that play before the movies, mashing up the visual identities of all the major studios. (via Kottke).....»»

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Adult Swim launches its first VR entertainment project: The Virtual Brainload, with WEVR

Press Release Translation: This VR shit costs real money to produce and we have no fucking idea how we're gonna make bank from it yet, but yo big brands, we are very eager to place your logo all up in this biznatch and take your sweet analog bitcoins. Re.....»»

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Portland"s sword-wielding "high" elf found guilty

After a long court case, Konrad Bass will serve one and a half years of probation. Bipolar disorder is tough enough without adding a shitload of acid into the mix. Read the rest.....»»

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