The Last of Us: Remastered update 1.01 out now, player count surpasses PS3 version after just two days

Naughty Dog’s Drew Thaler has confirmed that The Last of Us: Remastered has already eclipsed its PlayStation 3 predecessor in terms of active multiplayer participants. Thaler confirmed the milestone on Twitter just two days after the PlayStation 4.....»»

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Four in ten Brits defy social media restrictions at workplace, new research claims

A majority – around 60% of the Brits are still scared of ignoring the social media restrictions at workplace. The post Four in ten Brits defy social media restrictions at workplace, new research claims appeared first on Techie News......»»

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This website is a guide to the best cities for digital nomads and perpetual travelers

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere for a living (as some ‘digital nomads’ do), taking a break to travel, or engaged in other activities that let you explore new places, then a new website which ranks cities based on their ease .....»»

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Internet.Org’s App With Free Access To Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Local Info Launches In Zambia

 85% of the 5 billion people without Internet simply can’t afford data plans. So Facebook’s accessibility initiative today launches its Android and web app for the developing world with free data access to a limited set of se.....»»

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Shazam takes its music discovery powers to the Mac

Shazam has already covered ground on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, but now it is prepared to bring its media identification software to more devices. And it all starts with Apple's line of personal computers. The newly........»»

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Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden on the latest Hadoop hubbub

Team Hortonworks now includes HP while rival Cloudera can boast of funding from Intel and In-Q-tel. Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden on the latest Hadoop hubbub originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…......»»

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Shazam makes the jump to the desktop with new OS X app

Shazam wants to use your Mac to help you identify every song you hear, be it in a coffee shop or watching YouTube videos at home. Shazam makes the jump to the desktop with new OS X app originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue r.....»»

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Dungeons & Dragons MMO, Neverwinter, Coming To Xbox One In The West Next Year

Perfect World Entertainment is working with Microsoft to have Neverwinter ready for the Xbox One launch in China. The MMORPG is included with Xbox One systems in the region and will be exclusive for six months. Read Dungeons & Dragons MMO, Neverwinter, Co.....»»

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Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming This Monday

A Nintendo Direct presentation for Hyrule Warriors will be aired in North America and Europe early next week. Read Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming This Monday on Siliconera!.....»»

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Homefront series acquired by Deep Silver as Crytek UK woes continue

Development of the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution has passed onto the newly-founded Deep Silver Dumbuster Studios. The Nottingham-based studio will be continuing work on the game that was previously in development at Crytek UK, who has been plunged i.....»»

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House of Lords: ‘Right to be Forgotten’ is just ‘unworkable’, ‘unreasonable’ and ‘wrong in principle’

The EU subcommittee concluded that the EU court ruling was based on out-dated principles, adding that assuming the “right to be forgotten” even exists in law was a mistake. The post House of Lords: ‘Right to be Forgotten’ is just ‘un.....»»

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Chinese GMO Research Outpaces Approvals

The fact that China hasn’t approved of any commercial GMO planting since 2009 reflects public fears.Despite recent research advances, such as a new strain of wheat that resists destructive mildew (see “Chinese Researchers Stop Wheat Disease with Gene .....»»

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Report: Android reached record 85% smartphone market share in Q2 2014, Xiaomi now fifth-largest vendor

Market research firm Strategy Analytics has put out new numbers for the second quarter of 2014 that estimate the Android platform’s share of the global market at a record 84.6 percent. Strategy Analytics reported 295.2 million smartphone shipments duri.....»»

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Xiaomi gets slapped with a $20,000 fine for misleading consumers in Taiwan

It’s been a rocky journey for popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi recently, what with having to face criticisms that it has ripped off Apple’s products and privacy issues with the Redmi Note. Now there’s another bump in the road for it af.....»»

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Entrepreneurs Tackle Earthquake Safety, Urban Planning Tech In SF’s EIR Program

While heavily-funded companies like Airbnb, Lyft and Uber capture the spotlight as companies that controversially shape city life around transportation and space, cities and their governments have a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes needs too. That’s.....»»

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Sony and Huawei send out press invites for IFA launch events

While CES and MWC trade events are used by the smartphone manufacturers for launches meant for the first half of the year, IFA Berlin has emerged as the location for all key launches for the second half. As we head closer to IFA this year, which is schedu.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha to be announced on Aug 4: Report

720p display confirmed via Samsung dev portal Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its Galaxy Alpha smartphone on August 4. It is the first Android smartphone from the company to feature a metal chassis (although partly). According to rumours, the pho.....»»

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Sandman Overture #3 Review

The untold story of Morpheus quest to save the universe continues. Had Sandman Overture stuck to its originally intended shipping schedule, the series would be almost finished now instead of just reaching the halfway point. Unfortunately, it looks l.....»»

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Guardians of the Galaxy #17 Review

The Guardians are back in action, but that's about it. After spending the last few issues pulling the Guardians apart, issue #17 serves to bring them back together, just in time to make their cinematic debut. The latest from writer Brian Michael Ben.....»»

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The Wake #10 Review

The Wake offers a fitting finale to an expansive tale, even if it'd read better in trade. If The Wake was to be summed up in one word, it'd be "big." Big in ideas, big in scope, big in execution. Since the very first issue we've been treated to nume.....»»

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