Ford Fund Donating Up to $225K to Hurricane Dorian Relief

As the Bahamas and portions of the United States continue to deal with the fallout of Hurricane Dorian, Ford Fund is stepping up and pitching in to recovery efforts. Ford has announced that it is providing $150,000 in disaster relief aid to regions a.....»»

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Download: RFP templates for EDR/EPP and APT protection

Security decision makers need to address APT risks, but struggle with mapping APT attack vectors to a clear-cut set of security product capabilities, which impairs their ability to choose the products that would best protect them. Cynet is addressing.....»»

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DNSSEC fueling new wave of DNS amplification attacks

DNS amplification attacks swelled in the second quarter of this year, with the amplified attacks spiking more than 1,000% compared with Q2 2018, according to Nexusguard. Researchers attributed Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) with fuel.....»»

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Security is slowly becoming essential to doing business

A veteran of the information security industry, Greg Jensen has spent the last six years at Oracle as the Senior Director of Oracle’s Cloud Security solutions. He’s also the Senior Editor of the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report, as well as.....»»

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Legacy tools put organizations to survival mode rather than digital transformation: Forrester

Legacy toolsets and strategies are still dominating among the organizations, even when these are failing to deliver end-to-end visibility into the digital services offered to the customers. According to a recent Forrester report, only 12% of enterpri.....»»

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Demonetization is key factor in India’s increased investments in IT security

Data security of an organization is one of the biggest concerns for the CIOs. They are investing more now to secure the data, network and infrastructure. Gartner recently revealed that enterprise information security spending in India is expected to.....»»

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Gaming the system with deals: Switch gamers love bargain bin games and so do developers

It may come as little surprise that I'm not alone in my bargain hunting. Switch owners love picking up games at steep discounts, and the developers are winning because of it. Matt Bitner, the creator of Metroid-style game "A Robot Named Fight," says.....»»

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Adios TV Commercials, Hello Branded Content!

Everyone loves a good story.Take a look at the world of television commercials and it becomes obvious that those that have a story are the ones that attract more eyeballs. That the series of ads by Swiggy featuring a bunch of senior citizens brought.....»»

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Advantest showcasing new test solutions for 5G, automotive and memory

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest is presenting its latest solutions for 5G, next-generation memory, automotive and power device applications during the Semicon Taiwan 2019 that kicks off today......»»

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AUO accelerating value transformation, says chairman

AU Optronics (AUO) is exerting efforts to push forward its value transformation to tackle multiple headwinds, including oversupply, low panel prices and economic uncertainty, according to company chairman Paul Peng......»»

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Huawei stepping up IC substrate purchases from Taiwan

Huawei is stepping up purchases of IC substrates from its Taiwan-based suppliers, including Unimicron Technology and Nan Ya PCB, according to industry sources......»»

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Apple invests additional US$250 million in Corning

Apple has announced it is investing US$250 million more in Corning, supplier of precision glass for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad......»»

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PTI fan-out panel-level packaging attracts orders for HPC chips

Powertech Technology (PTI) with its fan-out panel-level packaging (FOPLP) technology has obtained orders for high performance computing (HPC) solutions designed for AI and networking applications from China- and Taiwan-based fabless firms, according.....»»

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HTC names Yves Maitre as CEO

HTC has named former Orange executive Yves Maitre as CEO, effectively immediately, with Cher Wang continuing as chairwoman of the Taiwan-based handset brand vendor......»»

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Semicon Taiwan 2019 opens

Semicon Taiwan 2019 opens today, focusing on cutting-edge technologies, including those concerning 5G and AI, with its forums to feature heavyweight speakers from TSMC, ASE and others......»»

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Uber’s self-driving cars head to Dallas, but they’ll be driven in manual mode

Uber is taking its self-driving vehicles to Dallas, Texas, but they won't be driven in autonomous mode at the start. Instead, its Volvo SUVs will use human drivers to collect data to help it enhance its self-driving system......»»

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Kentech selects Oracle cloud as part of digital transformation journey

Dubai-headquartered group selects Oracle over Microsoft as it meets their requirements and standards Dubai-headquartered Kentech Group is moving to the Oracle cloud as part of its digital transformation journey and growth programme.Kentech is a.....»»

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The portrait of an avatar as a young artist

Alice Lloyd George Contributor Share on Twitter Alice Lloyd George is an early stage investor based in New York and the host of Flux, a series of podcast conversations with leaders in frontier technology. More posts by this contributor Matt Cauble on.....»»

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This young litigation finance startup just secured $100 million to chase cases it thinks will win

If you haven’t heard much about litigation finance, that may change soon. The practice dates back decades, though it’s been picking up momentum since 2006, when Credit Suisse Securities founded a litigation risk strategies unit that it la.....»»

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Google Search video results will now have links to key points

Google Search has become an almost indispensable tool in today’s age, much to the chagrin of privacy-conscious Internet users. The way it has been indexing and presenting information on the Web has made it learn anything and everything, sometim.....»»

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