Muse: Showbiz

15 years ago, a tiny British alt rock band, led by concert pianist/conspiracy theorist Matthew Bellamy, released their debut album, Showbiz. Nowadays, Muse plays sell-out stadium shows with ridiculous pyrotechnic displays and gymnasts dangling from blimps.....»»

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Powerful X-Class Solar Flares Hits Earth, Causes Radio Blackouts (Update)

There was already a high probability that active region (AR) 2192 was going to erupt with a powerful solar flare, so it came as little surprise when two X-class flares erupted within 24 hours of eachother......»»

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Google Inbox Users Can Now Invite Others to Join

If you're still waiting for an invite to Inbox, Google's new app that rethinks email, we have good news: Just bug your friends who already have it. The service, which is still in beta, rolled out to limited users on Wednesday. Users who emailed inbox@goog.....»»

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Why Jawbone must release a heartbeat-sensing fitness wearable

The fitness wearables market is changing fast. Jawbone needs to add to the feature sets of its wearables before it loses market share this Christmas season. Above: Jawbone's Up health wristbandImage Credit: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeatJawbone’.....»»

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Twitpic given eleventh-hour reprieve as Twitter saves all the pictures

Site will go read-only, but history will be preserved. Photo sharing site Twitpic will not be deleting its substantial archive of tweeted pictures after all, it announced today, after coming to an agreement with Twitter. Twitpic announced in Septemb.....»»

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Roku wants to grow its media hub empire with a public stock filing

Roku frequently comes across as the little media player company that could: its streaming box business is growing in spite of much larger competition. As healthy as it is, though, this upstart now appears eager to join the big leagues. Tipsters for........»»

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Photorealistic bacon scarf

Natalie Luder's "Fou Lard" silk scarf (a play on words; "scarf" in French is "foulard," while "fou lard" means "insane bacon") is digitally printed with photorealistic baconry, for a delicious, drapey accessory that's as lovely as it is treyfe. Fou Lard .....»»

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Revenge of the Green Dragons Review

Produced by Martin Scorsese, this '80s immigrant crime saga -- now in select theaters and VOD -- is a violent, overly familiar drag. Revenge of the Green Dragons, currently in select theaters and VOD, comes to us from American crime maestro Martin S.....»»

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Lucasfilm Files Trademark Dispute Over Signature Beer

Lucasfilm is not happy with the name an upstate New York brewery gave to one of its signature beers. Lucasfilm has filed a trademark dispute with a small brewery in Syracuse, New York. Empire Brewing Co., named after New York’s Empire State Buildi.....»»

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Twitpic Will Live On As An Archive

The saga of Twitpic vs Twitter, probably the most ridiculously petty argument in the entire social media industry, is finally coming to a semi-satisfactory end: Twitpic is definitely shutting down, but its archives will live on in read-only mode, owned by.....»»

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Twitter Acquires Twitpic"s Archive, Saga Finally Ends

Twitter has acquired Twitpic's website and photo archive. "I'm happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus keeping the photos and links alive for the time being," Twitpic creator.....»»

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Get Backup Pro is a solid backup utility for Macs

Yes, there is Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper!. All have their place and are terrific backup utilities, but it's also nice to see something new on the scene that adds a few tricks to your backup bag. Get Backup, from Belight Software........»»

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Most health startups fail because they don’t understand health care payment models

According to Casper de Clercq, 60 to 70 percent of digital health startups fail because they are unclear about their go-to market strategy and don’t have a clear understanding of who’s ultimately going to pay for their solution. As a partner at N.....»»

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere Tweetstorms some clarity into the Apple SIM debate

There’s been some confusion about the new Apple SIM that is included in many of the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3s. On Friday it was revealed that AT&T would lock the Apple SIM effectively making the Apple SIM an AT&T SIM and rendering the whole excerc.....»»

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CVS joins Rite Aid in blocking Apple Pay in "CurrentC" plan to collect more customer data

Two major U.S. drugstores have turned off their NFC payment terminals to stop Apple Pay transactions in an effort to make their own "CurrentC" app-based payment system--which is designed to collect and track information on their customers--the only option.....»»

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CVS, Rite Aid Kill Unofficial Apple Pay Support, Burn Google Wallet Users in the Process

CVS, Rite Aid instruct stores to disable NFC capabilities at the register.....»»

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Get ordered to eat a brownie, and you’ll feel good about it

Two wrongs make a right, as vices and lack of control go well together. I feel my vitality increasing just looking at these. Flickr user Jeffreyw Normally, people do not enjoy being forced to do something. People.....»»

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Google"s Alan Eustace beats Baumgartner"s skydiving record [Science]

A senior Google vice president, Alan Eustace, has broken the world altitude record for a parachute jump set in 2012 by Austrian Felix Baumgartner. #space #skydive #parachute #stratosphere #jump #Google.....»»

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Climate change caused by ocean, not just atmosphere [Science]

Most of the concerns about climate change have focused on the amount of greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere.  #Climate #climate change #global warming #pollution #atmosphere #energy #ocean.....»»

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Google CEO Larry Page appoints Sundar Pichai to lead nearly every product at the company [Business]

Pichai, head of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google, will become head of core Google products. #Google #Android #Chrome #Apps #mobile #smartphone #search.....»»

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