ANALYSIS: Is Jet Airways circling the drain?

Jet Airways appears to be the latest Indian airline teetering on the brink after it indefinitely postponed the release of its financial results for the three months to 30 June......»»

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Boeing to convert F/A-18 E/Fs into Blue Angels

Boeing was awarded $17 million to convert nine F/A-18E and two F/A-18F aircraft into Blue Angel demonstration aircraft......»»

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Ford"s grand vision for Detroit train station to cost $740 million

Ford disclosed how much it will spend on a project to revamp Michigan Central Station, Detroit's historic, dilapidated former rail station, as well as other neighborhood sites......»»

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See Our Latest Batch of OCE Esports Highlights

We're getting hyped for the Melboure Esports Open with all these Aussie Highlights! The Melbourne Esports Open is coming up, and we're getting hyped for it! We've got some League of Legends, Overwatch and CSGO highlights — plus Fnatic are put.....»»

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"B*tch, I"m a Cow" is the summer bop taking over the internet with memes

Welcome to the song of the summer.  Even if you don't vibe with Doja Cat's "Mooo!" it'll probably be stuck in your head well into 2019. The intoxicating beat, juxtaposed with catchy declarations like "Bitch, I'm a cow" and "I'm not a cat, I don'.....»»

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Verizon Announces 4th 5G Broadband City, Partnership With YouTube TV and Apple TV (Updated)

Verizon announced the fourth 5G broadband market that is scheduled to go live before the end of 2018 and it’s Indianapolis. In addition to that news, Verizon also announced a partnership with both YouTube TV and Apple TV that will land early 5G.....»»

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Amazon Australia opens the doors of its massive Sydney warehouse

With Amazon Australia’s latest fulfilment centre now open in Sydney, customers can expect faster delivery and a wider product range. It was only in May that Amazon Australia began work on its second fulfilment centre in Sydney’s south-.....»»

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Foxtel announces dedicated 4K cable channel

Foxtel has announced the October launch of a new dedicated 4K channel along with an iQ4 set-top box.  Foxtel has today announced that it will be adding a dedicated 4K channel to its lineup of satellite services, with channel 444 going live.....»»

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A Community-Run ISP Is the Highest Rated Broadband Company In America

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: A new survey by Consumer Reports once again highlights how consumers are responding positively to [community-run broadband networks]. The organization surveyed 176,000 Consumer Reports readers on.....»»

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LA To Become First In US To Install Subway Body Scanners

Los Angeles officials announced Tuesday that the city's subway will become the first mass transit system in the U.S. to install body scanners that screen passengers for weapons and explosives. "The deployment of the portable scanners, which project w.....»»

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WWV Shortwave Time Broadcasts May Be Slashed In 2019

New submitter SteveSgt writes: A forum thread on indicates that the shortwave time broadcasts by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from stations WWV (Colorado) and WWVH (Hawaii) may be slashed in budget year 2019. [One.....»»

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Tesla Directors Do Damage Control After Elon Musk Tweets

Tesla’s board of directors has hired multiple outside law firms, and a number of board members and Tesla employees have urged Mr. Musk to stop posting on Twitter......»»

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2019 CT6 Premium Luxury Caught In The Wild: Photo Gallery

Representing the first time we've seen the refreshed CT6 in Premium Luxury trimmings......»»

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2019 Chevrolet Malibu RS To Start At $24,995

The sporty-looking Malibu RS will cost just $1,000 more than the LS when it goes on sale......»»

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Mark Wahlberg Pays First Official Visit To His Ohio Chevy Dealership

Mark Wahlberg calls it "a dream" to get into the automotive dealer business......»»

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Granblue Fantasy Kicks Off Flash Gala With New Swimsuit Outfits For Grea & Almeida

Granblue Fantasy just kicked off its latest Grande Fes, also known as Flash Gala, with a couple new swimsuit versions of Grea and Almeida. Here’s a look and more details on what else is new from Cygames. The post Granblue Fantasy Kicks Off Flash Ga.....»»

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A Horror Game About Cockroaches Is Creeping Onto PS4

Recently, trophy data for an upcoming PS4 game called Roach's Room ~Horror Experience Series~ was found via PSN Profiles. The post A Horror Game About Cockroaches Is Creeping Onto PS4 appeared first on Siliconera......»»

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Puzzle & Dragons Is Getting A Big Gintama Collaboration In Japan

With the Gintama anime wrapping things up with its final arc after over a decade of Yorozuya madness, Puzzle & Dragons is joining in on the farewell party with a major collaboration coming up in Japan.   More information on the collaboration wil.....»»

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New deal suggests Facebook is looking to add sweet interactive tools for Live

Facebook now owns a company that specializes in creating interactive live video experiences with polls, viewer comments, and more. Vidpresso says the change will help it bring the interactive tools to more users. The post New deal suggests Facebook i.....»»

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Lyd is a battery-powered, ‘no-spill’ bottle that is activated by your lips

Lyd is a battery-powered bottle that’s something like a sippy cup for adults. Its no-spill solution is a specialized lid that uses an algorithm to detect when your lips are on the bottle. The post Lyd is a battery-powered, ‘no-spill’ bo.....»»

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