Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Video Shows Spells, Weapons Including Magic Gauntlet

Ever since the first time Bandai Namco Games introduced us to Lords of the Fallen, I have been eager to get to play the game and finally next month those wishes are going to come true. However, while we sit and wait for that, why not check out this new vi.....»»

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Researchers Figure Out How to Produce Ultra-Thin Nanothreads

Researchers have figured out how to produce ultra-thin nano-threads for the first time ever that exhibit extraordinary properties, like strength and stiffness greater than the strongest nano-tubes and polymers available today......»»

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MIT: Mussel-Inspired Waterproof Glue Could Repair Ships, Heal Wounds

A new waterproof glue, modeled after the proteins that help mussels, barnacles and other shellfish cling to objects, may have important medical and naval applications......»»

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Microsoft Changes Xbox One Launch in China to Sept. 29

Microsoft has set Sept. 29 as the new launch date for its Xbox One game console in China, the first launch since a 14-year ban on sales of foreign game consoles was lifted earlier this year......»»

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Traxpay Closes $15 Million Series B Round to Transform B2B Payments and Financial Transactions

Press Release: Traxpay, the leader in B2B Dynamic Payments, today announced that it has closed $15 Million in series B funding. This oversubscribed round was led by main incubator, corporate incubator of Commerzbank (XETRA: CBK), and Software... Chec.....»»

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Kinvey gets $10.8M because even big businesses want to make mobile apps

The people at Kinvey, a startup with a cloud service for constructing and running mobile applications, have watched competitors get acquired, one after another. Now some key investors are placing bets on the startup in a $10.8 million round Kinvey is anno.....»»

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Crushing your next mobile app install campaign

Sponsored Post: Historically, many developers have obsessed over their app store rank. But if you’re focusing on quantity versus quality of users, you’re likely going to miss important strategies that will generate longer revenue streams that translat.....»»

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Jiff raises $18M for employee health tech platform

The new money will accelerate the rollout of Jiff's enterprise platform for digital health programs and wearable devices. Image Credit: FlickrDespite all the changes in American healthcare over the past few years, half of all Americans still get thei.....»»

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Radius scores $54.7M as it helps make marketers smarter

CEO and founder Darian Shirazi told VentureBeat that the new Series D funding will be used "to hire as many great data scientists as we can." Above: from the Radius websiteImage Credit: RadiusDigital marketing lives on insights derived from its accu.....»»

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Gametime raises $4M to make it easy to get mobile tickets for sports events

No printing is required for these mobile-friendly tickets. Above: Gametime CEO Brad GriffithImage Credit: GametimeGametime has raised $4 million from Accel Partners and some prominent pro sports team investors so that it can crate a mobile platform s.....»»

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Branch Metrics grabs $3M to make mobile app referrals actually work in one click

We might be shifting to mobile and that might mean a lot of wonderful things, but mobile is still not as easy to organize as the Web is when it comes to linking. The inability to transmit data through the app store means that downloading an app doesn’t .....»»

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Xbox One will make Chinese debut this month despite minor delay

The console will debut Sept. 29 for around $600. Above: The Xbox One console.Image Credit: MicrosoftMicrosoft isn’t making China wait much longer for the Xbox One. The company revealed today that it will launch its new-gen console in the countr.....»»

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This robot could change how dangerous fires are battled

Lockheed Martin's Fire Ox has been developed to tackle fires in situations that are too hazardous for humans.....»»

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Scotland gets its own web domain

People who live in Scotland, or have an affinity for Scotland, will be able to claim their own Scottish part of the internet from today.....»»

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Is Apple winning back customers with larger screens?

AJ Forsythe from reacts to Apple's record-breaking sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.....»»

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Netflix launches new site specifically for spoiling shows

The streaming service believe the days of spoiler alerts are gone, providing a hub for social spoiling.....»»

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Can Apple Pay make payments more secure?

Visa Chief Enterprise Risk Officer Ellen Richey discusses credit card security and Apple Pay with Bloomberg.....»»

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Instagram launches ads in the UK

Instagram will start serving ads to its users in the UK, including sponsored photos and videos from the likes of Starbucks and Waitrose.....»»

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Faith in Science Reduces Concerns about Climate Change

Surprising psychology poses obstacle on warming -- Read more on»»

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Renault EOLAB concept gulps less fuel, pumps out less gas

They say that execution is key, but everything always starts with a concept. That is most especially true with cars, where future models and features begin in concept cars. One such automobile is the newly unveiled Renault EOLAB concept, which boasts of r.....»»

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