Robots track moving objects with unprecedented precision

System uses RFID tags to home in on targets; could benefit robotic manufacturing, collaborative drones, and other applications. A novel system developed at MIT uses RFID tags to help robots home in on moving objects with unprecedented speed and.....»»

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Arvo Pärt Centre by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos is surrounded by Estonia forrest

The Arvo Pärt Centre, which is dedicated to the Estonian composer, is deep in an pine forest and has no main entrance or exit. Read more The Arvo Pärt Centre, which is dedicated to the Estonian composer, is deep in an p.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus pre-orders: what should you expect to pay in Australia?

The larger of Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones will undoubtedly cost the most, but just how bad will it be? It's looking likely that the 2019 line-up of Samsung handsets will include a Galaxy S10 Plus, and that means it'll probably be one.....»»

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Penis development needs more than just testes and testosterone

Proper development of the fetal penis requires not just testosterone from the testes, but a second hormone produced by other tissues, including the placenta, according to a new study. The results reveal a previously unknown pathway of masculinization.....»»

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Hidden genes may underlie autism severity, new study shows

Scientists have implicated a largely hidden part of the human genome in the severity of autism symptoms, a discovery that could lead to new insights into the disorder and eventually to clinical therapies for the condition......»»

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Children with autism more likely to face maltreatment, study finds

A recent study of 11 counties in Middle Tennessee revealed that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were nearly 2.5 times more likely than children without ASD to be reported to the Child Abuse Hotline by the age of 8......»»

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OSA patients with excessive daytime sleepiness at greatest risk of cardiovascular disease

Adults with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who experience excessive sleepiness while awake appear to be at far greater risk for cardiovascular diseases than those without excessive daytime sleepiness, according to new research......»»

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Major vendors eyeing preemption in 5G smartphone market

As the global handset market is entering the 5G era in 2019, leading vendors such as Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo are moving aggressively to launch 5G smartphone models in the first half of the year to build a preemptive presenc.....»»

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TPK gearing up for better performance in 2019

Taiwan touch panel maker TPK Holding expects to score better revenue performance in 2019 as the company will manage to increase its market shares by adopting new materials, creating new business models, and developing new applications to meet fiercer.....»»

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Globalfoundries dismisses China fab shutdown speculation

Globalfoundries has named Americo Lemos, who previously held executive positions at Qualcomm and Intel, as its China country manager on the heels of speculation about layoffs and a likely shutdown of the foundry's joint-venture wafer fab in Chengdu......»»

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TPK set to mass produce nano silver-based panels

Taiwan touch panel specialist TPK Holding is slated to start volume production of touch panels using silver nano wire material in the fourth quarter of 2019 at the earliest to cash in on increasing demand for flexible OLED handset screens, according.....»»

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Taiwan backend firms gearing up for robust demand for COF packaging

Taiwan-based backend houses are expected to ramp up production capacity for chip-on-film (COF) packaging in the third quarter of 2019 to satisfy growing demand for smartphone panel chips, according to industry sources......»»

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China lens, CCM makers see 2018 profit fall

First-tier China-based optical lens and CCM (compact camera module) maker Sunny Optical Technology expects to post net profit of CNY2.47-2.55 billion (US$363-375 million) for 2018, declining 12-15% on year. Fellow CCM maker Q Technology estimates its.....»»

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Brinno adopts in-house-developed ICs for time-lapse cameras

Time-lapse camera maker Brinno has adopted in-house-developed ICs for its product lines since the fourth quarter of 2018, reducing production cost and shortening time to market, according to company chairman and president David Chen......»»

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NAND flash prices likely to stop falling in 2Q19

NAND flash prices are likely to stop falling and begin to rise as early as the second quarter of 2019, thanks to a pick-up in replenishment demand from device vendors, according to sources in Taiwan's memory industry......»»

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Danen to downsize capital by over 67%

Solar wafer maker Danen Technology has announced it will write off cumulative loss by reducing capital by NT$2.361 billion (US$76.7 million) or 67.53% to NT$1.135 billion......»»

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Huawei Founder Slams U.S. Charges as ‘Politically Motivated’

Ren Zhengfei had previously avoided passing judgment on the case out of respect for the legal process. Now he appears to be sharpening his language......»»

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This is why you shouldn’t microwave grapes

Microwaves are pretty convenient in heating or cooking food, erasing notebooks, and some other odd uses but there are things you shouldn’t put inside the device. Metal immediately comes to mind but, oddly enough, grapes are taboo as well. For y.....»»

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Apple Pay now rolling out to users in Saudi Arabia [Update: Czech Republic too]

Update: Apple Pay is also now rolling out in the Czech Republic. Apple Pay is now rolling out to users in Saudi Arabia. The launch was first rumored over the weekend and now users in Saudi Arabia can add compatible cards to Apple Pay on their device.....»»

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Dough & CO / Tomi Atelier Architecs

As for this project, the client has requested us to come up with a design that would turn this space to be more than just a normal “Café”. This place shall be more flexible and capable to hold many functions such as a corporate meeting.....»»

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