A Subtle Change Gave Facebook’s Icons More Gender Equality

Have you noticed the new "friends" icon? An image may be worth a thousand words, but a Facebook icon represents literally millions of people. The magnitude of the symbolism of Facebook’s seemingly innocuous icons is something designer Caitlin W.....»»

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Mega Man Official Replica Helmet Announced

The most authentic Mega Man headgear so far will go on sale soon. Capcom has produced a wearable replica Mega Man helmet, which will be going on sale soon. The Capcom Unity blog (via MyNintendoNews) showed off the replica. It's made of ABS plastic .....»»

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A superfan broke onto the "Orange is the New Black" set and recreated some amazing scenes

You're supposed to sneak out of prison But 19-year-old film student Samantha Gardella had an important mission — to check out the set of Orange is the New Black. After the superfan found out that the show is filmed at the abandoned Rockland Children.....»»

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Arby"s and Taco Bell keep bacon mania alive with dystopian meat ads

The world's supposed craze over all things bacon seems to be an endless gold mine for fast food advertisers shilling meat-heavy foods. Arby's and Taco Bell rolled out new ad campaigns this week to promote bacon-infused menu items, each taking a different .....»»

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PlayStation Now update makes getting in the game even faster

When PlayStation Now launched on PS4 back in January, we had our reservations. The service charged an exorbitant amount of money for short rental periods, lacked any sort of subscription option and, perhaps most egregious of all, made finding the service'.....»»

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Amazon Prime Instant Video TV shows and movies: What"s new for July 2015

Amazon Prime Instant VideoReal talk: Maybe you didn't buy a subscription to Amazon Prime for its accompanying video streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video. It could've been a complete afterthought, and, if we're being honest, you might've considere.....»»

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Learning Simple Robot Programming With a "Non-Threatening" Robot Ball (Video)

Gobot, it says here, "is a framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things, written in the Go programming language." And in today's video, interviewee Adrian Zankich (AKA "Serious Programming Guy at The Hybrid Group") says that an u.....»»

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Galaxy A8: New photos of Samsung’s super-thin smartphone tell all

The Galaxy A8 is already set to be Samsung’s thinnest phone ever, but it turns out the company isn’t cutting back on other features as a result. A new leak out of China reveals that the rumored handset will include...See full gallery on Techno.....»»

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Official: LEGO Movie Directors to Make a Han Solo Movie

Everything is awesome, especially when there's a standalone Han Solo film in the works. Han Solo will officially be featured in his very own Star Wars film. Lucasfilm announced today that The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chr.....»»

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NVC: Fire Emblem, Zelda, and the Next Nintendo IP Crossover

IGN's Nintendo show is here with another episode. Download Nintendo Voice Chat Here The NVC crew battles for the next retailer exclusive amiibo.Host Jose Otero, Brian Altano, and Peer Schneider kick off the show with import impressions of Fire .....»»

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That Photo of Hillary Clinton With a Confederate Flag is Fake

Is this Hillary Clinton posing for a photo in front of the Confederate flag? Nope. It’s a fake. Well, at least the flag part is. The original photo comes from her time at Wellesley College and doesn’t have the flag.Read more........»»

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Warning: Hacking Team Wrote Malware for Flash, Android, and Windows

We learned yesterday that the Hacking Team—an Italian security company with ties to oppressive governments and a reputation for selling intrusive spy tools—got hacked. Today, we’re learning some scary things about what this all means for you and m.....»»

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Gawker Wisconsin Is Trying to Take Away the Right to a Weekend | Jalopnik Attention Police Officers:

Gawker Wisconsin Is Trying to Take Away the Right to a Weekend | Jalopnik Attention Police Officers: Please Enforce The Left Lane Law | Jezebel What Do Women Want? To Have Sex with Their Stepbrothers | Kotaku The Latest Free Witcher 3 DLC Is Really Goo.....»»

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Janet Jackson"s "No Sleep" lyric video gives glimpse of the queen of insomnia

If you've had visions of Janet Jackson's "No Sleep" rolling around in your head, her new lyric video for the dreamy comeback single will give you a clearer look at it — or at least at the studio where she created the tune "So you better get ready, m.....»»

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Google pulls phony BatteryBot Pro app from Play store

The malicious third-party Android app conducts click fraud, premium rate SMS fraud and downloads additional malicious APKs......»»

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Best Dual Sim Android Phones (July 2015)

We take a look at some of the best dual sim Android phones available on the market today. While many folks can get by with a single-SIM handset, there’s something to be said about the flexibility that is afforded to you when you have a dual SIM device. .....»»

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Excellent! Harry Shearer returning to "The Simpsons"

The voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers and a ton of other Springfield regulars signs a new deal that will keep him on the show for at least four more seasons......»»

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Wireless Power And Battery Life Anxiety

 Battery life is one of the most vexing problems in mobile tech. Indeed, Smartphone users consistently rate battery life as their No. 1 gripe. Consumers want better batteries, not wearables. So Apple’s recent announcement isn’t that surpr.....»»

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Lego Movie Duo to Direct Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the unstoppable duo who gave us 'The Lego Movie,' are now set to direct an upcoming 'Star Wars' spinoff film. The post Lego Movie Duo to Direct Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff appeared first on WIRED......»»

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SearchCap: Bing Ads Updates, Google Cross-Device Benchmarks & Niche SEO Specialists

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. The post SearchCap: Bing Ads Updates, Google Cross-Device Benchmarks & Niche SEO Specialists appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please vis.....»»

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