Shovel Knight Guest Starring in Yooka-Laylee

Yacht Club Games' shovel-wielding knight will pop up as an NPC during Yooka and Laylee's adventure. Yooka-Laylee will feature a very special guest character, as developer Playtonic Games has announced that Shovel Knight will make an appearance in it.....»»

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Krebs Is Back Online Thanks To Google"s Project Shield

"After the massive 600gbps DDOS attack on that forced Akamai to withdraw their (pro-bono) DDOS protection, is now back online, hosted by Google," reports Slashdot reader Gumbercules!!. "I am happy to report that t.....»»

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Giant telescope begins search for alien life

The world's largest radio telescope has begun searching for signs of extra-terrestrial life in outer space......»»

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Business Strategy: 2016 U.S. Consumer Channel Preference Survey Results — Beginning Stages of Branch Transformation Projects B

This IDC Financial Insights report discusses the findings of our 2016 Consumer Channel Preference Survey focused on the banking habits of U.S. consumers, and it provides actionable advice for those responsible for managing the branch network and those in .....»»

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Baseball player suspended over Black Lives Matter tweets - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Seattle's pro baseball team suspends catcher Steve Clevenger for, among other things, calling the group pathetic after the Charlotte protests......»»

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Rocker Grace Potter Honors Women of NASA in Music Video

Singer-songwriter Grace Potter debuted an inspiring new space-themed music video highlighting the accomplishments of past, present and future women of NASA......»»

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KrebsOnSecurity moves to Project Shield for protection against DDoS attack censorship

Unless you are a bad guy intent upon nefarious schemes to exploit technology in order to make money, then you probably have a great amount of respect for security reporter Brian Krebs. The crimes, breaches and attacks he has exposed have been so stunning .....»»

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Final Fantasy XV Shows Off Customizing The Regalia, A Footrace With Gladio, And More

In the latest gameplay footage out of EGX, we get a look at the various ways you can customize the Regalia to your liking, as well as dress Noctis and his friends in different outfits. Read Final Fantasy XV Shows Off Customizing The Regalia, A Footrace Wi.....»»

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New PS4 games, release dates and PSVR launch titles – October 2016

Check out all the new PS4 games! We've got a full PS4 games list for you for October 2016. See what's coming out and find out the release dates......»»

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Coding Rainbow is a gorgeous, free guide to creative software development

When you start to code, you’ll quite quickly discover that much of the free material on YouTube is rather dry. There are some exceptions, of course. Perhaps one of the best examples of these is Coding Rainbow, by NYU lecturer Daniel Shiffman. Coding ra.....»»

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Ben Heck"s Pokémon Go survival kit

The team responds to the Pokémon Go craze, taking your suggestions to create an improved Pokémon Trainer experience. Ben, Felix and Karen join forces to design and build a smartphone wrist mount for your iPhone or Android handset tha........»»

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Movie Review: The Osiris Child Is a Fun Throwback to B-Movie Scifi of the "80s and "90s

Twenty-years ago, you could walk into a video store and pick out a certain kind of low-budget science fiction movie. Movies that looked the same, but if one had lasers, starships and a cyborg suit in it, it was probably worth watching. Big budget visual e.....»»

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Rise of Iron: How to Get the Year 3 Gjallarhorn

Follow these steps to acquire the legendary Year 3 version of the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher in the Rise of Iron update for Destiny......»»

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Marlins star pitcher José Fernández dies in boating accident at 24

Miami Marlins player José Fernández, 24 — one of the league's most dominant pitchers — died in a boat crash near Miami Beach on Sunday. He was one of three reported fatalities, though a search continues for a possible fourth victim. .....»»

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Fans grieve: "José Fernández was all of the reasons why we love watching baseball"

Early Sunday morning, beloved Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández was killed in a boating accident. A Coast Guard crew found Fernández on a 33-foot boat overturned on a jetty around 3:30 am Sunday. As more and more details of the incident .....»»

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18 disappointing things that can still happen to Barb in Season 2 of "Stranger Things"

Don't hang on to hope for justice for Barb. While the Stranger Things story will live to see a Season 2, poor Barbara Holland's journey tragically came to an unceremonious end. SEE ALSO: Barb-ie doll pays tribute to the beloved 'Stranger Things' character.....»»

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José Fernández shared baby news on Instagram just before his death

Just one week before rising baseball star José Fernández was killed in a boating accident, he shared a photo on Instagram celebrating the news that he was expecting a baby. The Marlins star pitcher died on Sunday morning along with two others in.....»»

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Watch 5 defining moments from José Fernández"s career

On Sunday morning Miami Marlins' dominant pitcher José Fernández, 24, died in a boat crash near Miami Beach.   The young pitcher originally from Cuba — whose Major League Baseball career began in 2011 as a first-round draft selec.....»»

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7 times legendary baseball announcer Vin Scully went delightfully off topic

Vin Scully is finally retiring after 67 years. He called his first Dodgers game back in 1950 — when the team was still in Brooklyn. On Sunday, his warm, toasty voice will greet fans one last time from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  SEE ALSO: C.....»»

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Remembering José Fernández"s heartbreaking reunion with his grandma

José Fernández, one of the best pitchers in the game, died Sunday morning, leaving fans to grieve on Twitter and reminisce about old memories of the rising star. Many fans recalled Fernández's poignant reunion with his grandmother nearly th.....»»

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