Locking down the big bang of immune cells

Ignored pieces of DNA play a critical role in the development of immune cells (T cells), scientists have found. These areas activate a change in the structure of DNA that brings together crucial elements necessary for T cell formation. This “big ba.....»»

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Fathers Pass On Four Times As Many New Genetic Mutations As Mothers, Says Study

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Children inherit four times as many new mutations from their fathers than their mothers, according to research that suggests faults in the men's DNA are a driver for rare childhood diseases. Rese.....»»

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Discovery helps improve accuracy of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

A detailed study of how domains within the Cas9 protein move when the molecule binds to DNA has allowed scientists to locate the protein that monitors the fidelity of binding between the Cas9 single-guide RNA and its DNA target. The researchers then.....»»

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The right way to repair DNA

Microprotein helps cells choose best path to repair genes and avoid cancer, scientists have discovered......»»

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Scientists edit DNA in human embryos to aid the infertile

A team of scientists have announced that they have successfully edited DNA in human embryos and that editing has allowed them to make what they call a fundamental discovery about the earliest days of human development. The researchers modified a key.....»»

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How patients are likely to respond to DNA drugs

Research could lead to improvements in treating patients with diseases caused by mutations in genes, such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and potentially up to 6,000 other inherited conditions......»»

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Color"s breast and ovarian cancer DNA test is $99 through October

During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (September) and Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), genetic testing company Color is reducing the price of its new BRCA Test. The test -- which looks for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that.....»»

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Method that Maps DNA Tags Reveals New Types of Neurons

New way to catalogue the brain's cellular diversity may aid autism researchers -- Read more on»»

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Your Age in TeloYears, Interview with Telomere Diagnostics CEO Jason Shelton

In 2009, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists for the discover of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase. Today, telomeres, stretches of DNA at the ends of chromosomes, are used as p.....»»

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DNA "robots" could sort molecules in your blood

Robots are already good at sorting things, so wouldn't it be nice if they could sort things out on a much smaller scale? They might soon. Caltech researchers have developed a 'robot' made from a single DNA strand that autono.....»»

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Innate immunity: To operate, insert dimers

The presence of DNA in mammalian cell cytoplasm triggers an immune response by binding to a dimeric enzyme, which inserts between DNA double helices to form the “rungs” of a ladder-like structure, as an LMU team has now shown......»»

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Tiny nanoscale-tidying robots are made from a single strand of DNA

Caltech scientists created a new DNA “robot” that may one day be performing “cargo sorting” jobs in places like our bloodstream. For now, it's able to sort molecules on the nanoscale. The post Tiny nanoscale-tidying robots are made from a sin.....»»

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DNA Film Can Be Used As A Sunscreen To Protect The Skin From The UV Light

Researchers have recently developed a DNA film that can help to protect the skin from harmful UV light......»»

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DNA sequencing tools lack robust protections against cybersecurity risks

A new study analyzing the security hygiene of common, open-source DNA processing programs finds evidence of poor computer security practices used throughout the field. In a scientific first, the team also demonstrated it is possible to compromise a c.....»»

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DNA Robots Can Deliver Molecular Packages

These miniature machines could help assemble electronics and medicines These miniature machines could help assemble electronics and medicines.....»»

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New evidence of Viking warrior women might not be what it seems

Experts cast doubt on a recent DNA discovery in a mysterious Swedish grave. Evald Hansen At first, the scientific paper seemed like scientific confirmation.....»»

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Robot made from a DNA strand could deliver cargo in your blood

Micromachine with two feet and two arms could pick up and deliver drugs in the bloodstream or build chemical compounds, one tiny step at a time.....»»

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Sorting molecules with DNA robots

Scientists have programmed a 'robot' made of DNA to pick up and sort molecules into predetermined locations......»»

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Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA?

Molecules brought to Earth in meteorite strikes could potentially be converted into the building blocks of DNA, researchers have shown......»»

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Thousands of new lifeforms discovered that redraw tree of life

Over 90 per cent of microorganisms are unknown to science, but DNA analysis has unmasked thousands of them and made life's story far more complex.....»»

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