Cancer therapy: Tracking real-time proton induced radiation chemistry in water

Proton therapy is a promising form of radiation treatment used to kill cancerous cells and effectively halt their rapid reproduction, and the fundamental understanding for it is contained in the radiation induced water chemistry that occurs immediate.....»»

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5 Surprising Ways Buildings Can Improve Our Health

The latest trends in green design go far beyond energy and water efficiency to improve our daily lives. The post 5 Surprising Ways Buildings Can Improve Our Health appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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Aging Channel Facing Recruitment Crisis

40 percent of the channel workforce is set to retire in the next ten years. Who will replace them? A report by IT industry association CompTIA estimates that 40 percent the channel workforce is set to retire within the next decade – and that 75.....»»

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Black Sails: "XXXVII." Review

In Black Sails' penultimate series episode, John Silver is on the hunt for Captain Flint. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.   Black Sails dove even further inside the relationship of Flint and Silver, while threatening to shatter i.....»»

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United Airlines bans 2 girls with leggings from flight because they weren"t "properly clothed"

United Airlines is in hot water after a dress code incident on Sunday morning.  In a series of live tweets, activist Shannon Watts explained that two girls who were wearing leggings were asked by the United Airlines gate agent to either change c.....»»

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The mechanism of mucus: Discovery could lead to better cystic fibrosis treatments

Scientists found that mucin proteins, which make mucus thick and sticky, fail to unfold properly in the airways of people with cystic fibrosis. And they found the lack of water in the lung can trigger the misfolding mucins......»»

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Black Sails: New Clip Shows Silver Hunting for Captain Flint

In this exclusive scene from Black Sails' penultimate series episode, John Silver must choose the right path. Last week on Black Sails, Captain Flint went rogue, stole the Urca treasure out from under Silver's watch, and headed into the depths.....»»

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Can Water Naturally Flow Uphill?

Earth's gravity is strong, but can water ever naturally go against it and flow uphill?.....»»

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Lyft to let passengers round up their fare and donate the difference to charity

 Lyft is looking at one of its biggest potential opportunities to make up some ground on its rival Uber, given the latter company’s ongoing and worsening PR crisis. So it makes sense that Lyft would go even further in the opposite directio.....»»

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Japanese authorities decry ongoing robot failures at Fukushima

 Six years ago, a massive earthquake, consequent tsunami and nuclear crisis struck Japan. International organizations rushed to help the country’s devastated residents, and to figure out how to clean up Fukushima Daiichi, the wrecked nucle.....»»

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Amazon Shows Its Age: Scientists Say River No Younger Than 9 Million

Understanding the river's origins will give scientists more information about a consequential body of water......»»

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Hydrophobic proteins on virus surfaces can help purify vaccines

Through experimental and computational tests, new research expands on the theory of virus surface hydrophobicity. By being slightly water-repellent, the outer layers of proteins in virus capsids affect how it interacts with cells and the environment......»»

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Virtual lemonade sends colour and taste to a glass of water

A tumbler that makes water look and taste like lemonade using LED lights and electrodes could allow people to share drinks on social media.....»»

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Enigmatic plumes from Saturn’s moon caused by cosmic collision

Saturn’s icy moon spews water and heat into space, but only from its south pole. A new model suggests that’s because it suffered a hit-and-run long ago.....»»

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The Best Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Is the JBL Charge 3

In our search for best water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Charge 3 drowned out the competition to take the title.Read more........»»

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Qualcomm, AT&T, CH2M In Water Management Effort

San Diego-based Qualcomm Intellignt Solutions, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has linked up with AT&T and CH2M to use Qualcomm's modem technology to monitor water usage in Georgia the company said on Thursday. Qualcomm said its power-efficien.....»»

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New Balance’s RunIQ $400 Android Wear fitness watch is available in Canada

New Balance’s first Android Wear smartwatch is available in Canada, offering a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and water resistance. The device is available online via the New Balance and SportChek websites — both offering free shipping &.....»»

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Important People Decided It Was Time for Some New Clouds

People like giving official names to things—other groups of people, weird new animals, stars, round planets, and even the shapes that blobs of water vapor condense into in the sky. But move over, other names describing water vapor. There’s a new.....»»

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Shiny Magikarp And Shiny Gyarados Are Popping Up In Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO recently began a Water Festival event, and it appears that the event has brought a couple of special shiny Pokémon to the mobile game. Read Shiny Magikarp And Shiny Gyarados Are Popping Up In Pokémon GO on Siliconera!.....»»

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Streaks on Martian slopes might not be caused by water

An alternative hypothesis invokes a weird air pressure phenomenon. Enlarge (credit: NASA) The evidence for liquid water on the surface of Mars in the distant past is strong, but a discovery a few years ago provided a glimmer of hope that the w.....»»

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