Rear Spoiler Market Worth 3.69 Billion USD by 2022

PUNE, India, September 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The report "Rear Spoiler Market by Fuel (ICE, BEV), Vehicle Type (Hatchback, SUV, MPV), Material (ABS, Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass, Sheet Metal), Technology (Blow, Injection and Reaction Inj.....»»

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General Catalyst just hired its first female managing director: Holly Maloney McConnell

 Holly Maloney McConnell has joined the venture firm General Catalyst Partners as a managing director, operating out of its Boston office. McConnell joins the firm from North Bridge Growth Equity, a 23-year-old firm that put on ice plans to rais.....»»

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"Game of Thrones" vet Bryan Cogman developing prequel series

Game of Thrones producer Bryan Cogman will write one of the series' five upcoming spinoffs, a prequel to our current era of ice and fire, Mashable has confirmed.  Cogman joined Game of Thrones in its first season and has written various episodes.....»»

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Ocean exposed by Larsen C ice shelf is now a protected area

Remember the huge chunk of ice that finally broke free in Antarctica? The British Antarctic Survey has just announced a new international agreement that is lending protection to the part of the ocean left exposed by the calving event. According to th.....»»

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Japanese Scientists Discover How Ice Cream Won"t Melt Even In Warm Weather

Japanese scientists create a way with a specific strawberry extract to stop the ice cream from melting......»»

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Giant Asteroid Vesta May Have Buried Ice

A new study using data from NASA’s Dawn mission suggests ice may exist beneath smooth patches of the asteroid’s surface -- Read more on»»

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Will the Thawing of Arctic Ice Release Diseases?

Will diseases frozen in Arctic permafrost be released and possibly reanimated by the thawing caused by global warming? -- Read more on»»

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The Rocky Mountains" Largest Glaciers Are Melting with Little Fanfare

The glaciers remain some of the least understood ice sheets in North America -- Read more on»»

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Gucci Mane"s new sneakers have a big shiny metal ice-cream cone on it

Another day, another rap star with their own sneaker line. Gucci Mane has unveiled sneakers created in collaboration with Reebok, complete with numerous stamps of his famous ice-cream logo — which was once etched on his face up until about a ye.....»»

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Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA?

Molecules brought to Earth in meteorite strikes could potentially be converted into the building blocks of DNA, researchers have shown......»»

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The ACLU is calling out Motel 6 for reportedly giving guest lists to ICE

The ACLU is publicly questioning Motel 6 after a Phoenix New Times report found that at least two of the motel chain's locations sent guest information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  One Motel 6 clerk told the Phoenix New Times t.....»»

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MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic Review

MSI adds some arctic ice to its X299 lineup with the latest Tomahawk board, which retails for a reasonable £270......»»

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Volcanic ice caves on Antarctica may host complex life

Volcanoes may provide life refuges when icy conditions prevail. Enlarge / An ice cave on Antarctica's Mount Erebus. (credit: National Science Foundation) Antarctica is a relentlessly icy place, with estimates placing the amount of exposed land.....»»

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Gel-like ice is the lightest form of water ever discovered

A type of simulated water ice has a molecular structure so sparse it’s like frozen candy floss, making it the lightest type of ice we’ve ever seen.....»»

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Halo Top"s new terrifying commercial will have you screaming, but probably not for ice cream

What do you get when you mix robots and ice cream? A stone cold nightmare.  Halo Top produced a commercial in which a woman wakes up in an all-white room being forcefully-fed ice cream from a robot. The video starts with the woman liking the.....»»

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New "Game of Thrones" fan theory adds a delicious twist to this Season 7 death

It's been so long since we got a new book in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series (six years and counting), it's sometimes easy to forget that anything exists outside of HBO's Game of Thrones. David Benioff and Dan Weiss' adaptation ha.....»»

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Edible Innovations: Reinventing Ice Cream with David Marx

David Marx started Dream Pops to create a new aesthetic language, texture, recipe, and manufacturing process for ice-cream. Read more on MAKE The post Edible Innovations: Reinventing Ice Cream with David Marx appeared first on Make: DIY Projects.....»»

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The Oldest Known Human Remains In the Americas Have Been Found In a Mexican Cave

schwit1 shares a report from Seeker: An ice-free corridor between the Americas and Asia opened up about 12,500 years ago, allowing humans to cross over the Bering land bridge to settle what is now the United States and places beyond to the south. His.....»»

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An AI read all the previous ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ books, and then wrote its own

Software engineer and 'Game of Thrones' fan Zack Thoutt has created an AI with the goal of predicting events in the as-yet-unfinished sixth novel in the series, The Winds of Winter. The post An AI read all the previous ‘Song of Ice and FireR.....»»

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That viral "Game of Thrones" photo is totally fake news

The Night King has a badass ice dragon, hordes of zombies, and a ... sensible pick-up truck?  After the penultimate Game of Thrones episode, fans started spreading a very curious screenshot on social media.  SEE ALSO: How 'Game of Thrones'.....»»

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