Lockheed Martin begins Insight Mars lander final assembly [Science]

Scheduled to launch in 2016, the unmanned InSight probe will be the first deep-drilling mission sent to the Red Planet. #Mars #space #probe #Lockheed Martin #NASA #robot.....»»

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Debunking The 7 Myths of Marketing In The Enterprise

 Over the last few months enterprise giants Oracle and Salesforce have put on shows featuring the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bruno Mars reminding all of us in the enterprise world that marketing matters. While most enterprise startups will never re.....»»

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Saturn"s calming nature keeps Earth friendly to life

Even slight tweaks to Saturn's orbital plane and distance could have put Earth on a comet-like path around the sun – and ejected Mars from the solar system.....»»

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What the CraveCast lost and found in space

November was a whirl of space news, and on this month's show we couldn't get enough of epic sexy math, Twitter's contribution to world space programs and the truth about ancient Mars......»»

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Inside "The Domes," Where NASA Drives the Spacecraft of the Future

Deep in the belly of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, lie "The Domes." Step into one of them and suddenly you're standing on the surface of Mars, or you're flying high above the Earth, looking out from the International Space Station. This is t.....»»

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Researchers force 3D-printed robots to adapt to their environment

Robots will need to pave the way to Mars before we humans go, but what if they fall apart? Researchers from the University of Oslo have designed bots that can adapt to unforeseen problems and even 3D-print new parts for themselves. For instance, the........»»

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China plans Mars mission For 2020, a new space race could be heating up [Hardware]

Most people assume that if and when humans do land on Mars, it will be with a NASA logo on their arm. You might want to think again. #space #Mars #China #space race #NASA #planet.....»»

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Volcanoes May Have Warmed Mars Enough for Water

Eruptions could have kept planet warm enough for liquid water to intermittently flow across its ancient surface, suggests a new study......»»

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Could "Game of Thrones" be set on ancient Mars?

Researchers may have found the key to the mystery of ancient flowing water on Mars, but Crave's Eric Mack thinks they've also explained the weird weather in Westeros......»»

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This Is How a New Moon Could Form If Something Smashed Into Earth

This dramatic simulation shows how a new moon could be born if something large—about the size of Mars, in fact—slammed into our planet. Spoiler: it causes quite a mess.Read more........»»

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The Worrying Future of the Mars One Mission

Welcome to the nearing death of another weekend and, of course, another Reading List, gathering together some of this week's best words, phrases, and sentences spun into incredible stories. This week we have online black markets, the future of cybernetic .....»»

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Stuck on Mars with nothing but disco: Ars talks with The Martian’s Andy Weir

Quick review: If you haven’t read Weir’s book, you should—it’s bloody great. "I’m pretty much fucked," reads the opening passage of Andy Weir’s The Martian. After barely surviving a catastrophic accident that leaves him strande.....»»

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Will the Mars One reality TV mission ever take off?

New revelations cast serious doubt over whether the Mars One mission to put humans on the Red Planet will ever be achieved.....»»

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Life on Mars | Engadget Expand" aria-label="Watch video: Life on Mars | Engadget Expand

Life on Mars | Engadget Expand" aria-label="Watch video: Life on Mars | Engadget Expand.....»»

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Red Planet racers: Next Mars rovers get a speed boost

A new navigation system called Seeker could have the next generation of Mars rovers running circles around Opportunity and Curiosity.....»»

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First View of Mars Was a Paint-by-Numbers

We've come a long way since NASA's Mariner 4  -- Read more on»»

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ISRO releases picture of Comet Siding Spring taken by Mars Orbiter

On a day when European Space Agency (ESA) is attempting to place a robot Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Indian Space Research Organisation on Wednesday released images of Comet Siding Spring, taken by its Mars Orbiter 'Mangalyaan' last month......»»

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Rosetta"s ultimate mission: Landing on a comet

Nearly 4 billion miles from Earth, a spacecraft named Rosetta is hanging out with comet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. The comet and Rosetta are now barreling through space together at 40,000 mph. That's pretty cool, but it's not why Rosetta made the .....»»

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China plans to send a rover to Mars by 2020

China's Mars rover will be larger, tougher and a better climber, experts said on Tuesday as the country plans to send a space mission to land a rover on the Red Planet by 2020. China has not announced an official plan for a Mars probe, but Ouyang Ziyuan, .....»»

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A colony on Mars will be the "next giant leap for mankind"

Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder of Mars One, is nothing if not ambitious. His dream is the stuff of science fiction -- not only does he want to put humans on Mars in 2025, but he wants to leave them there to establish a self-sufficient settlement.........»»

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