South Park: "Fort Collins" Review

The plot thickened this week as Denmark launched an attack on Colorado and Cartman traveled to Mars. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. All the pieces are falling into place as South Park's twentieth season moves towards its big climax. T.....»»

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National Geographic brings Mars to Manhattan

A full-body Martian experience is available under a dome in downtown Manhattan. The National Geographic Channel, fresh off its sale to Fox, is now focusing on creating premium original content. Its first effort: a fact-based dramatization of w.....»»

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WSJ Heads to Mars in VR

WSJ Heads to Mars in VR.....»»

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Six contractors have begun work on NASA’s gateway to deep space

A new deep space module will serve as a template for Mars vehicle NASA NASA has a problem. It has a big rocket under development. It has a shiny new spacecraft to .....»»

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Iron-loving bacteria a model for Mars life

Single-celled microbes are considered a living example of the kind of life that might exist elsewhere in the Universe, as they are able to survive some of the extreme conditions that exist on other worlds......»»

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Elon Musk says SpaceX could put "miner/tunneling droids" on Mars [Science]

'Initially, glass panes with carbon fiber frames to build geodesic domes on the surface, plus a lot of miner/tunneling droids.' #Mars #space #SpaceX #Elon Musk #Mars colony #planet #NASA.....»»

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Forging a brand-new chemical bond using the pressure of the Mars core

When it comes to making chemical bonds, some elements go together like peanut butter and jelly; but for others, it's more like oil and water. Scientists can combat this elemental antipathy using extreme pressures. And now in ACS Central Science, researche.....»»

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NASA finds prolonged space travel can affect the spine

With a manned mission to Mars in the cards for NASA, the space agency is spending lots of money and time researching the effects of prolonged space travel on the human body. A new study has been published that has found that space travel will affect the s.....»»

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Jupiter-Like Planets Can Send Mars-Size Worlds Packing

Giant, Jupiter-like planets could mean doom for their smaller rocky siblings, by tossing them out of young solar systems. An upcoming NASA telescope could spot some of these expelled worlds......»»

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Review: ‘Civilization 6’ Fixes Most of the Series’ Biggest Flaws

Except a really important one I should have known it’d be you, Teddy Roosevelt. Something about the way your handlebar mustache scowled at me during our fraught little chats. I was keeping to myself, peaceably prepping rockets for Mars, and th.....»»

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Intense 360° video takes you for a quick jaunt to Mars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to set foot on the red planet? Of course you have.  Today's your lucky day: A new 360° video brings viewers along for some high-flying Martian action, giving a bumpy glimpse of what it would look like.....»»

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Red Planet Express: 10 Ways Robots Move on Mars

Roving is currently the most common way that robots on Mars get from A to B, but it isn't necessarily the most practical. here are 10 ways that robots can move around on Mars......»»

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Software Error Implicated in Crash of Mars Lander

Researchers with the ExoMars mission are pointing to a potential computing glitch as the cause of last week’s crash of the Schiaparelli lander. The challenge now will be to isolate and correct the error in hopes of preventing a repeat in 2020, when miss.....»»

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NASA images suggest ExoMars lander exploded during landing

The ESA lost contact with its Mars lander minutes before touchdown on the Mars surface. The fate of the vessel is still unknown, but recent images of the Mars surface that were taken by NASA suggest the lander exploded upon impact. The post NASA images su.....»»

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Elon Musk Talks SpaceX Mars Colony Ships and More in Reddit AMA

SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk provided some additional details Oct. 23 about a Mars transportation system he unveiled last month, including plans to test in the near future one of its key technologies......»»

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Trip to Mars Could Throw Off Astronauts" Balance

Imagine if our first Mars astronauts fell over and had trouble orienting themselves as soon as they landed on Mars. That could be the troubling reality according to a new bed rest study......»»

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"Spiders" on Mars: Citizen Scientists Investigate Strange Martian Terrain

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has been surveying strange "spider-like" surface features on Mars for years, and now citizen scientists are helping the orbiter hone in on areas that require further investigation......»»

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Elon Musk"s Mars Colony Would Have a Horde of Mining Robots

An anonymous reader shares an Engadget report: If it wasn't already clear that Elon Musk has considered virtually every aspect of what it would take to colonize Mars, it is now. As part of his Reddit AMA session, the SpaceX founder has revealed that his v.....»»

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Elon Musk to test massive fuel tank for Mars colonization - CNET

The CEO of the commercial space company answers a handful of questions in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session Sunday, focusing on the company's audacious plan to colonize Mars......»»

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SpaceX"s Elon Musk elaborates on plan to colonize Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has given more details about his plan to colonize Mars......»»

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