Drill into Mars for clues to Earth"s climate

Earth's Little Ice Age may have been caused by a fall in solar activity – digging holes on Mars could help us find out.....»»

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Short circuit halts Curiosity rover"s Mars activities

An electrical hiccup means the Mars rover will be sidelined for a few days as NASA tries to locate the problem......»»

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Is The Moon Hollow? And What Creatures Are Living Inside?

In 1998, images from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft revealed something startling from Phobos, the unusual large moon orbiting Mars. It appeared to be a very tall, 400-foot-high rectangular-shaped object jutting straight up and casting a long shadow .....»»

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Mars Curiosity rover experiences short circuit; NASA parks it for tests

NASA has revealed that its Mars Curiosity rover has experienced a transient short circuit and has a result the rover has halted all work temporarily while its engineers analyse the[...] The post Mars Curiosity rover experiences short circuit; NASA parks i.....»»

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NASA Has Halted Curiosity"s Work to Investigate a Short Circuit

NASA engineers are currently investigating a short circuit that has occurred aboard Curiosity. The Mars rover is not carrying out any further work until the fault is diagnosed.Read more........»»

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MOM views Mars albedo; will help study its surface properties

India's Mars Orbiter Mission payload has viewed the albedo of Mars that will be useful to study it surface properties, Indian Space Research Organisation said on Tuesday......»»

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NASA’s Dawn to reach Ceres’ orbit on Friday; 16-month investigation in tow

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is all set to rendezvous with and enter the orbit of the largest object in the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter – Ceres on Friday.[...] The post NASA’s Dawn to reach Ceres’ orbit on Friday; 16-m.....»»

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Methane on Mars means life may have once existed on the red planet

Possibility of life on Mars has been a never ending debate but an exhaustive analysis of data obtained during 605 Martian days by NASA’s Curiosity rover confirms presence of methane[...] The post Methane on Mars means life may have once existed on t.....»»

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Fighting Talk: Kickstarter isn"t a store, so Pebble shouldn"t treat it like one

The maker of the Pebble smartwatch took to Kickstarter again this week, successfully pulling in enough money to fund a new version of its wearable hardware (The Pebble Time), with enough spare cash left over to pay for a fun mission to Mars for the origin.....»»

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The first people on Mars could be in for a serious case of jet lag [Science]

Sleep scientists now worry that our Earthly circadian rhythms could be one more major headache for the first humans on Mars. #Mars #space #NASA #colony #planet.....»»

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Wait, what? Kanye West publicly apologizes to Beck ... and Bruno Mars

LOS ANGELES — Out of the blue, more than two weeks after criticizing Beck for winning Album of the Year at the Grammys, Kanye West has publicly apologized on Twitter "I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck," he tweeted Thur.....»»

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Twitter is making it easier to report abuse on its service

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo knows that the service has a problem with harassment. Today it announced that it was rolling out new policies and procedures to help combat the horrible behavior that sometimes mars the Twitter experience. These updates include a.....»»

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The First People On Mars Could Have One Hell Of A Case Of Jet Lag

A day on Mars—or a "sol"—is 24 hours and 40 minutes long, close enough to Earth's that for a long time NASA didn't think much of it. But those 40 minutes a day add up, and sleep scientists now worry that our Earthly circadian rhythms could be one more.....»»

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Why Astronaut Ron Garan Thinks We Should Colonize The Moon Before Mars

As the Dutch-based Mars One venture continues to narrow down candidates for its one-way mission to the red planet, the idea of a permanent human settlement in space is seeming less far-fetched. But in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, NASA .....»»

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NASA’s Curiosity rover sent back a spectacular new selfie

Any picture sent back to Earth via NASA’s Curiosity rover is a little miracle. But the explorer’s newest image is probably its best yet. The wide-angle selfie gives us an excellent look at the current conditions on Mars, and, yeah,... Any picture sen.....»»

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Buzz Aldrin Explains How The U.S. Can Get One Step Closer To Colonizing Mars

Former U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin urged members of Congress on Tuesday to establish a human colony on Mars and to “combine the mission” with China. While testifying before the Senate's Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, Aldrin said ".....»»

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Giant Asteroid Collision May Have Radically Transformed Mars

An ancient, global-scale collision could explain the Red Planet’s mysterious “two-faced” appearance -- Read more on»»

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Curiosity"s New Selfie Awash With Epic Mars Science

In a spectacular new Mars selfie, rover Curiosity stands proud on the bedrock at the base of Mount Sharp at it's Mojave work site in an area nicknamed Pahrump Hills......»»

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NASA"s Mars Curiosity Rover sends stunning selfie

The Mars Curiosity Rover has just sent back an awe-inspiring selfie from what is known as the Mojave site — an area of rock at the base of Mount Sharp on Mars The images were taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager camera that is located at the end of th.....»»

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New Curiosity rover selfie makes Mars the star of the snapshot

Curiosity's latest self-portrait shows the plucky machine surrounded by Mars landscape details, including Mount Sharp, cliffs and the crater rim......»»

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