Solar System Record: Mars Rover Drives 25 Miles

NASA’s long-lived Mars rover Opportunity broke another record this weekend. In addition to 10.5 years of operations on Mars, the rover now holds the off-Earth mileage record. Continue reading →.....»»

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Mars rover Opportunity breaks record for miles roamed

The extraterrestrial robot rolls 25 miles across the Red Planet, breaking a more than 40-year-old record for off-Earth mileage......»»

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DNews: Is Salt the Key to Finding Life on Mars?

Could small amounts of liquid water exist on the surface of Mars? Salt may be a key to answering that question......»»

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NASA: First Humans To Walk On Mars Are Already Walking This Earth

It might be one of your classmates, a work colleague. Or maybe even a punk kid who does oil drilling in the middle of the ocean. But NASA is sure the first humans to step foot on Mars are already...It might be one of your classmates, a work colleague. Or .....»»

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NASA seeks commercial satellites to talk to Mars [Science]

NASA is investigating using private satellites to provide communications into the 2020s between Earth and the fleet of exploration probes operating on and around Mars. #Mars #space #satellite #NASA.....»»

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Buzz Aldrin: We"ll Be on Mars "Before 2040"

Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin has walked on the moon, and now he's touched down in Menlo Park. Aldrin, one of three astronauts who were part of the historic Apollo 11 space mission that successfully landed on our gravitational neighbor on July 20, 1969, stopped .....»»

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Martian Soil Salts May Make Water Ice All Wet

Within a Mars-like laboratory environment, perchlorate salts known to exist on Mars were able to lower the freezing point enough to get ice to turn to liquid water. Clara Moskowitz... -- Read more on»»

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SpaceX’s Elon Musk wants to visit ‘fixer upper planet’ Mars

Now that NASA has shuttered their own shuttle program, and Russia is being Russia again, how are we going to get to space? One popular option is SpaceX, which is currently testing re-usable rockets. Currently unmanned, SpaceX’s trips to the Internationa.....»»

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Practicing life on Mars, on a Hawaiian volcano

A team of researchers have been living in a simulated Mars habitat on a Hawaiian volcano for the past 4 months, to better understand what it would be like to live on Mars. Read the rest.....»»

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iZombie Is More than Veronica Mars with Zombies

Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, and the cast of iZombie provided an extended look at CW’s new zombie series. iZombie is headed to The CW for a midseason premiere, and executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright and cast members Ros.....»»

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Mars Missions Preparing for Thrilling Comet Close Shave

Comet Siding Spring is about to make a historic near miss of the red planet -- and NASA is preparing its Martian robots for the potentially hazardous encounter. Continue reading →.....»»

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to go to Mars

The United States space shuttle program no longer exists, which leaves NASA's astronauts with few options for hitching a ride to the International Space Station. One option, Russia's space program, is currently roadblocked by politics. Another other........»»

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Innovation Earth: Bringing NASA Technology Back to Earth

Harnessing asteroids. Sending humans to Mars. NASA has laid out some pretty sci-fi sounding plans for the next 20 years of space travel, but a more critical mission -- at least for the sustainability of human life here on earth -- may be the one it launch.....»»

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Thanks to NASA, you can 3D print your own asteroids and satellites

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now output your own space-exploring fleet thanks to NASA. The space agency has posted a library of files for printing a number of space probes, asteroids and Mars' Gale Crater. For the curious, Mars........»»

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Despite new data, Mars remains a mystery

We have lots of new information about Mars, writes Alexandra Witze at Nature, but scientists are still struggling with what that information means and how all the parts work together......»»

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NASA wants commercial space companies to help new Mars missions communicate

The relay radios on two Mars science orbiters are making it possible to communicate with NASA's robots, rovers and landers on the red planet. But these spacecraft might be out of commission soon, and NASA believes one possible solution is to purchase........»»

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Prototype NASA robot will burrow through sheets of alien ice

When it came to life on Mars, NASA might have struck out, but it's got a good feeling about Europa. The agency is working on a probe designed to scan its vast oceans for signs of alien life, but there's a problem, namely the 30 feet of ice that........»»

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NASA to examine commercializing Mars communication relays

Orbit Mars, send data from rovers back to Earth. Today, NASA announced that it's issuing a Request for Information that seeks parties, either academic or commercial, who are willing to set up a communications relay orbiting Mars. Should the agency li.....»»

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The future of space: Will we see a new space race? [Business]

US Eyes Asteroids as Other Nations Shoot for the Moon. #space #space race #moon #Mars #asteroid #NASA.....»»

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America"s Next Big Space Launch Rocket Is a Total Beast

With its forthcoming Space Launch System, NASA hopes to send astronauts farther into space than it ever has ever before—to Mars and beyond. And when the first crew does leave to make interplanetary history, they'll do so aboard these rocket engines.Read.....»»

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