President Obama to NASA: Thanks for Sending My Signature to Mars

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover arrived at the Red Planet in 2012, carrying a special embellishment: a plaque with signatures from the country's top officials, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden......»»

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8 Months on "Mars"! Mock Space Mission to Launch in Hawaii

A crew of six scientists and engineers is geared up and ready for an eight-month mock mission to study how humans behave and interact when subjected to Mars-like conditions......»»

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Planet Earth observed through telescope orbiting Mars

One of NASA's satellites orbiting Mars has looked back home to record a Martians-eye view of the Earth and moon from 127 million miles across the solar system. Here is a view of Earth and its moon, as seen from Mars. It combines two images acqui.....»»

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NASA takes an amazing photo of Earth from Mars

The satellite is more than 100 million miles away, but it can still snap a nice photo of home. The post NASA takes an amazing photo of Earth from Mars appeared first on ExtremeTech......»»

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Earth"s Moon Formed in "Moonlet" Mash-Up After Many Earth Impacts

Earth's moon may be the product of many small moonlets that merged together after multiple objects as big as Mars collided with Earth, leaving disks of planetary debris orbiting the planet, a new study suggests......»»

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Image: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures the Earth and its moon

From the most powerful telescope orbiting Mars comes a new view of Earth and its moon, showing continent-size detail on the planet and the relative size of the moon......»»

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From Mars to Earth and the Moon, 127 million miles away

The pale blue dot we call home is back in the limelight again. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter grabbed a shot of Earth and our moon with its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) from a pretty staggering distance late last year.....»»

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Astronauts could live inside ice domes on Mars [Science]

The astronauts who will someday go to Mars will be bombarded by radiation from space. #Mars #space #health #radiation #ice #NASA.....»»

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Incredible New Image Shows the Earth and Moon From Mars

During a recent calibration exercise, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a remarkable view of Earth and its moon from a distance of 127 million miles (205 million kilometers). It’s so clear, you can even make out our planet’s continent.....»»

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See what Earth and its moon look like from Mars - CNET

Check out a Mars-orbiting spacecraft's striking view of Earth from 127 million miles away......»»

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Wow! Mars Probe Snaps Stunning Photo of Earth and Moon

A NASA spacecraft has given humanity a breathtaking, Mars-eye view of Earth and its moon......»»

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9 Exciting Space Movies to Watch in 2017

Exciting space action will take center stage on the big screen this year, with the return of the "Guardian of the Galaxy" superheroes, a glimpse of what it might be like to live on Mars, and the next installment of the beloved "Star Wars" franchise......»»

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Mars should have loads more water – so where has it all gone?

We have either misunderstood what its early years were like – or it is hiding vast amounts of water beneath its surface.....»»

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Image: Hues in a Martian crater slope

Impact craters expose the subsurface materials on the steep slopes of Mars. However, these slopes often experience rockfalls and debris avalanches that keep the surface clean of dust, revealing a variety of hues, like in this enhanced-color image fro.....»»

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Spacecraft "Sees" the Mysteries Buried Under the Polar Ice Caps of Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has used its radar to reveal previously unknown structures hidden below the Red Planet's polar ice......»»

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Detailed 3D ocean map can help with marine conservation

We've explored such a small part of the ocean that we know more about the moon and Mars. This new three-dimensional map can help us get more acquainted with the body of water that occupies most of our planet, though. It sorts water mass.....»»

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Mars, Venus and the moon are having a cosmic meet-up this week

The moon, Venus and Mars are getting close in the night sky this week.  Mars and Venus will appear just next to the crescent moon in a coincidental planetary meet-up Tuesday.  SEE ALSO: A comet will fly past Earth on New Year's Eve. No, it'.....»»

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NASA’s first Martians may take shelter in massive, 3D-printed igloos

The “Mars Ice Home” uses raw materials that are already on Mars. It’s a lightweight shelter that can be transported ahead of time and deployed by robotics, before astronauts arrive and fill the outer layer with water ice. The post NASA’s.....»»

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Happy Anniversary, Spirit! Mars Rover Landed 13 Years Ago Today

NASA's epic and ongoing Mars Exploration Rover mission began its Red Planet operations 13 years ago today (Jan. 3), with the touchdown of a six-wheeled robot named Spirit......»»

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NASA Designs "Ice Dome" For Astronauts On Mars

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: The "Mars Ice Home" is a large inflatable dome that is surrounded by a shell of water ice. NASA said the design is just one of many potential concepts for creating a sustainable home for future Marti.....»»

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