How one community came together to help four cancer-stricken students

For a group of eighth grade girls from Deer Park, Texas, organizing a benefit concert has shown them the incredible power of community. The Music 4 A Mission benefit concert was born out of a class the girls are taking at Deer Park Junior High School.....»»

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Writers Guild of America Authorizes Possible Strike

The WGA has voted to authorize a strike should a deal with Hollywood studios not be reached by next week. Hollywood may be looking at another writers strike nearly a decade after the last major one, as the Writers Guild of America East and West.....»»

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Nick Spencer on Capt. America"s Betrayal and Fan Reactions

Captain America's heel turn is one of the hottest subjects in comics right now. You don't even need to follow comics closely to know all is not right with Captain America. The stalwart hero of Americanism betrayed his allies in the Marvel Unive.....»»

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An Uber engineer died by suicide, and his family blames the company culture

Uber is in the limelight again for another employee horror story after one of its engineers died by suicide.  The employee's family alleges that workplace stress and racism contributed to a decline in mental health before Joseph Thomas' death. S.....»»

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This Icon Pack is Hot (and Free!): Dominion

You all know how much we enjoy a good icon pack, but when we find one we enjoy and it’s free, we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing it. The latest we’re highlighting is Dominion, offering a ton of cool wallpapers and over 3,500.....»»

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Vizio’s new XLED TVs introduce one more acronym into your vocabulary

Vizio's M- and P-Series displays pack edgy new technology for 2017. Everyone’s got their own acronym these days. Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense started this whole mess when it unveiled ULED, a proprietary take on LED technology, before.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

At the end of the day the TabPro S is a winner in my eyes, I miss it already. I probably spent more time trying to find a reason why I don’t want one (but wasn’t able to find one) and now I find myself late at night looking on the TabPro.....»»

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AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G Review

GIGABYTE unleashes its AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G graphics card, one of many GTX 1080 Ti cards." ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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How to Use the Galaxy S8 Blue Light Filter

How to Use the Galaxy S8 Blue Light Filter is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ deliver multiple exciting features for users. Like an Iris Eye scanner, Infinity Display and more. One that many don’t know.....»»

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Why It"s Time For America To Leave Afghanistan Behind

In Afghanistan, springtime means one thing: the start of another brutal fighting season. And if 2017 is anything like 2016 was, this fighting season could be the one that breaks the fledgling Afghan National Army for good.Read more........»»

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Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition Announced

The classic live-action game is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sooner than later. Night Trap is getting remastered and re-released this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developer Screaming Villains has announced Night Trap: 25th Anniv.....»»

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This brilliant case will end your kid"s iPhone addiction

Here's one way to curb phone addiction.  A Japanese company has created an iPhone case to help parents stop their kids from becoming too addicted to their phones. SEE ALSO: iPhone App Shrinks Your Data & Your Monthly Bill The case, called the Ot.....»»

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Facebook"s fake news problem was so bad even Barack Obama talked to him about it

After a long, confusing, fake news-filled 2016 election in which Donald Trump became President of the United States, Barack Obama was one of the many people to take shots at Facebook's role in spreading fake news. But according to a new New York Time.....»»

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Burger King is hiring gamers to sell you food during online matches and I give up

It's over, everyone. Capitalism has won and every single one of us bears the banner of defeat. Burger King is now using video games to try to peddle their food into our gaping mouths, because nothing in this world is sacred. Undeterred by their faile.....»»

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Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Deals

Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Deals is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. If you’re looking to pre-order Star Wars Battlefront 2 for Xbox One, PS4 or Windows PC you’ll want to take a look at this list of growing deals before doing.....»»

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Straight Out of "Star Wars": This "Death Star" Laser Actually Works

Scientists used a diamond crystal to increase power of multiple laser beams into one super-powered beam......»»

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Odd New Theory Explains How Early Earth Got Its Oxygen

One of the still-unsolved mysteries about Earth's history is how the planet became breathable. Now, scientists say the culprit may have been the giant rock slabs that make up Earth's outer shell......»»

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Beloved "Anastasia" opens on Broadway to lukewarm response

When the 1997 animated movie Anastasia was officially sent to Broadway, millennials who grew up with it were thrilled. But the musical, which opened April 24, draws on more than just one cartoon musical; it also takes parts from a film from 1956 and.....»»

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"Indiana Jones 5" will hit theaters a year later than expected

Hold on to your hats — or give them some time, because the fifth untitled Indiana Jones movie will be strolling into theaters in 2020. That's one year later than planned — it's an election year, if you can even imagine such a thing. SEE A.....»»

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Don"t forget that today, April 25, is the perfect date, at least according to "Miss Congeniality"

Seventeen years ago, the world got to witness Sandra Bullock kick ass and take names in Miss Congeniality. Yes, Bullock saved Miss USA from an exploding tiara, but let us not forget one of the most important things we have learned from the iconic.....»»

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