China"s Censors Can Now Erase Images Mid-Transmission

Eva Dou, reporting for WSJ: China's already formidable internet censors have demonstrated a new strength -- the ability to delete images in one-on-one chats as they are being transmitted, making them disappear before receivers see them. The ability i.....»»

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WSJ Op-Ed: The Post Office Is Delivering Amazon"s Packages Below Cost

schwit1 shares a pay-walled op-ed from the Wall Street Journal (also excerpted at the URL below): The U.S. Postal Service delivers the company's boxes well below its own costs. Like an accelerant added to a fire, this subsidy is speeding up the colla.....»»

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AlphaBay taken down by law enforcement across 3 countries, WSJ says

Alleged founder Alexandre Cazes found dead in a Thai jail cell. Enlarge / A bitcoin token stands in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017. (credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images) AlphaBay, one of th.....»»

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Reality Bytes: A Highflying Tech Entrepreneur Crashes Back To Earth

An anonymous reader shares a WSJ article: Entrepreneur Jia Yueting likes to say that Apple is outdated, China's big technology companies are innovation-killing monopolies and his company, LeEco, is the real industry disrupter. That swagger served Mr......»»

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Samsung is reportedly getting ready to join the smart speaker craze

 Samsung is reportedly working on its own smart speaker device to compete with Amazon’s Echo and others, the WSJ reports. Appropriately, the timing of the device is far from ironed out. Samsung has had quite a few problems getting the voic.....»»

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China"s All-Seeing Surveillance State Is Reading Its Citizens" Faces

China's government is using facial-recognition technology to help promote good behavior and catch lawbreakers, reports the WSJ. From the article: Facial-recognition technology, once a specter of dystopian science fiction, is becoming a feature of dai.....»»

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Report: Uber Eyes Luxe"s Technical Team

Ridesharing service Uber is looking to acquire the technical team behind Luxe, the luxury car parking startup backed by LA's Upfront Ventures, according to the WSJ. The WSJ said the "acqhire" is focused on part of Luxe's engineering team, rather than.....»»

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Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills: WSJ

Freshmen and seniors at about 200 colleges across the U.S. take a little-known test every year to measure how much better they get at learning to think. The results are discouraging. From a report: At more than half of schools, at least a third of se.....»»

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WSJ: There"s An "Inexorable" Trend Towards Working Remotely

The Wall Street Journal reports that the trend towards remote working "is inexorable" in America's labor force, with 43% of workers now doing at least some of their work from home (up from 39% in 2012), and 20% now working entirely from home (up from.....»»

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A Tip for Apple in China: Your Hunger for Revenue May Cost You

Li Yuan, writing for the WSJ: Apple's latest predicament centers on its App Store. Last month, Apple told several Chinese social-networking apps, including the wildly popular messaging platform WeChat, to disable their "tip" functions to comply with.....»»

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WSJ Columnist: Robots Aren"t Destroying <em>Enough</em> Jobs

An anonymous reader writes: Will millions be unemployed after a job-destroying robot apocalypse? That's "starkly at odds with the evidence," argues a Wall Street Journal columnist, who says the real problem is robots aren't destroying enough jobs. "T.....»»

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Why Do Gas Station Prices Constantly Change? Blame the Algorithm

Retailers are using artificial-intelligence software to set optimal prices, testing textbook theories of competition, says a WSJ report. An anonymous reader shares the article: One recent afternoon at a Shell-branded station on the outskirts of this.....»»

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The touchscreen Amazon Echo could launch on Tuesday

 Amazon could be about to launch Echo with a touchscreen as soon as tomorrow. The word comes from the WSJ citing sources familiar with the matter. The new model would feature a 7-inch touchscreen, display answers to verbal questions and feature.....»»

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WSJ: Facebook rejects female-authored code more often than male

Facebook has been accused of issues with bias before, but that was about suppressing conservative political views. Today's allegations run into sexism territory. But rather than being something surface-level seen explicitly by its users.....»»

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Amazon reportedly creates team dedicated to driverless vehicle tech

Amazon has formed a team focused on driverless vehicle technology, according to The Wall Street Journal.  In its report, The WSJ says that the group is made up of about 12 employees and was created over a year ago. However, Amazon reportedly isn&.....»»

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Report: Theranos used shell company to secretly buy outside lab equipment

WSJ describes newly-unsealed depositions of 22 former employees, board members. Enlarge / Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York City on September 29, 2015. (credit: CNBC / Getty Images N.....»»

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Google may integrate ad-blocking directly into Chrome

A WSJ report claims that Google is planning to build an ad-blocker right into its Chrome browser. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to integrate its own ad-blocker into its immensely popular Chrome browser. Th.....»»

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Google may integrate ad-blocking directly into Chrome, according to new rumor

A WSJ report claims that Google is planning to build an ad-blocker right into its Chrome browser. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to integrate its own ad-blocker right into its immensely popular Chrome.....»»

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WSJ: Google will build an ad-blocker into Chrome

Tonight the Wall Street Journal reports that, according to anonymous sources, Google will introduce an ad-blocking feature for Chrome on mobile and desktop platforms. Ad blockers for browsers are hardly a new thing, and Google itself already.....»»

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Tanium exposed hospital’s IT while using its network in sales demos

CEO used client hospital's network in demo "hundreds of times," reports WSJ. Enlarge / Orion Hindawi, co-founder and chief technology officer of Tanium Inc. Information security company Tanium is a relatively well-established "next-generation.....»»

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