$73M payout to Angela Ahrendts reflects the Burberry stock she sacrificed, explains Apple

If you were puzzled by the fact that the $73M compensation package paid to retail head Angela Ahrendts dwarfed those awarded to other Apple board members, including Tim Cook’s $9.2M, Apple explained that it was in large part to compensate her for u.....»»

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iOS 9 rumored to improve aging iPhones and upcoming big-screened iPads alike

Apple's next major iOS release packs a bevy of improvements aimed at upcoming, larger-screened iPads and older iPhones. It'll notably support A5-based devices, which include devices as far back as 2011. The post iOS 9 rumored to improve aging iPhones and.....»»

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The first Apple Watch update arrives with faster app performance

The Apple Watch arrived on the scene with at least a few rough edges, but the crew at 1 Infinite Loop is trying to smooth at least some of them today. The company has released a 1.0.1 update for the Watch that improves performance across the board, a........»»

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Piper Jaffray abandons hope for full-fledged Apple television, remains bullish on AAPL stock

Longtime Apple television proponent Gene Munster threw in the towel on Tuesday, telling investors that he no longer believes the company has a big-screen set in the works, based on the latest rumors......»»

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I want to believe! Icahn’s vision for an Apple TV & car added $10B to Apple’s value today

Traders seemed to hear Icahn's bullish words about Apple very clearly. A letter from activist investor Carl Icahn to Apple CEO Tim Cook published this morning is responsible for adding $10.2 billion of value to Apple’s stock. The main point of.....»»

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Icahn pumps AAPL stock w/ predictions of Apple HDTVs, electric vehicle batteries

High-profile investor and AAPL shareholder Carl Icahn has published yet another open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this time giving his thoughts on new product categories that he expects Apple to enter alongside his usual advice for the company on share r.....»»

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Why This Investor Says Apple Is Worth More Than $1 Trillion

Carl Icahn tells Tim Cook Apple is worth $240/share Carl Icahn on Monday morning published an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, arguing that the tech giant’s stock is worth $240 per share. That would be 83.38% higher than today’s opening .....»»

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Shares of Apple predicted to reach $160 on continued strength of iPhone 6

In a memo to investors on Monday, Canaccord Genuity raised its price target for Apple stock from $155 to $160, based on a belief that there remains plenty of room for expansion in iPhone 6 sales......»»

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ASUS X99-PRO Motherboard (Intel X99)

"Steven tells us about the ASUS X99-PRO motherboard based on Intel's X99 chipset. Is he happy with the board quality and performance?" ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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PSA: Best Buy has limited stock of 12″ Retina MacBooks shipping now while other retailers discount pre-orders

Apple still shows a 3-5 week wait on the new Retina 12-inch MacBook across the board but one US retailer has them in stock and shipping in certain configurations. Best Buy, who also offers a $50 off coupon for people with access to an .edu email address .....»»

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Apple is planning an auto “intervention” says Fiat CEO

Is Apple really working on a self-driving electric vehicle of its own? It sounds more likely based on a comment from Sergio Marchionne, who recently met up with Tim Cook in California. The post Apple is planning an auto “intervention” says Fia.....»»

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Nike CEO teases more collaboration with Apple in the future

Nike and Apple have long had a strong and close working relationship. Not only did the two companies collaborate on the extremely popular Nike+running initiative, but Apple CEO Tim Cook just so happens to be a Nike board member. All that said, Nike CEO a.....»»

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Apple Radio music streaming service launching on June 8 with the BBC Radio 1 team on board

Apple Radio, as the Cupertino-based giant’s upcoming music streaming service has been dubbed is going to go live most likely on June 8. Apple scheduled an event for June 8 which will supposedly mark the reveal of Apple Radio music streaming service......»»

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Apple moves Siri to third-gen platform to improve performance

Apple has reportedly moved the back-end parts of Siri, which execute the queries iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch users ask the virtual assistant, to a new system that’s based on the open-source Apache Mesos platform. It’s one of those back-end........»»

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The most awkward thing you’ll see today: Apple CEO Tim Cook dancing to ‘Happy’

This is, quite literally, Tim Cook’s happy dance. Yesterday was Earth Day, and Apple celebrated by bringing Pharrell to Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters for a live performance. During the popular song Happy, several Apple executives.....»»

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Porsche adding Apple CarPlay to its future models

Shortly after Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted that all of the world's major car makers had committed to offering CarPlay, the company's infotainment system, Germany's luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche is also confirmed to be supporting the iOS-based platf.....»»

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Apple"s Tim Cook is the most pay-efficient CEO in America, Bloomberg says

The unprecedented financial success Apple has seen since Tim Cook took over as chief executive makes him the best corporate leader in America when it comes to pay versus performance, according to a new Bloomberg executive ranking......»»

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Snapchat Is Paying Ex-Apple Exec Scott Forstall 0.11% To Be An Advisor

 A leaked email from the Sony Pictures hack indicates Snapchat set aside .11% of its stock for former Apple head of iOS Scott Forstall to be an advisor. Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures’ CEO, is a Snapchat board member, so when his email was stole.....»»

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Apple buys Israel-based camera sensor maker LinX

CNBC is reporting that Apple has acquired camera technology company LinX, which creates camera sensors utilizing multi-aperture imaging alongside image processing tech to improve general performance in cameras, including low-light capture, color fidelity .....»»

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OS X 10.10.3 adds support for NVMExpress, enabling improved SSD speeds and performance

Apple quietly slipped support for a feature called NVMExpress into the latest version of OS X, which shipped early last week. This addition to the software enables some newer Macs using PCIe-based solid-state drives to achieve greater data transfer speeds.....»»

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