Computer pioneer Harry Huskey dies aged 101

The veteran hardware maker worked on the Eniac machine and helped Alan Turing build a computer......»»

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Weekend Open Forum: Show off a picture of your computer desk

For many of us, our offices and bedrooms are our sanctuaries. Sure, we might have to work there, but it's also where we wind down and relax......»»

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Invictus Games for Wounded Warriors Begin Saturday

The U.S. has a 90-member team at the games, which will be kicked off Saturday by Britain's Prince Harry......»»

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SilverStone Case Storage Series CS350

"While we have tested dozens of SilverStone computer cases over the years at Phoronix, they have generally been phenomenal desktop cases, but not until now have we had a chance to see what innovations the company can drive into server.....»»

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Best motherboards 2017, the top Intel and AMD motherboards

Whether it's Intel or AMD, we'll help you find the best motherboard to house your CPU. The motherboard is the bedrock upon which your computer is built. It's arguably the single most important factor in your build. Everything from processo.....»»

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Which of these materials is the best conductor of heat?

Most frequently used materials in the making of computer heatsinks... or not?.....»»

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The Best SSDs 2017: the top solid-state drives for your PC

Give your computer a shot in the arm with one of these excellent solid state drives. There are few things that will increase computer performance as easily and as noticeably as an SSD. Loading times evaporate when compared to similarly-sized ha.....»»

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More Computer Science isn’t the Answer

Whenever we encounter some exciting new technology, the first question we ask ourselves is how do we use this to make the world a better place? Read more on MAKE The post More Computer Science isn’t the Answer appeared first on Make: DIY Proje.....»»

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Gary Numan on pushing limits of tech in music

British electro pop pioneer Gary Numan says he prefers working with computers to people......»»

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The PocketBeagle is the tiniest and most whimsically-named single-board computer on the market

 Do you need a Linux machine about as big as a few quarters? Man, have I got something for you. It’s called the BeagleBoard PocketBeagle and it’s the smallest Linux computer you can buy for $25. I’m a huge fan of single-board c.....»»

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Inside the Japanese factory where Pioneer still makes car speakers by hand

Did you ever think about your car stereo speakers and how they keep working for years under the worst possible conditions? Neither did we until we went to visit the Pioneer speaker factory and development center in Tendo, Japan. The post Inside the J.....»»

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Intel"s new VR tech promises to be the missing link between mobile and PC VR

The technology streams SteamVR content from a computer to a mobile-based VR headset. No VR system is perfect. PC VR relies upon you buying an expensive headset to sit alongside your already expensive computer, while mobile VR makes use of the.....»»

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TCA modifies exhibition shows to attract new participants

Taipei Computer Association (TCA) has been making adjustments to the names of its exhibition shows for 2018 and adding more new applications in order to attract more participants from industries other than the PC sector......»»

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Asustek to launch next-generation ZenFone 5 in March 2018

Asustek Computer will release its next-generation ZenFone 5 family products at the earliest in March 2018 as the operations of its smartphone business have returned to a growth truck as a result of recent restructuring, according to company CEO Jerry.....»»

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SearchCap: AdWords extensions for call-only ads, SEO 101 & Bing Ads updates

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. The post SearchCap: AdWords extensions for call-only ads, SEO 101 & Bing Ads updates appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit.....»»

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Adblock Plus releases filter that prevents sites from using the user"s computer to covertly mine cryptocurrencies, available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android (Emil Protalinski/VentureBeat)

Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat: Adblock Plus releases filter that prevents sites from using the user's computer to covertly mine cryptocurrencies, available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android  —  Adblock Plus wants to protect you f.....»»

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Flu vaccine used in elderly may benefit middle-aged adults with chronic conditions

Expanding the high-dose influenza vaccine recommendation to include middle-aged adults with chronic health conditions may make economic sense and save lives. The findings may justify for clinical trials of the high-dose and new recombinant trivalent.....»»

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Report: Hackers Were Snooping Inside Equifax for Months

Hackers broke into Equifax's computer systems in March, two months earlier than the company had previously disclosed, according to a Wall Street Journal report . That gave the intruders months to probe vulnerabilities and eventually gain access to t.....»»

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Ford Now Using Holograms to Design Cars

Traditionally, large clay models have been used to help car designers better visualize new vehicles as they’re developed. Computer renderings changed the process somewhat, but you’re still looking at an image on a screen, not an object i.....»»

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Harry Belafonte sings "Hine Ma Tov"

The King of Calypso and civil rights champion Harry Belafonte sings "Hine Ma Tov." Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! The King of Calypso and civil rights champion Harry Belafonte sings "Hine Ma Tov.....»»

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SEO 101: Which URL versions to add to Google Search Console

Can you really afford to miss out on free technical data about your website's performance in Google search results? Of course not! Contributor Fili Wiese explains how to set up your website in Google Search Console to make it work to your advantage......»»

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