Logitech smart car mount transforms your dumb car into a connected one

The future of smart cars is a dedicated infotainment system like Android Auto. But it’s going to be a long while before everybody upgrades their vehicles to get a car with the latest gadgetry built in.Logi, which is the consumer division of Logitech, th.....»»

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Cujo is a firewall for the connected smart home network

 “Cujo protects everything on your network,” the company’s CEO, Einaras Gravrock says, describing his product in the simplest terms possible ahead of its Disrupt NY launch this week. “Think of it as an immunity system for your.....»»

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Not just Nest: Haiku"s smart ceiling fans now work with Ecobee thermostats, too - CNET

A new integration between Haiku and Ecobee will let you sync your smart ceiling fans up with your cloud-connected HVAC system......»»

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Samsung Smart Home Flaws Let Hackers Pick Connected Doors From Anywhere In the World

Researchers have discovered flaws in Samsung's Smart Home automation system, which if exploited, allows them to carry a range of remote attacks. These attacks include digitally picking connected door locks from anywhere in the world. The flaws have been d.....»»

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Philips turns to its Hue 2.0 user base before rolling out a much-needed app update

After working closely with its users, Philips has finally updated the user interface and available features native to its companion smartphone application for the Hue 2.0 smart lighting system. The post Philips turns to its Hue 2.0 user base before rollin.....»»

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Smanos X300 plug and play alarm system

While a smart home was once thought the preserve of the uber rich today with wireless apps and plug-in security systems, anyone can have a connected household. All you need is something like the Smanos X300 Plug and Play Alarm system, which bundles a moti.....»»

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Every light"s a smart light in the CNET Smart Home video - CNET

It's time to go all-in on connected lighting -- here's how we did it......»»

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BeON Home Starter Pack

The BeON Home smart lighting system offers an easy, albeit expensive, way to make it look like you're home when you're not......»»

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Barbie still better than you, gets fully loaded smart dream home (Tomorrow Daily 315 show notes) - CNET

We thought we finally had cooler stuff than Barbie with our Nests, Hue bulbs and Amazon Echoes, but this year, she'll get a fully connected smart home featuring customizable lighting and voice commands, so I guess the joke's on us......»»

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Sony"s smart light turns on the TV when you enter a room

Sony is launching a connected light that performs a surprising number of chores. The "Multifunctional Light," developed using Toshiba's LED lighting tech, can (of course) output a full spectrum of light to match your mood. When it's connected to.....»»

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Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses

This web-connected eyewear system functions like Glass, but looks like, well, just plain old glasses. The post Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses appeared first on WIRED......»»

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Toyota to accelerate connected car plans with Big Data Center

At CES 2016 Toyota has announced that they'll be bringing greater vehicle connectivity - smart connectivity, that is - through a new Data Communication Module (DCM). This is a software and hardware system which supports the creation and integration of sma.....»»

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Samsung"s new Smart TV remote wants to control all your devices - CNET

The remote control will support not just your home theater system but also Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and other connected devices......»»

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to build his own AI-infused smart home system

The smart-home bug has bitten Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. In a Sunday evening Facebook post, the billionaire entrepreneur announced his intention to build a connected-home system akin to the fictional character Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. system, f.....»»

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Red light, green light: Philips Hue reverses course on third-party bulbs - CNET

After outcry over a software update that stopped users from adding other brands' bulbs to their Hue setups, Philips is re-opening its smart lighting system to third-party LEDs......»»

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Philips Hue backtracks on third-party bulb block

Philips has reversed course on its controversial decision to block third-party connected bulbs from its Hue system. The company had found itself facing the ire of smart home enthusiasts earlier this week, when a firmware update for the Hue bridge prevente.....»»

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Philips Hue shuts off third-party bulb support with DRM

Digital rights management comes to home appliances as Phillips announced it won't support third-party bulbs for Phillips Hue. The smart home lighting system will eventually have more options for bulbs, but anyone looking to go off the proprietary path may.....»»

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Philips updates Hue, introduces lightbulb DRM

Philips is introducing DRM into its Hue smart lighting system, claiming that this will protect consumers from third-party products. The company's customers, needless to say, see the situation differently -- especially since Philips has previously touted i.....»»

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Lightbulb DRM: Philips Locks Purchasers Out of 3rd-Party Bulbs With New Firmware

sandbagger writes: Purchasers of the Philips Hue 'smart' ambient lighting system are finding out that the new firmware pushed out by the manufacturer has cut off access to previously-supported lightbulbs. Philips contends that this move will help their cu.....»»

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Presence Pro Care wants to fill your parents’ home with sensors to keep you connected

People Power's Presence Pro Care is a smart-home system designed at the elderly who want to stay in their homes. It's a bunch of sensors and an emergency button that will alert users if their family member has an emergency or wanders out of the house. Th.....»»

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