$34 iPhone dongle allows 15-minute HIV test with similar accuracy to ‘gold standard’ lab test

A team of biomedical engineers at Columbia University has developed an iPhone dongle costing just $34 that can conduct HIV tests with similar accuracy to ‘gold standard’ laboratory equipment costing over $18,000. The test, which also detects .....»»

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The Apple Watch Edition is not for you

There's a lot of chatter right now on what sort of madness it'll be seeing the prices of the highest-end Apple Watch Edition devices this Spring. But check it out - they aren't being made to sell to the same people that buy iPhone 5c. The 18k gold Apple W.....»»

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Rosetta zooms in on fascinating comet (pictures)

A close flyby brought the Rosetta spacecraft to within just a few miles of the surface of Comet 67P for an eye-opening view of its boulder-littered surface......»»

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Surface Pro 3 Review

Surface Pro 3 Review is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. For years, it’s been the belief of most that hardware is only as good as the software running on it. Make no mistake, this is true. It’s why Apple’s iPhone first took off and is sti.....»»

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60 minutes with Phorm for iPad mini, its founder, and the advent of physically responsive touchscreens

Imagine launching Notes or Messages on your iPad or iPhone and having a keyboard full of transparent, physical buttons magically rise from the surface of your touchscreen. Phorm, which was officially announced on Thursday for Apple's iPad mini, promises t.....»»

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This diamond-studded iPhone 6 is priced at Rs 22 crore!

The latest iPhone 6 has been dolled up in a choice of 24K Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum, and embedded with hundreds of light-catching diamonds......»»

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Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 could top $3.5 million in bling

A limited-edition bedazzled iPhone 6 from Goldgenie can be customized with an insane level of gold and gemstones......»»

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Don’t lose those cat pics: 6 ways to offload photos from your iPhone

You have so many photos on your iPhone, but phones break and it is time to back up those pictures to your computer. Here is a list of few different methods to transfer those selfies and other cherished memories. The post Don’t lose those cat pics: 6.....»»

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Europa: NASA looks to Jupiter"s mysterious moon (pictures)

NASA is entering the planning phase for a mission to Europa, believed to have a massive ocean beneath its icy surface......»»

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Ex-RadioShack worker charged with stealing customer’s racy cell phone pics

Defendant is accused of texting to himself risqué photos from woman's phone. A former RadioShack worker is being charged in a California state court with accusations that he stole racy pictures from a woman's iPhone that was brought in for a crack.....»»

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Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS To Improve Your Experience

Apple’s iPhones take some impressive pictures, and they get better every year. Even though Apple has refused to go above the 8-megapixel threshold, the company’s smartphones—going back to the iPhone 4—take some of the cleanest, sharpest images in .....»»

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Custom diamond-studded Stratocaster guitar shines (pictures)

Diamonds, gold, silver and 3D image projection combine to make a memorable custom guitar, the only one like it in the world......»»

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Moment Creates An iPhone Case And App To Help Mobile Photographers Take Better Pictures

 Mobile lens startup Moment has spent the last year trying to help smartphone users take beautiful photos. It got started with a couple of interchangeable lenses that could be mounted onto iPhone and Android phones. Read More.....»»

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These pictures show us what Apple’s massive iPad Pro and stylus combo may look like

Reports say Apple planned to mass produce a large screen iPad in late 2014, but considerable iPhone 6 demand has reportedly delayed the launch. It's unknown when it will make its debut, but that doesn't stop the rumors flowing. The post These pictures sho.....»»

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In Depth: How to edit photos in iOS 8

Your iPhone's camera is capable of taking amazing shots, but the fun doesn't end there: you can apply a variety of adjustments and effects to liven up your pictures. Photos in iOS 8 has a bunch of new editing tools and holds its own against costly desktop.....»»

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPhone 6/Plus cases from $7, MacBook Air $199 off, Super Bowl HDTV deals, more

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. Today’s can’t miss deals: Amazon Gold Box – .....»»

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Amazon"s Overflowing With Cheap Smartphone Cases Today

If you own an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or Galaxy Note 4, today's Amazon Gold Box is brimming with a variety of cases and screen protectors for $10 or less.Read more........»»

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Ava Photo cleans up those iPhone portraits

You have a lot of pictures of friends and families, but you know those pictures don't always capture them at their best. Ava Photo (free until Jan 31) is a sharp little iOS app providing several tools to make those portraits look a lot better and mor........»»

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Apple patent shows spring-loaded pop-up home button that doubles as a gaming joystick

An Apple patent spotted by Patently Apple shows a spring-loaded pop-up iPhone home button that acts as gaming joystick when in the raised position. Or, in patent language: An electronic device includes a surface and a multi-function input device. The m.....»»

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Leak Reveals Limited Edition Nokia Lumia 830 In Gold

Microsoft may have ditched the Nokia name in favor of its own for the latest Lumia smartphones, but it could be making a one-time comeback for a limited edition Lumia 830. Pictures posted on Chinese social network Weibo show off... Microsoft may have dit.....»»

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