How to Take Amazing Fireworks Pictures on iPhone

How to Take Amazing Fireworks Pictures on iPhone is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile. It’s easy to take amazing fireworks pictures with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s if you know what settings to use and have access to an essential iPhone acce.....»»

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Researcher pursues new applications for "hot" electrons

Three years after his discovery of porous gold nanoparticles—gold nanoparticles that offer a larger surface area because of their porous nature—a University of Houston researcher is continuing to explore the science and potential applications......»»

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How Do I Upload 360-Degree Photos to Facebook?

Facebook now supports the viewing of 360-degree videos and photos. You can take pictures through your iPhone’s native camera, upload the 360-degree photos to Facebook, and let your friends see your photos in a panoramic view. This feature is a good .....»»

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Search in Pics: Google Father’s Day gift, Gary Illyes’s iPhone & Google Jedi

In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more. Gary Illyes iPhone: Source: SER .....»»

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Pluto might have a semi-frozen ocean lurking under its icy shell

Understanding the dwarf planet's interior based on modeling and clues at its surface. (credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI) The pictures that came from New Horizons' flyby of Pluto have set off a scramble to make sense of the dwarf planet's terrai.....»»

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Shocker! Company that sued Apple over iPhone 6 is a patent troll

Late last week, reports began to surface indicating that Apple was being forced to halt sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Beijing due to a patent infringement claim from a company called Schenzhen Baili. Specifically, the company alleged that App.....»»

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WSJ: Next iPhone ditches the headphone jack, other changes will be small

An all-new "iPhone 7" design may not surface this fall. Enlarge / The next-generation iPhone could look a lot like the 6S and 6S Plus, according to a new report. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) If you were hoping for an all-new iPhone desi.....»»

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A silly iPhone 7 EarPods rumor that actually makes some sense

These days, iPhone 7 rumors are a dime a dozen, with some making more sense than others, considering the general pictures most reports have painted for this year’s new iPhone series. A new rumor from Japan suggests that Apple will indeed remove the head.....»»

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These stylish Star Wars iPhone cases are made with gold-plated circuit lines - CNET

​Calling a galaxy far, far away has never been geekier......»»

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Review: ExoLens’ Zeiss iPhone lenses turns your phone into a full-fledged camera

 Anyone even remotely interested in cameras knows that Zeiss lenses are the gold standard. But the 170-year old company’s lenses can cost thousands of dollars each, making them pretty inaccessible for amateur photographers. But that is now cha.....»»

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iPhone 7 might come in blue instead of Space Gray

Finally, a non-gold color might enter the iPhone world.  According to Japan's Macotakara, which quotes sources from China's supply chain, the iPhone 7 will come in blue, while the Space Gray color might be going away.  SEE ALSO: Thief dresses li.....»»

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BrandPost: Never run out of space on your iPhone or iPad

How often has this happened to you? You try to install an app or take pictures and your iPhone’s storage is almost full. You won’t be able to do anything until you make more space available.The typical solution is to remove apps or delete unwanted pic.....»»

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Instagram version 8.2 adds a photo-upload shortcut from iOS applications - CNET

It's one less tap for iPhone and iPad users uploading pictures to Instagram......»»

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Instagram version 8.2 adds a photo upload shortcut from iOS applications - CNET

One less tap for iPhone and iPad users uploading pictures to Instagram......»»

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Amazon’s 11 best deals: Google OnHub router, Xbox Live Gold, iPhone-connected Sous Vide, and more

If you thought Monday's batch of Amazon's best daily deals was great, you're definitely in for a treat today. We've got an even more varied selection of bargains on everything from Google's white-hot OnHub home router (seriously, you HAVE to che.....»»

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You can now post to Instagram from anywhere on iPhone

It took a while, but it finally happened: Instagram now has a convenient way of uploading pictures from any iPhone app, including the default Photos application. That’s a feature fans have craved for almost two years, ever since Apple released iOS 8. .....»»

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases surface, show off Smart Connector and dual camera design

Cases claiming to be designed for the next-generation iPhones, currently being dubbed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, have been released online today. Although the cases do not show anything drastically different to what we’ve been hearing for mo.....»»

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Satechi unveils space gray, gold, and silver dual USB + USB-C car chargers

Satechi is launching a nice-looking new dual USB car charger that comes in iPhone-matching gold, silver, and space gray. more…Filed under: Tech Industry.....»»

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Stunning New Images Of Pluto"s Surface

NASA says the pictures provide the best views yet of the dwarf planet's varied terrain, including cellular nitrogen ice plains......»»

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Would you like to see what the iPhone 7 looks like in rose gold?

Would you like to see what the iPhone 7 looks like in rose gold?.....»»

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