U.S. readies sanctions against China for cyber-spying

The U.S. government is working on a sanctions package against Chinese firms and individuals for cyber-espionage activities against U.S. companies, the Washington Post reported. This move comes after months of cyber-attacks on companies and government agen.....»»

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ProxyHam anonymity project bizarrely destroyed sans explanation

Staying private on the Internet has become a big concern for many and a problem for certain government agencies. The Edward Snowden leaks revealed a trove of data on government spying, and since then companies have moved to further encrypt data and many d.....»»

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Amnesty International Seeks Explanation For "Absolutely Shocking" Surveillance

Mark Wilson writes: A court recently revealed via email that the UK government had been spying on Amnesty International. GCHQ had put Amnesty under surveillance — despite this having previously been denied — and now the human rights organizati.....»»

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Google"s Waze app testing carpooling service in Israel

Smartphone users who need a ride now have options to choose from, but nearly all of them are raising concerns, from existing taxis, to insurance companies, to government regulators. Google just launched their own ride sharing service which gets around man.....»»

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DOJ Vs. Google: How Google Fights On Behalf of Its Users

Lauren Weinstein writes: While some companies have long had a "nod and wink" relationship with law enforcement and other parts of government -- willingly turning over user data at mere requests without even attempting to require warrants or subpoenas, it'.....»»

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How Do The Online Services You Use Deal With Government Data Requests?

This is important! The EFF’s annual report card is out on how tech companies respond to government requests for your private data. Some companies take a firm position against government spying while others are basically government patsies. Where do the .....»»

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It’s time for government to get involved in IoT

GUEST: The government needs to play a role in the development of IoT, not just to enact strong policies to foster innovation but also to provide a sense of security to our citizens. Enterprise companies tackle mobile marketing automation slightly dif.....»»

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Tech giants tell Obama: Keep law enforcement out of our data

Silicon Valley's top tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter, signed an open letter on Tuesday to President Obama — urging him to reject any government proposals that would grant law enforcement access to their users' encrypted.....»»

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Sen. Warner seeks DOT research to combat rogue drones

The U.S. Department of Transportation should begin to research technologies to combat "rogue" drone flights around sensitive areas like the White House and airports, a senator has recommended. The U.S. government, working with private companies, needs to .....»»

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3D Printers Are Building on a Strong Foundation as Satisfaction Among Users Soars, IDC Says

According to new survey findings from IDC, opportunities abound as 90% of respondents at companies that utilize 3D printing are "very satisfied" with their experience......»»

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TC Roundup: Yelp seeks buyer amid slow growth, rising costs

Yelp seeks buyer amid slow growth, rising costs: Yelp Inc. is exploring a sale as the company at the top of many Internet search results struggles to post strong growth with users and advertisers. (The Wall Street Journal) Ericsson extends patent suits a.....»»

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Google, Apple and others list demands for spying act changes

The US Congress, Senate and White House may be torn on what to do with a key Patriot Act spying clause, set to expire on June 1st. But Google, Apple, Facebook and other tech companies in the Reform Government Surveillance coalition know exactly what ........»»

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Apple, U.S. tech giants call for government spying reform in open letter to Congress

A number of powerful tech companies sent an open letter to Congress, President Barack Obama and other government agencies on Wednesday, arguing for drastic change in the nation's surveillance laws that currently allow for bulk consumer data collection......»»

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Tech Giants Call For “Clear, Strong And Effective End” To NSA’s Phone Metadata Surveillance

 As expected, technology companies, tech trade groups and privacy organizations sent a letter today to the President Barack Obama, various members of Congress, and governmental security officials, urging reform of the U.S. government’s surveill.....»»

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France Seeks Power to Sift Phone Data

The French government is seeking the power to force communications companies to sift through mountains of phone and Internet metadata using automated tools to flag potential terrorist behavior to the authorities......»»

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France Seeks Power to Sift Phone, Internet Data

The French government is seeking the power to force communications companies to sift through mountains of phone and Internet metadata using automated tools to flag potential terrorist behavior to the authorities......»»

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BlackBerry outs SecuTABLET for government, business users

BlackBerry is banking on its strong points – enterprise class security in mobile devices – and has rolled out its new tablet dubbed SecuTABLET – a collaboration of technologies from[...] The post BlackBerry outs SecuTABLET for government.....»»

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German government backs end-to-end encryption for email

BERLIN — Users of an email service backed by the German government will soon be able to rely on strong encryption of the kind that used to be the preserve of geeks and hackers, officials said Monday. From April onward De-Mail, an email service avail.....»»

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California Introduces Bill To Ban Warrantless Spying

Backed by a number of tech companies, California is eyeing state legislation to protect its citizens from warrantless government surveillance of e-mails, text messages and cellphone communications. The proposed legislation is being backed by state senator.....»»

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Apple Pay"s success has rivals scrambling to catch up, could make PayPal an acquisition target

The strong initial success of Apple Pay, combined with the news that eBay will spin off PayPal, has led to expectations that PayPal could be a major acquisition target for mobile companies vying for users' wallets......»»

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