Intel Unveils Optane SSD DC P4800X Drive That Can Act As Cache Or Storage

MojoKid writes from a report via HotHardware: Intel unveiled its first SSD product that will leverage 3D Xpoint memory technology, the new Optane SSD DC P4800X. The Intel SSD DC P4800X resembles some of Intel's previous enterprise storage products, b.....»»

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Implementing large-scale teleretinal diabetic retinopathy screening program

Can a large-scale, primary care-based teleretinal diabetic retinopathy screening (TDRS) program reduce wait times for screening and improve the timeliness of care in the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, the largest publicly operated.....»»

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You Can Download Night Shift For MacOS For Free Right Now

You no longer have to worry about your laptop’s bright screen disrupting your sleep schedule. Apple just released Night Shift—a feature that reduces blue light from the display in the evening—on the newest version of macOS Sierra (10.12.4). The.....»»

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Developers can now buy an HTC Vive tracker for $100

If you have a neat idea for a virtual reality controller, the cheapest way to prototype it is probably it around an HTC Vive tracking puck, which you can now buy directly from HTC for $100. The post Developers can now buy an HTC Vive tracker for $100.....»»

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‘Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey’ remake announced for Nintendo 3DS

A remake of Atlus' 2009 dungeon crawler Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, and fans can expect to see new recruitable demons, added voice acting, and an all-new ending. The post ‘Shin Megami Tensei: Strang.....»»

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Transgenic plants against malaria

Scientists have discovered a gene that allows to double the production of artemisinin in the Artemisia annua plant. The artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is the standard treatment for malaria worldwide. The new article presents an important.....»»

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Scientists discover mechanism that causes cancer cells to self-destruct

A new study reveals the role of three proteins in killing fast-duplicating cancer cells while they're dividing. The research finds that these proteins can be specifically modified to unleash an inherent 'death mechanism' that self-eradicates duplicat.....»»

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Researchers make a spinach leaf pump like a human heart

 Just when you thought it was safe to eat a salad researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have shown that a decellularized spinach leaf can be turned into a vascular network that could help doctors regrow organs. The project, featured in.....»»

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Facebook Messenger can share your location in real time

Plenty of messenger and map apps let you share your location with friends. iOS has its "Find My Friends" app and you can share your location through iMessage, while Hangouts similarly lets you share where you're at with friends. And tha.....»»

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Micron to ship Intel Optane competitor later this year

Intel's spanking new high-capacity Optane SSD is cool, but drives from other storage vendors based on the 3D Xpoint technology could be coming later this year.Micron will start shipping its 3D Xpoint memory technology -- branded QuantX --  later.....»»

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Fake it till you make it in the fake-news racket with this new online game

Making money with online news isn't easy, but Fake It Till You Make It shows how it can be done without the need for writing skill or a desire to inform. All you need are plagiarism, bought social media accounts, and outrage. The post Fake it till yo.....»»

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Intel Optane Memory Arrives With Crazy Low Queue Depth Performance

Intel Optane technology is something that we’ve been talking about and waiting on for years to reach the client market and it appears that we are finally just weeks away from that important milestone! Intel Optane technology is a unique co.....»»

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Intel Optane Memory With 3D XPoint Technology

Early last week, Intel revealed its Optane SSD DC P4800X featuring 3D Xpoint memory technology. The Optane SSD DC P4800X is an enterprise-class product, targeted at data centers and mission-critical applications where reliable, ultra-low-la.....»»

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Intel Optane Memory: What It Is and Why It Matters

Intel's Optane memory module is available for pre-order from today. Do you want one for your Z270 motherboard? Probably. Read on and find out why." ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Intel"s Optane Memory

Intel's Optane Memory is the company's latest attempt to boost the pokey performance of systems that rely on a hard drive alone for their storage space. We explore why Optane might prove to be a success in storage caching where the company'.....»»

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Optane Memory is mostly unchanged

We are just about to hit two years since Intel and Micron jointly launched 3D XPoint, and there have certainly been a lot of stories about it since. Intel officially launched the P4800X last week, and this week they are officially launching.....»»

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How to adjust macOS Sierra 10.12.4’s Night Shift settings

Night Shift is the major new feature in macOS Sierra 10.12.4. Let’s take a look at what Night Shift does, and how you can adjust it to best suit your Mac habits.What does Night Shift do? Night Shift was first introduced in iOS 9.3. It’s a se.....»»

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Out This Week: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 and II.5, Dark Souls III"s Final DLC, Snake Pass

. . . and MLB The Show 17, Rain World, Thimbleweed Park, and more! A major array for the end of March. With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the big.....»»

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PlayStation 4 Pro’s Media Player gets 4K MP4 video support

 The PlayStation 4 Pro just got an update that makes it an even better companion for a 4K TV set. An update to the native PlayStation Media Player app will enable 4K video playback, for files in mp4 format saved on either a USB drive or kept in.....»»

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The new head of the White House Office of American Innovation has never tweeted

Why can't Jared tweet? Jared Kushner, son-in-law and Senior White House Adviser to President Donald Trump, is, according to The Washington Post, leading the brand new White House Office of American Innovation, which will be devoted to modernizing the.....»»

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The world"s largest dinosaur tracks have been found, and a human can fit in them

Scientists have discovered some of the world's largest dinosaur tracks—measuring as long as the average person is tall—in western Australia. The 5.5-foot-long tracks likely belonged to a long-necked, small-headed sauropod. They're part of.....»»

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