Pebble Reveals Pebble Time Steel And A Smartstrap System Open To Hardware Developers

 Pebble announced Pebble Time last week, the next-generation version of its Pebble smartwatch, and today it’s revealing another new product: Pebble Time Steel. This is the stainless steel version of the Pebble Time, boasting the same interface .....»»

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Pebble announces its latest Pebble Time smartwatch with timeline feature, microphone

Pebble Time works with iPhone, Samsung, and other Android phones. The device has a smoother interface and the improved backlight is suitable even for sunny outdoors......»»

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Pebble update adds Android Wear notifications support, iOS bug fixes

The latest set of updates for the Pebble smartwatch include a number of major updates useful to Android users, with relatively few iOS improvements also included. The biggest changes in firmware 2.9 and the Android app relate to Android Wear, allowing the.....»»

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Who needs Android Wear? Pebble app update brings actionable Android notifications and more

The Pebble app for Android is receiving an update today in the Google Play Store (version 2.3) that, in conjunction with the latest Pebble smartwatch firmware update (version 2.9), gives the world's most popular smartwatch support the ability to interact .....»»

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Pebble Adds French, German And Spanish Language Options To Its Smartwatch App

 Pebble is finally taking its smartwatch beyond English after it announced new updates that will make its interface and app store available in French, German and Spanish. Read More.....»»

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Pebble for Android Just Got Way Better

Pebble recently announced updates for Android, iOS and new firmware for the Pebble smartwatch. Google fans have the most to be excited about though, thanks to the addition of full notification support. For anyone with an Android phone running Android 4......»»

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Pebble updates its smartwatch firmware with expanded character set and full notification support on Android

Pebble has graced its popular e-paper display-based smartwatch with a firmware update that brings full character support to display notifications in a range of languages, and has also updated its Android app to allow any app to beam notifications. The new.....»»

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Briefly: Pebble firmware update, Netflix out in two more countries

A firmware update for the Pebble smartwatch range adds iOS 8 support to the device, among other new additions. Version 2.5 of the firmware also activates its compass features using its magnetometer, allowing developers access to the component, as well as .....»»

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Updated firmware arrives for Gear S2

These new updates serve to streamline the Gear S2's interface and bring aboard a few extra features. The Samsung Gear S2 isn’t available everywhere just yet. In the markets where it currently exists however, it’s been receiving a variety of update.....»»

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Google Camera update brings new interface to Marshmallow devices

Nexus devices not only get first dibs on the most recent version of Android, but Google also gives owners app updates not available to other devices. One example of this is the Google Camera introduced with the Nexus 5X and... Nexus devices not only get .....»»

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MIT built a snake-like robot that can morph into a phone and a smartwatch

Over the past several years, the touchscreen interface has increasingly become one of the most common ways that we interact with our electronic devices. Our smartphones have touchscreens, our computers have touchscreens and even some of our remote control.....»»

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You’ll soon be able to accept phone calls on an Android Wear smartwatch

Android Wear’s companion app was upgraded to version 1.4 this weekend, making minor changes to the application’s user interface. Cloud sync has been moved to a new sub-screen called Privacy...Android Wear’s companion app was upgraded to .....»»

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Pebble Time Round available on Amazon, Best Buy and Target for $250

Pebble has announced the next version of its popular original Pebble Time smartwatches. This time round the company has announced a smartwatch sporting a circular dial with Pebble Time Round, while the company also confirms that shipments begin starting N.....»»

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Pebble ‘Timeline’ user interface is coming to the original Pebble in December

One of the most significant software improvements featured in the Pebble Time over its predecessor is the smartwatch’s intuitive user interface. According Eric Migicovsky, Pebble’s CEO, the wearable’s positively received Timeline...One .....»»

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New look Google Play Store begins hitting devices

An update for the Google Play Store has started to arrive on some handsets, complete with a new UI and improved content separation. Just last week, a new version of the Google Play Store was teased, promising a redesigned user interface and a number of tw.....»»

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Nintendo 3DS Update 10.2.0-28 is Live; Blocks Hacks, Adds Stability

Firmware updates to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii I keep coming in regularly, but the company is known for its almost obscure changelogs that accompany each one of the updates. Their handheld just received yet another patch version 10.2.0-28 a couple of h.....»»

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Study: People May Like Things More Just Because They"re New

Players prefer a popular game's new feature, even when that new feature doesn't actually exist.The new iPhone. A Blu-ray movie with deleted scenes. A simple firmware update. We're collectively obsessed with the new and improved, and according to researche.....»»

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Pebble launches Dictation API to boost apps with voice recognition

Smartwatch maker Pebble today announced a new Dictation API (application programming interface) that will give voice recognition capabilities to third-party apps for Pebble watches connected to iOS or Android devices. Rather than develop its own voice rec.....»»

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Odin Adds UX Enhancements, Security Options and WordPress Toolkit in Latest Plesk Release

The latest version of Plesk, the most widely used web server and website management tool, features an enhanced user interface, improved security, and add-ons, as well as new up-sell opportunities for cloud service providers. Read More... The latest versio.....»»

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Overcast 2.0 released today with significant updates

iOS’s famous audio podcast player, Overcast, was released today and it was significantly improved. Overcast 2.0 has included streaming as an update to its previous version. Users don’t have to download episodes to listen to them anymore, which becomes.....»»

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