Pebble announces its latest Pebble Time smartwatch with timeline feature, microphone

Pebble Time works with iPhone, Samsung, and other Android phones. The device has a smoother interface and the improved backlight is suitable even for sunny outdoors......»»

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Pebble update adds Android Wear notifications support, iOS bug fixes

The latest set of updates for the Pebble smartwatch include a number of major updates useful to Android users, with relatively few iOS improvements also included. The biggest changes in firmware 2.9 and the Android app relate to Android Wear, allowing the.....»»

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Who needs Android Wear? Pebble app update brings actionable Android notifications and more

The Pebble app for Android is receiving an update today in the Google Play Store (version 2.3) that, in conjunction with the latest Pebble smartwatch firmware update (version 2.9), gives the world's most popular smartwatch support the ability to interact .....»»

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Pebble Adds French, German And Spanish Language Options To Its Smartwatch App

 Pebble is finally taking its smartwatch beyond English after it announced new updates that will make its interface and app store available in French, German and Spanish. Read More.....»»

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Pebble for Android Just Got Way Better

Pebble recently announced updates for Android, iOS and new firmware for the Pebble smartwatch. Google fans have the most to be excited about though, thanks to the addition of full notification support. For anyone with an Android phone running Android 4......»»

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Pebble updates its smartwatch firmware with expanded character set and full notification support on Android

Pebble has graced its popular e-paper display-based smartwatch with a firmware update that brings full character support to display notifications in a range of languages, and has also updated its Android app to allow any app to beam notifications. The new.....»»

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Briefly: Pebble firmware update, Netflix out in two more countries

A firmware update for the Pebble smartwatch range adds iOS 8 support to the device, among other new additions. Version 2.5 of the firmware also activates its compass features using its magnetometer, allowing developers access to the component, as well as .....»»

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Google Updates Play Games With Improved Player Analytics

 Google Play Games, Google’s cloud-based platform for game developers, got a number of updates at the company’s annual I/O developer conference today that should make the life of game developers a little bit easier. Play Games, which laun.....»»

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NASA patched Curiosity rover"s autofocus problem over the air

Pardon me while I say something that might not be entirely popular: Software updates are pretty awesome. Maybe not so much for game consoles, but, I digress because the Curiosity rover recently received a patch that improved the autofocus of its "Che........»»

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Android Wear 5.1.1 update is rolling out now

Earlier today, certain Android Wear smartwatch owners began receiving updates for their wearable, bringing them up to Android Wear version 5.1.1. Most others still weren't seeing the update, but more voices were chiming in saying they, too, had gotten the.....»»

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Week in Gaming: Bewitched by The Witcher 3, less impressed by Metal Gear"s squeezable knockers

If Dragon Age: Inquisition was 2014's Game of the Year for me, then it looks almost certain that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be 2015's. I can't quite decide whether it's the vastly improved mechanics and interface, the gorgeous graphical upgrade or just.....»»

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Yahoo updates Flickr Android app with new features & UI improvements

Yahoo has released an updated version of the official Flickr app in Google Play, which brings a number of new features and user-interface improvements. The updated version uses the company’s new unified design approach, which allows you to enjoy consist.....»»

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"Snake Rewind" brings us back to the days of dumbphone gaming

Snake is about to have a second renaissance. The simple game of collecting pellets with an ever-moving, ever-growing line that can't double back over itself is set to return next week as Snake Rewind. It's a revamped version that marries the classic .....»»

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"Snake Rewind" modernizes the Nokia game for touchscreen devices

Snake -- that addictive, reflex-testing mobile game on old Nokia brick phones -- is attempting a comeback. A version for modern smartphones and tablets called Snake Rewind will be released on May 14th by game developer Rumilus Design and Taneli Arman........»»

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Nokia"s classic Snake game to return on smartphones on May 14

The modern-day version of the classic Snake game, dubbed Snake Rewind, will be released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone OS on May 14......»»

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Snake’s original creator is launching a sequel to the classic game on Android this month

Snake, the classic game you used to play on your Nokia feature phone, is getting a reboot that will make its way to Android this month. Taneli Armanto, the creator of the classic Snake game, is working on a brand new version of the game, set to come to .....»»

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Pebble Time enters mass production, new updates on the way too

Pebble has announced that mass production of its new Pebble Time watch has begun and detailed some new features also scheduled for the smartwatch. A couple of months ago, Pebble Time landed on Kickstarter, offering a number of improvements over its predec.....»»

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Apple cites Pebble support in isolated app rejection, developer says

With the Apple Watch debuting tomorrow with well over 1,000 WatchKit apps already on the App Store, Apple may now be rejecting app submissions and updates that mention support for the competing Pebble smartwatch. The developer of SeaNav US for iPhone sh.....»»

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Android Wear app update adds multiple watch support, cloud sync over Wi-Fi

Google is getting you ready for all those new Android Wear features by doing some remodeling to its smartwatch companion app.Version 1.1 of the Android Wear app cleans up the interface and loads in some new features, like letting you pair with several w.....»»

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New Android Wear updates Google"s smartwatch game

New Android Wear updates Google"s smartwatch game.....»»

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