Scientists pinpoint surprising origin of melanoma

A team of researchers has tracked down the cellular origin of cutaneous melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The team was surprised to observe that these very aggressive tumors arise from mature, pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. As.....»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyOct 12th, 2017

These scientists beat the bookies — until the online casino shut them down

A trio of mathematical researchers devised a mathematical system that let them consistently win money at sports gambling sites. They did it by using the bookies' own odds against them, but then the casino retaliated. The post These scientists beat th.....»»

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Health: New protein aggregation measurement tool

A team of scientists have described the synthetic genetic tool they built to quantitatively sense, measure and manipulate protein aggregation in live cells. This may open the door to greater understanding and treatment of a range of maladies from Alz.....»»

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Data Science Meets Sports Gambling: How Researchers Beat the Bookies

"A trio of data scientists developed a betting strategy to beat bookmakers at football games," writes austro. [The game Americans call soccer.] New Scientist reports: The team studied 10 years' worth of data on nearly half a million football matches.....»»

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Why Are We Still Using Passwords?

Here's some surprising news from the Akamia Edge conference. chicksdaddy writes: [E]xecutives at some of the U.S.'s leading corporations agreed that the much maligned password won't be abandoned any time soon, even as data breaches and follow-on atta.....»»

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Parasite Can Pass Warnings between Co-Joined Hosts

The plant parasite dodder grafts itself to multiple hosts, fusing the plants into a superorganism that can produce surprising effects -- Read more on»»

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What can a 24-megapixel selfie camera do for you? We reviewed the Vivo 7+ to find out

My wife recently decided to print out a hundred or so of the best photographs we've taken with our smartphones over the years. Looking at them, I've noticed something interesting: More than half of them were selfies. It's hardly surprising. Rear came.....»»

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The origin of trick-or-treating is one big ghostly Halloween tale

The best part of Halloween by far is the candy.  If you're young and hungry for those sweets, obviously the best way to get them is to go trick-or-treating  But, have you ever wondered who created this prestigious celebration (still not a f.....»»

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Cell biology: Cleaning up? Not without helpers

Scientists explain assembly and transport function of 'old' calcium pumps by 'new' partner proteins......»»

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The skinny on lipid immunology

Scientists reveal new insights into the basis for T cell receptor (TCR) autoreactivity to self-phospholipids, with implications for autoimmune diseases......»»

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Volcanoes that spew stretchy ice could make dwarf planets bright

Something strange is happening on dwarf planets Eris and Makemake. They’re tiny and cold, but they still show surprising signs of geologic activity, like real planets.....»»

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Jessica Lessin is optimistic about the news — and "The Information" is doubling down

It's not exactly the best moment for news, what with a president intent on attacking journalists and the public's abysmal trust in the media. So it's a little surprising to hear how optimistic Jessica Lessin is about the future.  But there are b.....»»

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Should we end aging forever?

Scientists are coming closer than ever to stopping aging. The latest video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell explores how we would change as individuals and a society if people could live as long as they wanted. In 2011, Drew Magary wrote a book.....»»

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Blue Origin’s Successful Engine Test Fire Puts SpaceX on Notice

Amazon successfully test-fired its RE-4 yesterday, in a major milestone for the cutting-edge engine. The post Blue Origin’s Successful Engine Test Fire Puts SpaceX on Notice appeared first on ExtremeTech......»»

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Volkswagen To Enter Mountain Race with Electric Car

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), a famous and challenging race in the Colorado mountains slated for June 24 2018, will have a surprising competitor courtesy of Volkswagen. Volkswagen announced that they are throwing an all-new electri.....»»

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Jupiter"s Stormy Winds Churn Deep into the Planet

Juno probe discovers surprising activity in the giant planet’s interior -- Read more on»»

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Cancer-linked proteins: Drugging the "undruggable"

Scientists have developed a new approach to targeting key cancer-linked proteins, thought to be 'undruggable'......»»

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"Y" a protein unicorn might matter in glaucoma

A protein shaped like a 'Y' makes scientists do a double-take and may change the way they think about a protein sometimes implicated in glaucoma. The Y is a centerpiece in myocilin, binding four other components nicknamed propellers together like bal.....»»

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Lost Dimension Headed To PC Via Steam On October 30

In a rather surprising new development, a Steam page for the Lancarse-developed 2014 PS3 and PS Vita tactical RPG Lost Dimension has surfaced with an October 30 release date. Read Lost Dimension Headed To PC Via Steam On October 30 on Siliconera!.....»»

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Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine completes first hot-fire test

Blue Origin was a bit of a mystery to the public for quite awhile. After all, unlike competitor SpaceX, the company haven't always been welcoming to the scrutiny that comes with inviting the media in. But that changed in early 2016, whe.....»»

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NASA study will help identify potentially habitable planets

NASA has already found tons of exoplanets around nearby stars, and will spot countless more once the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launches. The problem is that scientists aren't exactly sure which planet-star combinations are most.....»»

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