Stephen Hawking Will Travel To Space

Professor Stephen Hawking says he is planning to travel into space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. From a report: The physicist and cosmologist, 75, said he had not expected to have the opportunity to experience space but that the Virgin boss h.....»»

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The new ‘It’ trailer is a creepy, clown-filled nightmare

Hide your kids, because Pennywise the Dancing Clown is coming. With the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It coming to theaters this fall, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new trailer. The post The new ‘It’ trailer is a creepy, clown.....»»

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Stephen Colbert is producing an animated series about Trump and oh my god is this real life?

Since truth is the new fiction, this makes perfect sense: Stephen Colbert is producing a new animated comedy series centered around President Donald Trump and his family, and we're guessing POTUS will have some thoughts on it. The untitled half-hour.....»»

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Simple tips to keep your devices secure when you travel

CSO security reporters Fahmida Rashid and Steve Ragan share some easy ways to keep your data and devices secure while traveling, even at the Black Hat conference, where active scanning is the norm. (And check out the built-in Faraday cage in Fahmida'.....»»

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Stephen King"s "It" has a new trailer so hopefully you weren"t planning on sleeping tonight

If you're planning to sleep tonight, you might not want to click play on the trailer above. Because that right there is the trailer for the latest adaptation of Stephen King's It – and it's freakin' terrifying.  SEE ALSO: Every single.....»»

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Facebook"s new VR social space offers a glimpse of the true social potential of VR

We tried Facebook Spaces and it revealed to us a brand-new way to communicate. When Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus in 2014 and declared that virtual reality was going to be a social platform, we can't pretend we didn't take part in a c.....»»

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Stephen Colbert compares Trump"s military history with transgender soldiers who serve

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump surprised pretty much everyone when he announced via Twitter that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States military.  Later that night, late show hosts across networks ad.....»»

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Sony’s a7S II stuns with 4K footage from outside the International Space Station

 Sony’s lineup of full-frame mirrorless cameras are impressive, and have become a staple for videographers and photographers worldwide. But now, the a7S II has gone beyond just our world, capturing amazing 4K footage from outside the Inter.....»»

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Startup Campus Beckons Int"l Inventors

From Shenzhen to New York and Silicon Valley, incubators are popping up, providing affordable space for entrepreneurs to build and nurture startups. Among them, what makes Station F — recently opened in Paris as the world’s largest startup campus .....»»

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Wednesday Poll: Are You Going to Buy the Moto Z2 Force?

If you haven’t noticed already, it’s just me at the DL offices this week, with Kellen taking a well deserved vacation. With all of the travel and running around, I wasn’t able to ask this question yesterday or really share my initia.....»»

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Phoozy is an astronaut suit and ‘thermal capsule’ for your phone

Billed as a "thermal capsule" for your smartphone, the Phoozy has been developed with similar technology found in space suits to handle extreme temperatures, crushing falls, and even submersion in the ocean. The post Phoozy is an astronaut suit and &.....»»

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Stephen Colbert rewrites the Boy Scout oath for the Trump era

The Boy Scout Oath reminds scouts to "help other people at all times," but that doesn't really seem to fit the Trump era. Maybe "buy a sex yacht" instead? And after Trump's bizarre speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree, which fell somewhere between an.....»»

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Great Scott! This astronaut has probably endured more extremes than anyone

Review: New book is as much about adventures out of space as those in space. NASA Scott Parazynski has chased extremes all of his life. Not in a reckless way,.....»»

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These are some of the most mind-blowing space photos of 2017

Each year, photographers around the world take photos of distant cosmic objects and events.A dark sky is like a window into the galaxy, allowing us to see a view of the universe unavailable in the daytime or under the glow of artificial lights.An ann.....»»

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You can now pre-order the HTC U11 with a whopping 128GB of storage

Fans of the squeezable smartphone can now get twice the storage for $729. The HTC U11 was already a high-spec handset, but fans of the squeezable smartphone can now get a version with twice the storage space.Starting today, HTC is opening up pr.....»»

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Democrats slam EPA head, want to understand his climate inquiry

“Your effort seems to be divorced from reality and reason.” Enlarge / Texas' Eddie Bernice Johnson. (credit: Getty Images/Tom Williams) Lamar Smith, head of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, has a penchant for releasin.....»»

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NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half

An anonymous reader shares a Bloomberg Businessweek article: For almost a half-century there's been a clear speed limit on most commercial air travel: 660 miles per hour, the rate at which a typical-size plane traveling at 30,000 feet breaks the soun.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Making smart cities a smarter way

Almost everywhere I travel these days I hear someone talking about making their city a "smart city." I personally put the most faith in those initiatives that have determined what they want "smart" to accomplish whether it be zero net water consum.....»»

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Intel SSD 545s Series Solid State Drive

Much of the current excitement in the consumer storage space involves blazing-fast NVMe solid state drives, but there are still hundreds of millions (if not billions) of systems packing SATA hard drives that would benefit greatly from an SS.....»»

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Tough new 3D printing plastic lets astronauts print spacewalk tools on demand

Made In Space has unveiled a more durable 3D printer plastic to use on the International Space Station. This sturdier material could allow astronauts to eventually print parts and potentially even entire satellites in orbit. The post Tough new 3D pri.....»»

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Space shuttle junk gives shape to Lockheed Martin’s new habitat prototype

Lockheed Martin recently showed off a habitat concept it is developing for NASA The cislunar habitat is made of old space shuttle cargo containers and will soon be developed as a prototype. The post Space shuttle junk gives shape to Lockheed Martin&#.....»»

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