Steve Wozniak Says Apple Is Turning Into Microsoft

The Apple co-founder also talked Silicon Valley and Apple's future There would be no Apple without Steve Wozniak. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple over 40 years ago with the late Steve Jobs, remains a revered figure in Silicon Valley. Although he.....»»

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How to master your music metadata (Part 1)

Tired of seeing “unknown track” by “unnamed artist” on your favorite music player? We’ll show you how to automatically identify, tag, and properly rename all your mystery tracks and albums to whip your music library into shape......»»

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Surface sales sag and Windows Phones fade, as Microsoft"s hardware business takes a hit

Four little words from Microsoft CFO Amy Hood describe the tragic state of Microsoft's mobile experiment: "negligible revenue from phones."Phone sales for the current quarter were bad, falling $730 million from the same period a year ago, Microsof.....»»

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20+ iPhone tips you’ll use frequently

I write about Apple every day. I write opinions, news analysis, tips, features – all sorts of stuff. Today I thought you might enjoy this collection of 20 lesser-known iPhone tips, which I do hope are of use to you. Here we go:Fickle fingers Doe.....»»

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Apple’s self-driving test Lexus SUV photographed on Silicon Valley roads

 Apple’s using a Lexus RX450h SUV for its autonomous vehicle testing program, as revealed by documents filed with the California DMV in accordance with licensing requirements for self-driving tests in the state. Now, Bloomberg has images o.....»»

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Apple"s autonomous test vehicle photographed in Silicon Valley

Almost two weeks after Apple secured permission to test its autonomous-car technology in California, the first images of the vehicle have been captured on Silicon Valley roads......»»

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Why 2x2 Wave 2 access points make no sense

Everyone loves the latest and greatest technology. A new iPhone comes out, and people camp out at the stores to buy one. Microsoft releases a new version of Xbox, and they’re sold out for months.Sometimes, though, the newest thing doesn’t make.....»»

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SpaceX looks to break into national security launch market on Sunday

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Observatory's NROL-76 satellite. For unknown reasons, the NROL-76 Mission Patch depicts Lewis & Clark heading out to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. (credit: NRO) In 2014,.....»»

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Barking Mad Head Transplant Doctor Claims He"ll Revive Frozen Brains in Three Years

An Italian neuroscientist who says he’s planning to perform the world’s first head transplant later this year has told a German magazine that he intends to thaw a cryogenically preserved brain and transplant it in a donor body within three years......»»

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Apple’s Amazon Echo killer may be in its final design stage

Apple never gives much away, but in recent years leaks have grown more frequent. So make what you will of the news that the tech giant is apparently close to launching a device to rival Amazon's Echo/Alexa speaker. The post Apple’s Amazon Echo.....»»

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Live Out Your Astronaut Dreams With Lego"s Meter-Tall NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket

To this day, the Saturn V remains the largest and most powerful rocket NASA has ever blasted into space, which is perfectly reflected in Lego’s new Apollo Saturn V model. That model stands a full meter (over 39 inches) in height, with the Apollo lu.....»»

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Apple Music will redesign to support its growing streaming video library

Apple is hard at work establishing a compelling slate of video content for its Apple Music service, and will apparently overhaul its accompanying app when iOS 11 is released later this year. The post Apple Music will get a redesign to support its gro.....»»

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Qualcomm Expects Hit In Earnings From Issues With Apple

San Diego-based Qualcomm says that Apple is continuing to "improperly interfere" with its business, saying that Apple has been withholding payments to its contract manufacturers for royalties those manufacturers owe to Qualcomm, and has indicated tha.....»»

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Peri Duo review: Bulky iPhone battery case with speakers doesn’t quite go to 11

Peri Duo ($189.99 MSRP; $150 on Amazon) combines a protective case for iPhone 6/6s with a pair of stereo speaker grilles molded into the back for pumping up the jams without carrying around a separate Bluetooth speaker.It’s a novel idea, but as.....»»

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Trump Weirdly Empathizes With Kim Jong-un, Who Also Inherited His Dictatorship at 27-Years-Old

Reuters has a new interview with Donald Trump that has its fair share of terrifying moments. Like when Trump says that he misses his old life and thought that being president “would be easier.” Or when Trump says that a “major, major” conflic.....»»

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Why peer-to-peer Apple Pay is a great idea

Even in 2017, paying for things is still mostly terrible—even more so now that a multitude of options seem to confront us every time we step up to a register: Do I swipe? Insert my card? Enter a PIN? Sign my name?When Apple Pay launched in 2014,.....»»

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Qualcomm, Microsoft to bring ARM notebook back

ARM has recently revealed that a Snapdragon 835-based Windows 10 notebook will be launched in the market by the end of 2017 and some market watchers believe ARM and Microsoft’s partnership is expected to focus on conquering the weakness in soft.....»»

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Apple’s Siri-based Amazon Echo killer said to be in final design stage

Apple never gives much away, but in recent years leaks have grown more frequent. So make what you will of the news that the tech giant is apparently close to launching a device to rival Amazon's Echo/Alexa speaker. The post Apple’s Siri-based A.....»»

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AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform: What we learned from tech earnings

Here's a look at some of the key cloud takeaways from the earnings reports of Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet......»»

Category: blogSource:  betweenthelinesRelated News5 hr. 3 min. ago reportedly partners with Apple Music for its music snippets

 According to a new report from Recode, is about to release a new update to its mobile app with a major change. The company is switching from 7digital to Apple music for its music catalog.’s video social network app h.....»»

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Apple Patent Hints At Wirelessly Charging Your iPhone Via Wi-Fi Routers

According to AppleInsider, "Apple is experimenting with medium- to long-distance wireless charging technologies that could one day allow users to charge up their iPhones with nothing more than a Wi-Fi router." From the report: Detailed in Apple's pat.....»»

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