The Haunting Face of a Man Who Lived 700 Years Ago

This may look like a photograph, but the highly realistic face staring back at you belongs to a man who died over 700 years ago. The researchers who performed this unbelievable facial reconstruction say their work is providing new details about the w.....»»

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Intel Optane Memory Arrives With Crazy Low Queue Depth Performance

Intel Optane technology is something that we’ve been talking about and waiting on for years to reach the client market and it appears that we are finally just weeks away from that important milestone! Intel Optane technology is a unique co.....»»

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Optane Memory is mostly unchanged

We are just about to hit two years since Intel and Micron jointly launched 3D XPoint, and there have certainly been a lot of stories about it since. Intel officially launched the P4800X last week, and this week they are officially launching.....»»

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Millimeter telescope array spots early galaxies in “super halos” of gas

This could be what all galaxies used to look like. Enlarge / Artist's impression of a progenitor of galaxies like the Milky Way, seen when the Universe was only 1.5 billion years old. New observations reveal that these galaxies are surrounded b.....»»

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10 movie adaptations that totally didn"t suck

Ah, books, the original movies.  From fairytales and folklore to YA and graphic novels, written (and drawn) stories have inspired Hollywood for years. The upcoming Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, made some serious miscalcula.....»»

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How to decapitate annoying "Chat Heads" in Facebook Messenger

You never have to be interrupted by your friend's floating head again. Chat Heads were introduced several years ago on Facebook Messenger for Android. The feature uses profile pictures of the people you're talking to on Messenger as shortcuts for the.....»»

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Andy Rubin Just Teased His Company’s First Phone

Two days before Samsung will take the stage to show off the Galaxy S8, Android co-founder Andy Rubin just teased his new company’s first smartphone. First reported on in December 2015 and then again only a few months ago, Rubin is said to have.....»»

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Four years later, Xbox exec admits how Microsoft screwed up disc resale plan

Compare and contrast with Mehdi's marketing push for the plan back in 2013. (credit: Orin Zebest / Flickr) We're now approaching the four-year anniversary of Microsoft's rollout (and subsequent reversal) of a controversial plan to let game pub.....»»

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An AI taught me how to be a better tweeter

My name is Daniel Cooper, and I tweet... a lot. Twitter is an extension of my subconscious, a pressure valve that lets half-baked thoughts escape my mind. In the last seven years, I've tweeted 73,811 times, and yet none of those 140-ch.....»»

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Microsoft faces $5 million class action over Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft is staring down another Windows 10 upgrade lawsuit and possibly $5 million in damages through a class action suit filed in Illinois that claims the upgrade caused damage to people’s computers and wiped their files. The post Microsoft face.....»»

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Bell dedicates $854 million to bring broadband fibre internet to Montreal

Bell parent company BCE recently announced its investment of $854 million to bring broadband Fibre internet to Montreal businesses and communities. Upon bringing fibre internet to Montreal, Bell has committed to create approximately 2,700 jobs and $2.....»»

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Electrified sand could explain Titan’s odd backward-facing dunes

Saturn’s largest moon is similar to Earth in many ways – but its dunes face the wrong direction. It could be because static electricity has greater clout there.....»»

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New Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage Teases a Major Change to the Spidey Suit

When Civil War chose to lay the groundwork for Spider-Man’s costume at the feet of Tony Stark rather than Peter Parker, we all knew it meant there was going to be some techy-upgrades to the classic Spidey Spandex. But new footage from Homecoming gi.....»»

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Apple"s AR glasses could arrive in 2018

The Cupertino firm is now prioritizing AR glasses development over its self-driving car project according to the latest reports. Step aside Snapchat Specs and get out the way Google Glass, Apple could be just a year away from its own face-worn.....»»

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Groundbreaking Sun Observation Could Help Us Prepare for Massive Solar Storms

Space weather forecasting—predicting the kind of energetic particles the Sun will throw at us—is years behind weather forecsting here on Earth. As solar physicist Scott McIntosh put it, “Our current model of space weather forecasting is, ‘oh.....»»

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Groundbreaking Sun Observation Could Revolutionize Space Weather Prediction

Space weather forecasting—predicting the kind of energetic particles the Sun will throw at us—is years behind weather forecsting here on Earth. As solar physicist Scott McIntosh put it, “Our current model of space weather forecasting is, ‘oh.....»»

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In Spider-Man: Homecoming, even Peter Parker is into drones

Hollywood is catching up to your 2015 Christmas stocking filler, with this latest teaser for Marvel's next superhero flick. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's...a little bit like both? Marvel has just revealed its latest trailer tease for t.....»»

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The new "Spider-Man: Homecoming" trailer gets its own trailer

There's highly anticipated, and then there's "so highly anticipated that even your trailers have trailers." Spider-Man: Homecoming, apparently, falls into the latter category. Sony has just released a six-second tease for the next Spidey promo, w.....»»

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Ignore this guy"s dumbbell trick and check out the NBA star grandpa behind him

Sometimes fame discovers us when we least expect it. Just like love, if you search too hard for it, it'll never find you. One bearded, tattooed man learned this lesson the hard way when he tried to show off a dumbbell trick in a basketball gym (for s.....»»

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Uber resumes self-driving car tests following crash

Uber's freeze on self-driving car tests following the Arizona crash was very short-lived. The ridesharing firm tells Engadget that it's "resuming our development operations" in San Francisco as of this morning -- you should see tes.....»»

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The Venom Movie Might Be a Horror Film

With the Deadpool and Logan success stories, could we see an R-rated symbiote spin-off? The Venom movie is reportedly due to begin shooting this fall, and the Spider-man spin-off has been billed as an "Action / Horror / Sci-Fi" film. According.....»»

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