The US May Have Banned Electronics on Middle Eastern Flights But Really We Have No Goddamn Clue

If you’re planning on flying to the US on a Middle Eastern airline, bad news: electronic devices may be banned in carry-on luggage, depending on the airline. And the US government is taking its time confirming what their policy actually is. Read mo.....»»

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Midwest RepRap Festival @ LanOC Reviews

Well, this weekend I took a break from playing Ghost Recon Wildlands and made the trip over to Indiana to check out Midwest RepRap Festival. While the name most likely isn’t obvious to most people, but RepRap is the community around 3d pri.....»»

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You Can Download Night Shift For MacOS For Free Right Now

You no longer have to worry about your laptop’s bright screen disrupting your sleep schedule. Apple just released Night Shift—a feature that reduces blue light from the display in the evening—on the newest version of macOS Sierra (10.12.4). The.....»»

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Developers can now buy an HTC Vive tracker for $100

If you have a neat idea for a virtual reality controller, the cheapest way to prototype it is probably it around an HTC Vive tracking puck, which you can now buy directly from HTC for $100. The post Developers can now buy an HTC Vive tracker for $100.....»»

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Children prenatally exposed to alcohol more likely to have academic difficulties

Despite greater awareness of the dangers of prenatal exposure to alcohol, the rates of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders remain alarmingly high. This study evaluated academic achievement among children known to be prenatally exposed to maternal heavy.....»»

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Transgenic plants against malaria

Scientists have discovered a gene that allows to double the production of artemisinin in the Artemisia annua plant. The artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is the standard treatment for malaria worldwide. The new article presents an important.....»»

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Drug development: Subtle steric differences reveal a model for Ni cross-coupling success

Researchers have developed a predictive model may enable challenging metal-catalyzed cross couplings reactions that are indispensable to drug development......»»

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Researchers make a spinach leaf pump like a human heart

 Just when you thought it was safe to eat a salad researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have shown that a decellularized spinach leaf can be turned into a vascular network that could help doctors regrow organs. The project, featured in.....»»

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Android creator Andy Rubin teases first look at Essential’s bezel-less smartphone

 We finally have a peek at the smartphone that Android co-founder Andy Rubin and his team have been building. Today, Rubin tweeted out a teaser photo of the yet-to-be-named device emerging from his stealth startup. I'm really excited about.....»»

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Skype for Business admins get tool to diagnose call problems

IT administrators who manage a fleet of Skype for Business users will have an easier time of diagnosing and fixing problems that may arise for them. Microsoft unveiled the beta of a new Call Analytics Dashboard on Monday, which is supposed to prov.....»»

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Micron to ship Intel Optane competitor later this year

Intel's spanking new high-capacity Optane SSD is cool, but drives from other storage vendors based on the 3D Xpoint technology could be coming later this year.Micron will start shipping its 3D Xpoint memory technology -- branded QuantX --  later.....»»

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Nissan"s updated 2017 GT-R Track Edition prepares to roar into New York

The 2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition gets the same updates as the GT-R Premium and NISMO models, but once again slots between them in terms of performance and price. Is that too narrow a niche? The post Nissan's updated 2017 GT-R Track Edition pre.....»»

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Fake it till you make it in the fake-news racket with this new online game

Making money with online news isn't easy, but Fake It Till You Make It shows how it can be done without the need for writing skill or a desire to inform. All you need are plagiarism, bought social media accounts, and outrage. The post Fake it till yo.....»»

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Apple"s 2016 supplier sustainability report shows labor, environmental improvements

Apple takes environmental sustainability seriously, but producing electronic devices that don’t cause harm to the earth or the people who make those devices requires the efforts of Apple’s suppliers, too. That’s why the company enforces stan.....»»

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Electronics ban on some flights reportedly stems from iPad-as-a-bomb plot

Explosives hidden in a fake iPad "appeared to be as good as the real thing." (credit: Travis Olbrich) The US-UK ban on electronic devices larger than a mobile phone for some flights from Africa and the Middle East stems, in part, from the dis.....»»

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Optane Memory is mostly unchanged

We are just about to hit two years since Intel and Micron jointly launched 3D XPoint, and there have certainly been a lot of stories about it since. Intel officially launched the P4800X last week, and this week they are officially launching.....»»

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This augmented reality app will help you to furnish your home

Will that new couch fit in my living room? How about that table, is it too big for the space? In the old days you would have to break out a tape measure to see if furniture fits or just imagine it’s coloring in the room. But thanks to advanceme.....»»

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iOS 10.3 is ready to install with Find My AirPods, the new Apple File System, and more

Developers and beta testers have already had a field day with iOS 10.3, and today it’s your turn to try the new software update. After seven beta releases, iOS 10.3 is finally here. This dot-release brings with it the ability to track your AirP.....»»

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Apple releases macOS Sierra 10.12.4: What’s new in the update

The new revision of macOS Sierra has just been released by Apple. macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is now available for Mac users, but before you install it, here’s the lowdown on the new features. It’s not a major update, so there’s no need to rush to.....»»

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Self-driving Uber rolls in traffic crash, grounding the program

A human driver failed to yield, but Uber's hitting the brakes for now. Enlarge / Uber is hitting the big red "Stop" button after a crash in Tempe, Ariz., left one of its self-driving Volvos beached on its side. (credit: ANGELO MERENDINO/AFP/Gett.....»»

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A new green eco-friendly home in Malaysia

Times have changed. There's something important we should know and that's the need to make the world a better place The post A new green eco-friendly home in Malaysia appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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