Tour de France: The Jersey Man

Tour de France: The Jersey Man.....»»

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France"s La Compagnie orders two A321neo for TATL ops

La Compagnie (B0, Paris CDG) has announced it has selected the A321neo for its fleet renewal plan. The French premium-service carrier said in a statement on Thursday, September 21, the two aircraft are leased from GECAS and will deliver in April an.....»»

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France Vehicle Sales, August 2017

France vehicle sales by vehicle type and company for August 2017. read more.....»»

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Transavia France partners with two travel start-ups

Transavia France (TO, Paris Orly) has partnered with two travel start-ups which will join the French carrier's portfolio of twelve start-up partners, reports L'Aérien. The two companies are TravelCar, which provides airport parking solutions throu.....»»

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Ineos Styrolution, Roctool jointly develop time-saving manufacturing process for thermoplastic composites

A time-saving manufacturing process for a new generation of thermoplastic composites has been jointly developed by materials supplier Ineos Styrolution (Frankfurt, Germany) and Roctool (Le Bourget du Lac, France), a supplier of mold heating and cooli.....»»

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The man leading a huge security firm gives advice. He's also a Detroiter

ADT Security chief offers insights into the security business and advice on being a good executive         ADT Security chief offers insights into the security business and advice on being a good executive.....»»

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The PocketBeagle is the tiniest and most whimsically-named single-board computer on the market

 Do you need a Linux machine about as big as a few quarters? Man, have I got something for you. It’s called the BeagleBoard PocketBeagle and it’s the smallest Linux computer you can buy for $25. I’m a huge fan of single-board c.....»»

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The Man Who Makes Lightning on Demand

Electrical engineer Greg Leyh is no stranger to high voltage. He invites it, measures it, and controls it. Read more on MAKE The post The Man Who Makes Lightning on Demand appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Jimmy Kimmel isn"t done being Senator Bill Cassidy"s biggest pest

When you're only trying to save health care for 30 million people, you've got to be a little persistent. The man you'd least expect to be on the front foot for saving health care in America, Jimmy Kimmel, is far from resting in his battle to ensu.....»»

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Run the Jewels" video game tour continues in "FIFA 18"

Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. Or, at least, their icon.....»»

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Elton John posts heartfelt Instagram in support of same-sex marriage in Australia

Australia's marriage equality debate has sparked the attention of celebrities and major companies worldwide, including Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Cook and now, Sir Elton John. Sir Elton is currently in Australia for his "Once in a Lifetime" tour, hitting s.....»»

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Court rules Stingray use without a warrant violates Fourth Amendment

Today, the Washington DC Court of Appeals overturned a Superior Court conviction of a man who was located by police using a cell-site simulator, or Stingray, CBS News reports. The court ruled that the defendant's Fourth Amendment rights.....»»

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Oklahoma cops yell orders at deaf man, then kill him

Oklahoma City police shot dead a deaf man who refused to obey shouted orders to put down a metal pipe. The tuesday night killing of Magdiel Sanchez, NPR reports, happened despite the officers being told he was deaf. Officers were responding to a.....»»

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Jimmy Kimmel"s baby may save healthcare for 30 million people

Welcome to 2017, where the American government has ceded its already crumbling moral authority to the former host of The Man Show. Don't you miss the 2016 election now? Still, the last few days have produced some of the best material late night telev.....»»

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There cannot be two kinds of medicine: EU scientists shred homeopathy, alt med

“There is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not...” Enlarge / Tubes of homeopathic granules at Boiron Laboratory in Brest, France. (credit: Getty | FRED TANNEAU) An organization representing scientific aca.....»»

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The Evil Within 2 gameplay video asks you how will you survive?

This The Evil Within 2 gameplay video gives us a tour of Sebastian's damaged mind......»»

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Niki dismisses bankruptcy report

Niki (HG, Vienna) has dismissed a bankruptcy claim brought against it by a tour operator, saying that the bill in question has been paid. "We have reviewed the relevant post, and the claim has been settled. We thus assume that the proceedings ca.....»»

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WhatsApp and YouTube terror video man jailed

The 21-year-old radical Islamist filmed himself calling British soldiers "baby butchers of the Muslims"......»»

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Car collector or hoarder? Michigan man's 160 vehicles must go

Vehicles are Ron Dauzet's life, but Northfield Township is cracking down on his collection.         Vehicles are Ron Dauzet's life, but Northfield Township is cracking down on his collection. .....»»

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Google Signs Agreement to Tackle YouTube Piracy

Google has signed a deal with the audio-visual industry in France to more effectively target piracy on YouTube. The agreement, reached with anti-piracy outfit ALPA with government oversight, will see rightsholders gaining direct access to takedown me.....»»

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Man asks Twitter for birthday drinks, gets way more than he bargained for

If you ask the internet for help, sometimes — just sometimes — it will deliver in a big way. It just might not be quite the way you were expecting. SEE ALSO: This may be the greatest interaction with a delivery man of all time On Wednesda.....»»

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