Who Knew Chat Widgets Were So Complicated?

Messaging comes in different shapes and sizes. We all know this in an abstract way, but a recent experience showed me just how much it is the case. In Search of a Chat App I run a tight ship — and a small one at that. Continue reading........»»

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A Look at Spidey"s New Costume for Infinity War

Please be advised there are some SPOILERS within for both Homecoming and Infinity War. Please be advised there are some SPOILERS ahead for both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War. Fans who were able to attend Marvel'.....»»

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Postmodern Jukebox does a jazzy cover of Avril Lavigne"s "Complicated"

The cure to teenage angst: good, old-timey jazz in the form of a pop-punk cover. Postmodern Jukebox covered Avril Lavigne's 2002 song "Complicated," and the strong vocals of the lead singer, Annie Bosko, will make you feel more empowered than ang.....»»

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Microsoft releases KB 3213643, 2956078, 4011078, 4011052 to fix June Outlook security bugs

A week ago, I lamented the lack of a fix for the bad June Office security patches. On June 13, those of you with Automatic Update turned on were treated to seven different, documented bugs that persisted until today.I expected to see these patches.....»»

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"Homegoing" is a powerful dive into history and the impact of slavery, told through one family"s story

Toward the end of her debut novel, Homegoing, author Yaa Gyasi drops an indictment of how we document the past: "This is the problem of history. We cannot know that which we were not there to see and hear and experience for ourselves. We must rely up.....»»

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These period-friendly boxers help trans men look good and feel good

Pads and pantyliners were designed to fit perfectly in feminine underwear. After all, women are the only people to get periods, right? Wrong. Transgender men and masculine-presenting people menstruate, too. But traditional boxers aren't designed to s.....»»

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Why Your Call Center is Only Getting Noisier

From a report by research firm McKinsey & Company: Organizations have been investing in all manner of customer-facing technology solutions to replace live calls. Of all operational call-center technologies, digital solutions were ranked as one of the.....»»

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Feds seize $125,000 worth of pot in rail cars carrying imported Fords

For the second time this month, Ford vehicles imported to the U.S. from Mexico were found being shipped with marijuana......»»

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YouTube Red and Google Play Music may merge into one service

In efforts to make things less confusing for potential subscribers. (credit: Flickr: Rego Korosi ) Google is notorious for having many services that do similar things, like its array of chat apps. Google's music services have been fragmented.....»»

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10 better uses of your time than subtweeting a female writer on the internet

We get it, dudes: You really didn't like that thing we wrote, and maybe if you tweet at us, we really will see it your way. Despite our expertise and education, that random fact you knew was something we must have overlooked and it demanded to be com.....»»

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Microsoft slips four more features into the Fall Creators Update with Build 16251

Microsoft isn’t quite finished developing Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update after all: Four new features were added as part of Windows 10 Insider Build 16251, including new Cortana capabilities and more communication between Windows and your.....»»

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Yes, there are minions drifting down a river

Nothing to see here, just a couple of minions drifting down a river. A stream of minions were seen floating along a river in inflatable rafts in China's Hunan province. SEE ALSO: McDonald's unveils Minions-themed menu, and nope, nope, nope, nope, nop.....»»

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Inside Facebook"s virtual reality chat room

Facebook hopes the feature will be the "most immersive" way for Oculus Rift owners to chat online......»»

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Article: People Will Watch a Full Video Ad … If They Get Rewarded

Some people aren’t the biggest fans of ads. But a study of 15- and 30-second video ads found that most people were more likely to complete an ad if they received a reward for doing so......»»

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Clever rabbits ride sheep to escape flood

When these wild rabbits were facing floodwaters, they had to think outside the box. So they hopped onto a flock of sheep, as per a video shot by 64-year-old farmer Ferg Horne on his property near Dunedin, New Zealand, on Saturday. SEE ALSO: This gian.....»»

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UAW hires outside counsel to lead internal investigation

UAW President Dennis Williams said independent, outside counsel would lead an internal investigation into allegations that union officials were illegally funneled $1.2 million by FCA's former labor chief......»»

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Holiefield, future wife received $1.2 million from worker training funds, indictment says

While the UAW's General Holiefield negotiated with FCA at the bargaining table, he and his future wife were living luxuriously with money that was supposed to help train workers, prosecutors charged......»»

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Union VP allegedly paid for flights, house with worker-training money

While the UAW's General Holiefield negotiated with FCA at the bargaining table, he and his future wife were living luxuriously with money that was supposed to help train workers, prosecutors charged......»»

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"Mighty No. 9" Kickstarter backers finally get their reward and it"s... about as laughably bad as the game

Roughly a year after Might No. 9's release and four years after it was funded on Kickstarter, some Kickstarter backers are finally receiving their backer rewards in...some kind of form, anyway. The game box backers were promised for supporting the ga.....»»

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SNES Classic pre-orders from Walmart were all cancelled

The Walmart giveth, the Walmart taketh away. Excited SNES Classic pre-order buyers got some bad news on Wednesday in the form of an email from Walmart. Apparently, a recent blink-and-miss-it pre-order opportunity for Nintendo's upcoming mini-console.....»»

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Google is killing a feature that helped you search faster

Google is making more big changes to search. Over the last couple weeks, the company has been phasing out its "Instant" search results, or the  results that were displayed as you typed. SEE ALSO: With its new feed, Google is preparing for the en.....»»

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