Why Hardware Emulation"s OS is Like a Computer System

Mentor's Charley Selvidge has been thinking that the operating system of a hardware emulator is a natural evolution of the way software systems are built for emulators......»»

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Melania Trump gave a good speech on bullying. The only problem? Her husband is a bully.

When Melania Trump speaks out against bullying, people listen. As first lady, she wields considerable influence and naturally commands an audience. But there's another reason why her public statements about harassment go viral. His name is Donald Tru.....»»

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Computer Science Degrees Aren"t Returning On Investment For Coders, Research Finds

According to a new survey, coders with a bachelor's degree in computer science only earn 3,000 British Pounds (BP) more a year than those who don't have one. The survey of 4,700 developers in the UK was conducted by Stack Overflow, a community site f.....»»

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Why women are coming forward about harassment and discrimination

 It’s been the talk of the summer in Silicon Valley. CEOs at Uber and SoFi lost their jobs after whistleblowers came forward, alleging sexism and harassment. Powerful venture capitalists, including Dave McClure from 500 Startups lost their.....»»

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The Control Center in iOS 11 doesn"t completely turn off WiFi or Bluetooth

Apple's iOS 11, the newest version of its mobile operating system, is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Here's everything you need to know, including how to install it and what to expect. The post The Control Center in iOS 11 doesn't comple.....»»

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This is what transforms Google into a true Apple competitor

With Android, Google has already won the mobile war... at least, when it comes to software. Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system and is installed on 64.76 percent of phones and tablets worldwide, twice the size of iOS, accordin.....»»

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Clear tactics, but few easy solutions, for hospitals combating ransomware

Hospitals facing the prospect of ransomware attacks like the one that afflicted British hospitals in May can take many concrete steps to better protect themselves, but some of the most important measures -- such as a national policy not to pay ransom.....»»

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Nest unveils video doorbell, alarm system and outdoor security camera

Look out Ring, there’s a new competitor in town. Home automation specialist Nest at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday unveiled a handful of new products including its first-ever video doorbell......»»

Category: topSource:  techspotRelated News1 hr. 29 min. ago announces a token system to get people to join its paid messaging network

 Today at Disrupt, CEO and co-founder Balaji Srinivasan outlined his company’s unusual evolution and announced the launch of a new system for kickstarting the site’s user base by incentivizing people with tokens for doing thing.....»»

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Here’s why professional sports teams are buying esports teams

 Today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 we sat down with three experts from the esports world to explain why you should start paying attention to the industry. To kick it off, Heather Garozzo, a former competitive Counter Strike player and current.....»»

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Knightscope’s new security bot looks like a mini concept car

Robot maker Knightscope has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Its K5 security robot took a look at the harsh world and chose to throw itself into a fountain. And a different K5 robot was attacked and knocked over by a drunk.....»»

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Medical delivery drones are coming to Switzerland

Next month, Switzerland's hospitals will be equipped with a potentially revolutionary autonomous drone delivery network.  Healthcare providers and a Menlo Park, California company called Matternet have teamed up to implement the system across th.....»»

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Delphi partners with BlackBerry on self-driving system

Delphi Automotive will use the BlackBerry QNX operating system for its self-driving system known as Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning.         Delphi Automotive will use the BlackBerry QNX operatin.....»»

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Marine Commandant Maps Out Future Maritime Fight

The commandant of the Marine Corps said Wednesday he sees the future fight looking like the WWII campaign to secure Guadalcanal......»»

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Saudi Arabia lifts ban on messaging apps like Skype and Snapchat

Saudi Arabia will lift a ban on internet calls at 8PM ET today that had stood since 2013. Services that follow rules set by the country's Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) will be allowed to operate, according.....»»

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Here"s Everything Leaving Netflix in October

30 Rock, The Wonder Years, Louie, Friday Night Lights, Titanic, and more - here are the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in October. Check out Netflix's Last Call for October, as movies like Titanic, Hellboy, Love Actually, and Million Dolla.....»»

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The latest surveillance robot is designed to patrol rough terrain (and fight crime)

  Knightscope, the robot security company famous for the R2-D2-like machine that recently drowned itself in a mall’s pool, has just unveiled an off-roading robot.  The Silicon Valley company calls this model the K7. With its four whee.....»»

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Best PC power supply 2017: top PSUs for your PC

Looking for the best power supplies? We've picked out the best ones. A power supply is one of the most crucial computer components, but perhaps least scrutinized when putting together a computer. So much of your build can be made or broken by a.....»»

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Why the Apple Watch’s LTE problems aren’t really problems

The early reviews of the new, LTE-flavored Apple Watch are in, and they've found a problem. The LTE connection experiences a particular problem when out and about: if the Watch joins open Wi-Fi networks without internet, it won't automatically failov.....»»

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New leadership for MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Computer vision and machine learning expert Antonio Torralba to lead new artificial intelligence research lab. Antonio Torralba has been named MIT director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab effective immediately, announced Anantha Chandrakasan, dean.....»»

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Google"s HTC deal: Can Google learn from its Motorola miscues?

Google wants more hardware manufacturing heft, but it's unclear whether HTC will be the magic potion the search giant is looking for......»»

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