Windows 10 upgrade creates nothing but chaos for ‘unsupported’ 2-in-1s

The Creators Update has caused nothing but trouble for those with convertibles running older Intel Atom CPUs. Some unfortunate folks who bought one of the initial 2-in-1 notebooks to hit the market and subsequently upgraded Windows 8 to Windows.....»»

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Steve the robot cop is ‘on life support’ after impromptu dip, but may work again

Steve the robot cop recently demonstrated that building such contraptions isn't always easy. Currently drying off after falling into a fountain, its maker is now trying to work out what exactly went wrong. The post Steve the robot cop is ‘on li.....»»

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The best free HD YouTube downloader 2017

Download video from YouTube – including 360-degree footage – at the best possible quality. HD YouTube videos are on tap whenever you have an internet connection available, but there are plenty of occasions – such as when travelling &.....»»

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Ford’s 2018 F-150 Police Responder keeps going after the pavement ends

The 2018 Ford F-150 Police Responder is the first "pursuit rated" police pickup truck, according to Ford. It's based on the updated 2018 F-150, but features some key changes for police work. The post Ford’s 2018 F-150 Police Responder keeps goi.....»»

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Girls Trip Review

There are some laughs to be had, but the balance of serious elements and humor never feels right......»»

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Sears was the Amazon of its heyday. Now it"s a zombie.

A giant company crushes an outmoded and overpriced retail industry by pioneering a new mode of shopping in which people never have to leave their homes.  Yes, that narrative applies to Amazon, but it is a trail blazed by a far older company̵.....»»

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Woman has farting nightmare in first yoga class, heads straight to McDonald"s

The human body is a wonderful thing. But, sometimes it emits sounds at the most inopportune moments. Like, during this woman's first yoga class.  Laura Mazza, the blogger behind Mum on the Run shared a tale that, to many of us, may sound familia.....»»

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World of Warcraft and StarCraft II soon won’t work with Windows XP or Vista

Diablo III, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm are on the chopping block come October, too. Earlier this year, Blizzard said it was going to cease supporting Windows XP and Vista across its library of contemporary games, and the com.....»»

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Spectacular visuals, cheerfully silly tone rescue Valerian film

Bad ending, bad acting, but Besson nails that Fifth Element feeling, anyway. Enlarge / Valerian and Laureline, seen here looking like they're trying their best to imagine a romantic plotline that makes more sense than what they were given. (cred.....»»

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Microsoft’s most baffling release yet, Surface Laptop is just a laptop

Review: The Surface Laptop is far and away Microsoft's least ambitious hardware. (video link) After several years of building systems that compete with, but aren't quite, laptops, Microsoft has built a plain old laptop: the Surface Laptop.....»»

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FDA not amused by coffee laced with Viagra-like drugs, issues recall

Chuckles aside, it could cause serious health problems in some. (credit: N i c o l a) A cup of this brew will certainly get you up in the morning. But the Food and Drug Administration is not having it. The agency announced a second voluntary r.....»»

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Watch how this clever vlogger shoots drone footage without a drone

Drones offer vloggers and filmmakers a relatively cheap way of capturing potentially awesome footage, but what can you do when you find yourself in a place where the flying machines are banned? The post Watch how this clever vlogger shoots drone foot.....»»

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‘Splatoon 2’ Beginner’s Guide: How to succeed as a kid and a squid

'Splatoon 2' is an easy game to pick up and play, but unless you master its more complex features, you'll struggle to win online matches. Here are the tips you need to dominate as both a squid and a kid. The post ‘Splatoon 2’ BeginnerR.....»»

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Review: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse

"If you look at Razer’s gaming mouse lineup today, they have a little bit of something for everyone, but one area that’s been lacking is a premium ambidextrous gaming mouse offering. While Razer does offer the back to basics Abyssus gamin.....»»

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Equity podcast: Roku’s IPO, Netflix’s momentum and Shyp’s layoffs

  Roku is doing an IPO this year, Netflix shares soared after an earnings beat and Shyp is throwing in the towel everywhere but San Francisco. Cord-cutting was the theme of the latest episode of TechCrunch’s “Equity,” a podcast.....»»

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Stargate returns with Stargate Origins series, an MGM streaming exclusive

 Stargate is the epic, storied TV and movie sci-fi franchise that gets the least amount of credit, overshadowed by the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars. But fans of the series know the truth: Stargate is a deep well of space adventure fiction th.....»»

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Where are the fixes to the botched Outlook security patches?

On June 13—five and a half weeks ago—Microsoft released a series of buggy patches for Outlook. We know they’re buggy because Microsoft acknowledged seven bugs (including one primarily caused by bugs in Windows patches) in those four original.....»»

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Super Cloudbuilt Review

Platform-'em-up Super Cloudbuilt has its head in the clouds but doesn't manage to deliver the goods......»»

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Google Doodle Celebrates Canadian Philosopher Who Predicted the Internet

Today’s Doodle celebrates what would have been the 106th birthday of Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher who predicted the Internet. McLuhan never lived to see the Web, but he was eerily prescient about it in his writings in the 1960s. In.....»»

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IGN UK Podcast #393: Atomic Blondes, Mad Men & Squid Kids

Charlize Theron! Don Draper! The French! This week's got it all. Alysia's seen Atomic Blonde, but had a run-in with Charlize Theron that's even more exciting. Joe's been playing Splatoon 2, and definitely not been using Nintendo's new voice cha.....»»

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How I finally broke my Facebook addiction

A few weeks ago, I did the unthinkable: I deleted the Facebook app from my phone.  It started off as more of an experiment. I was curious if not having the app would help extend the dismal battery life of my iPhone 6S. But I was also starting to.....»»

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