All Content Is Not Created Equal

Enterprise content management is going through some changes — on that (under)statement we can all agree. My last few posts on where I think ECM is headed has resulted in some substantial conversations — I’ll spare you the gory de.....»»

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Google Chrome Gives HTTP Websites a Security Deadline

Google issued a warning to website publishers that any HTTP sites using forms, login fields and other input sections will be flagged as "not secure" by the Chrome browser starting this October. The move is the natural next step in a series of acti.....»»

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Robotic Process Automation"s Reach Expands in the Enterprise

Earlier this month, we asked if robotic process automation was finally here. R Ray Wang is here to tell you: Yes it is. It's everywhere. Wang, principal analyst and co-founder of Cupertino, Calif.-based Constellation Research, told CMSWire in an i.....»»

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How 3 Companies Benefited by Changing Performance Management

Old-school performance management doesn't work. The dreaded annual review alienates managers and their reports alike.  But companies the world over have discovered the positive changes a new approach to performance management can bring. Conti.....»»

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Top B2B Events (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22, 2017)

On Aug. 21, North America had the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse, the moment when the moon completely blocks the sun's light. It's a beautiful sight to behold. Although the eclipse was visible anywhere in North America, where you view.....»»

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Self-Service Analytics Offer Opportunities and Challenges

When my clients ask me what a successful company-wide self-service analytics collaboration looks like, I tell them to imagine a group of jazz musicians: The individual players all contribute song notes from their own instruments and styles, but it&.....»»

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Digital Transformation Shakes Up ECM Priorities

Digital transformation — the reimagining of business processes from the ground up using a digital first approach — is changing the strategy for enterprise content management (ECM).  Organizations originally adopted content managem.....»»

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Spread DAM Across the Enterprise to Make Your Assets Sing

Business departments often sound like members of a middle school orchestra. In theory, they’re one group, but you wouldn’t know that from the music.  Maybe the problem is that kids identify as flutists, violinists, trumpeters and.....»»

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Overcome These Digital Workplace Challenges to Realize Your Strategy

If you've ever looked for inspiration while designing a digital workplace strategy, you've probably come to a realization: every organization's digital workplaces looks a little different.  Examples and best practices can be industry specific.....»»

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Hootsuite Integrates Adobe Digital Assets for Social Content

Hootsuite is bringing Adobe and its 90 million digital visual assets into its social media management ecosystem. The Vancouver, BC-based social media management platform announced today an integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock, whi.....»»

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Databricks" $140M Funding Will Drive AI, Engineering Investments

Databricks, a San Francisco-based business and customer analytics platform, will double its engineering staff, build out its analytics suite using artificial intelligence (AI), focus on specific verticals and expand globally thanks to a $140 m.....»»

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Sheryl Kingstone: Commerce Success Depends on Contextual Relevance

For Sheryl Kingstone, improving customer experience (CX) and the rise of digital commerce have been central drivers for her career.  Early on, Kingstone spent time implementing CX software as a marketer at companies including CompuServe, Data.....»»

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Microsoft Sets Dynamics Marketing Expiration Date for May 2018

Last October, Microsoft told its Dynamics 365 and CRM ecosystem it would stop offering new customer contracts for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) in November 2016. On Aug. 18, 2017, the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor took this a step further and an.....»»

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Calling All Digital Experience Poets

On Aug. 18, the US observed Bad Poetry Day. Yes, there is a day devoted to the art of writing bad verse. To celebrate, DX Summit is hosting its second annual DX Poetry Contest. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to flex your creative.....»»

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Struggling With MarTech? Rethink Your Agency Relationship

CMOs, marketing professionals and agencies alike say the relationship between companies and their agencies have changed over the last three years. Chiefmartec editor and ion interactive co-founder and CTO Scott Brinker listed approximately 750 too.....»»

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Governance Propels the Digital Workplace Forward

Martyn Perks recently wrote about how governance gets in the way of the digital workplace. He makes a good argument for changing the default environment, but his solution is an overcorrection. It's the equivalent of burning down the forest because a.....»»

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Is Your CMS GDPR Ready?

Businesses have less than a year to get their privacy strategy in order before the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. The GDPR will have a profound impact on how organizations conduct business online. Continue r.....»»

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We Need Genuine Customer Experience Metrics

Customer experience is a philosophy and culture that puts the customer first in the belief that the best way to meet organizational objectives is to meet customer objectives. The wrong metrics, the wrong behavior. The right metrics, the right beh.....»»

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ICYMI: Email Is King, IBM Talks Headless CMS

Combining work and fun: these are a few of my favorite things. Catch up with the latest headlines from CMSWire this week. Quick, Give Me the Headlines: Haters are going to hate, but email still reigns supreme in the communication game &n.....»»

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Box Adds Google Cloud Vision for Image Recognition, More News

Box moved a little deeper into the digital asset management space this week with the announcement that it's adding Google Images search technology to its platform via the Google Cloud Vision API. Continue reading........»»

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