"Unprecedented" Petya Cyber Attack Follows in WannaCry"s Footsteps

A cyber attack dubbed “Petya” took root in Ukraine on Tuesday and is spreading across the world in what appears to be a repeat of the recent WannaCry malware attack — but “without the kill switch that saved us last time,&rdqu.....»»

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10 Reasons Why Digital Assets Rule the World

Every time you have screen time, digital assets are influencing you. They're driving your thoughts and feelings about the current global political climate, what products you buy, and how you, your friends and your family perceive the world. Continu.....»»

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Flexible Operating Models Only Limited by Rigid Corporate Thinking

The technology is there, and so is the desire of workers.  The only thing limiting the shift to a more nimble, agile and productive workplace is the rigid policies of companies themselves. Continue reading........»»

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Stop Worrying About ECM Vendors: It"s All About Your Approach

We're in the middle of a sea change in how organizations choose to address their content. Continue reading........»»

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Digital Workplace Leaders Explore Their Next Steps

Remember the web content management space 17 years ago? Everyone trying to figure out what it means to have an “online presence,” grappling with SEO and home page banners.   Well, we’re seeing a lot of parallels with the cu.....»»

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EU Hits Google With $2.7B Antitrust Fine - But That"s Not the Worst of It

The European Commission just slapped Mountain View Calif.-based Google with a $2.7 billion fine for favoring its own shopping services in its search results. The European Commission is the executive arm of the European Union. For a company that m.....»»

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SugarCRM Unveils "Hint" Relationship Intelligence Service

Forget about the business-to business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales solutions some vendors try to pitch. "People by products from people, not businesses," SugarCRM co-founder and CMO Clint Oram told CMSWire. "It is about i2i (individua.....»»

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RedPoint Global Adds Master Data Management to Customer Data Platform

RedPoint Global has announced new capabilities for its Customer Data Platform aimed at providing business users with "data stewardship" for real-time customer insights and actions. RedPoint Global's Customer Data Platform (CDP) combines automated.....»»

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Clear Knowledge Management Roadblocks with This Diagnostic Tool

The knowledge management (KM) concept has been kicking around for over 20 years now, to the point where I thought we were permanently lingering in a post-hype disillusionment phase.  But lately I've seen it creeping back into business cases f.....»»

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How Robotic Process Automation Fits in Your Contact Center

Automation has introduced efficiency throughout enterprises for decades now.  One example comes from the world of customer service. Contact centers have long embraced automation in the form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), much to the dis.....»»

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Separating the Growth Hacking Myths from the Realities

When growth hacking first emerged, some thought it would remain the domain of Silicon Valley insiders.   Instead, it blew up when the runaway success of early growth hacking advocates like Facebook became clear. Continue reading........»»

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What Happens When Text Mining and Search Converge? Document Analytics

The worlds of search and text mining are moving closer together and creating a new market sector as a result. And law offices — among other sectors — are reaping the benefits. Continue reading........»»

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Evidence, Not Ego, Must Drive Digital Transformation

On a hot and dusty day in Afghanistan, a group of men sat admiring patterns.  “Don’t like that one,” said the defense minister. Those around him nodded in agreement. “Don’t like that one, nor that one, nor that o.....»»

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Hyland OnBase 17 Release Focuses on Digital Transformation

A little over a year since its last major release, enterprise content management specialist OnBase by Hyland today released OnBase 17, the latest iteration of its flagship offering aimed at improving the user experience and helping busines.....»»

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Grappling with Digital Workplace Challenges, More News

Simpler Media Group and Digital Workplace Group's inaugural Digital Workplace Experience  at the Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago last week established two things:  Organizations still need work building solid employee experiences. .....»»

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From Web Pages to Journeys: How to Prioritize Customer Pathways

Gartner predicts  30 percent of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020.  I’d be surprised if it takes that long.  Your customers are on the move — consuming digital content, information and experienc.....»»

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How to Break Through With CIOs on Social Media

It’s hard to be the Chief Information Officer. These busy tech execs are under pressure to successfully power up the CEO’s latest digital transformation initiative, plus hire and retain the best IT talent. Continue reading........»»

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Riverbed Updates SteelCentral to Assess Digital Experience Tech Effectiveness

For all the talk about digital experience and digital transformation strategies, most enterprises have little or no way of assessing the effectiveness of the technology supporting their digital experiences. Continue reading........»»

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Are ‘Shadow’ Collaboration Apps a Thing of the Past?

It feels like only last week shadow IT was one of the biggest concerns of C-Suite executives and IT managers. Shadow IT describes the phenomena of employees bringing in unapproved apps into the enterprise. Continue reading........»»

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How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Across Time Zones

Agile marketing is fast-paced in every sense of the word, designed to keep up with — and stay ahead of — the constant evolutions in digital engagement and customer needs that change minute-to-minute around the world. Agile marketing is.....»»

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