FinancialForce: Thrive at Speed in the New Services Economy

This week, FinancialForce held their Community Live event at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was focused on thriving at speed in the new services economy......»»

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Stripe expands into Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg (Paul Sawers/VentureBeat)

Paul Sawers / VentureBeat: Stripe expands into Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg  —  Stripe has announced a handful of tidbits that underscore the fast-growing fintech startup's aspirations in E.....»»

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Imagination Puts Itself on the Block

Imagination Technologies said the whole company is up for sale after fielding interest from several parties......»»

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Much Ado About China’s Big IC Surge

It’s been two years since China announced a huge capital investment intended to kick-start an indigenous semiconductor industry. So, how’s that working out for China?.....»»

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4DS ReRAM Hits DRAM Speeds

Interface Switching ReRAM has overcome the hurdle of high bit rate errors without error correction techniques that have historically slowed read access time.....»»

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Global coral bleaching event may finally be ending

For the last three years, coral reefs in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans have been devastated by bleaching due to high ocean temperatures. But now, after looking at satellite and model data, the NOAA says that this terrible event mig.....»»

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AI film editor can cut scenes in seconds to suit your style

AI has won at Go and done a few other cool things, but so far it's been mighty unimpressive at harder tasks like customers service, Twitter engagement and script writing. However, a new algorithm from researchers at Stanford and Adobe h.....»»

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Classic RPG "Pillars of Eternity" is headed to consoles in August

Fans of classic role-playing games have had a lot to be happy about these past few years. The isometric genre has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately thanks to high-profile crowdfunded games like Wasteland 2 and the Divinity series -- both.....»»

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AMD Rolls Epyc Server SoCs

AMD formally announced Epyc, a family of server SoCs using its Zen x86 core, weeks before Intel is expected to debut its 10-nm Skylake Xeon chips......»»

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Cray Moves to Lasso "Big Data Deluge"

Cray’s Urika Big Data Analytics Suite, for its biggest XC supercomputers, brings all the analytic tools necessary to handle the deluge of data today including deep learning and artificial intelligence in a free open-source downloadable package......»»

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Tesla driver in fatal Autopilot crash ignored safety warnings

Following the investigation of a fatal Tesla Model S crash, the NTSB concluded in a 500-page report that the driver, Joshua Brown, ignored repeated "Autopilot" warnings to keep his hands on the wheel. "For the vast majority of the trip, the.....»»

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Privacy-minded Firefox Focus browser comes to Android

If you liked the privacy-centric surfing of Mozilla's Firefox Focus browser but wished it were available for your Google-powered phone, you're in luck. Mozilla has released an Android version of Focus that, like its iOS counterpart.....»»

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Kids control the story in Netflix’s new interactive shows

After months of rumors and speculation, Netflix is officially taking the wraps off of its new interactive shows for kids. The company is calling its new type of programming "branching narratives," since viewers can control certain aspects of.....»»

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YouTube says LGBTQ+ video censorship won"t happen again

YouTube has updated its policies to explicitly state that any LGBTQ+-themed video with no graphic/mature language and content is allowed in Restricted Mode. The platform launched Restricted Mode for use by kids and in places of learning, but.....»»

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Nintendo Switch update makes it easy to find missing Joy-Cons

Nintendo's latest Switch update doesn't exactly come with anything mind blowing, but it has a huge list of improvements people have been asking for. One of those is the ability to find paired controllers by making them vibrate. Unl.....»»

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Bosch Plans $1.1 Billion Fab in Dresden

Leading supplier of MEMS plans largest investment in 130-year company history to support demand created by IoT and mobility applications......»»

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Startup Preps Sub-W, Full-Duplex Chip

GenXComm is gearing up a Series A to deliver silicon running at less than a watt that could enable full-duplex Wi-Fi, cellular, and IoT networks......»»

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Spotify test rents playlist slots to music labels

Spotify is already letting labels determine what you're allowed to play on its free tier. Now, however, it's giving labels the chance to insert songs of their own. TechCrunch has confirmed that Spotify is testing a "Sponsored Son.....»»

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