Reserve with Google bookings are now open to more businesses

When people search for establishments and services on Google, they’re not exactly just idly browsing around like they would Pinterest or Wikipedia. Chances are, they’re actually looking for somewhere to go, that is, if there are slots available......»»

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Here’s how to get Always on Display on Samsung Nougat phones

With both LG and Apple switching to OLED displays, there will be some attention that will be given to features like always on displays or AOD. Samsung, however, has been doing OLED, specifically AMOLED, screens for years now but it was only recently.....»»

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Pixel 2 XL screen reported to have burn-in after just days

It seems that the troubles of what should be Google’s most powerful smartphone has just gotten started. And it seems that most of them might be about the Pixel 2 XL’s screen. While reports and complaints of muted colors might be a subjective matt.....»»

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Essential phone gets a very hefty price cut

No one is probably going to argue over a change that makes a premium product very much affordable. But depending on when the price cut takes place, it could, instead, raise concerns. The Essential PH-1, the first and so far only smartphone from Andy.....»»

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Huawei foldable phone could be ready next year, says CEO

If 2017 was the year of nearly bezel-less phones and 18:9 screens, 2018 could be defined by foldable devices. That might very well be the trend next year if the forward-looking statements from two of the world’s biggest smartphone makers truly come.....»»

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Homemade Nintendo Switch runs on Raspberry Pi, plays all your retro games

If you want to enjoy the experience of playing classic Nintendo games on modern gaming hardware, your choices are either to buy a Nintendo Switch, and hope the company sells the games you want via its digital store, or buy the new SNES Classic. Modde.....»»

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HQ is a live trivia game app from the makers of Vine

If you enjoy playing simple games on your iPhone but have grown tired of the typical puzzle and action titles, the new app HQ could be a breath of fresh air. Inspired by gameshows like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, HQ is a trivia game t.....»»

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Another iPhone X in the wild caught on video

The November 3rd release date of the iPhone X is drawing closer, and eager Apple fans are getting ready to make their pre-orders as early as possible this Friday, along with sweating over reports about the limited supplies at launch. Fueling anticipa.....»»

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Original Xbox backwards compatibility coming to Xbox One, games list leaks

Back at this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One would be getting backwards compatibility with certain games from the original Xbox. We’re still waiting on an official date for the feature to go live, but a couple of leaks hav.....»»

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Nokia’s retro-inspired 3310 finally comes to the US

When Nokia parent company HMD Global announced the rebirth of the classic 3310 earlier this year, cellphone enthusiasts were left fawning over its cute design and focus on minimalism. Then came disappointment as it was revealed that the device would.....»»

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Sharp’s Aquos R Compact barrows the Essential’s camera notch

It’s been less than half a year since the Essential Phone debuted with a camera cutout in its display, introducing us to the soon-to-be-ubiquitous “notch.” Apple’s iPhone X was next, of course, and now the design is making its.....»»

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Experience The Walking Dead in VR with AMC’s new app

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season this weekend, and to help celebrate the TV network has released a new VR app that will let viewers finally step into the role of the show’s titular zombies. Titled AMC VR, the app is av.....»»

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YouTube Red’s next original series is a Tinder-based comedy called ‘Swipe Right’

YouTube Red‘s original programs have yet to catch up to those from Netflix and Amazon in terms of quality and viewership, but the premium service continues to expand its catalog of content. The company has now greenlit a scripted comedy series.....»»

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Apple Upgrade Program users get an early start on iPhone X pre-orders

We’re less than a week away from when Apple opens pre-orders for the highly anticipated iPhone X. While there’s little you can do to guarantee a device on day one, Apple has revealed it’s allowing members of its iPhone Upgrade Progr.....»»

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OnePlus 5T renders leak, pairing rear fingerprint sensor with Galaxy S8 design

It was recently revealed that the OnePlus 5 is completely out of stock in most markets around the globe, including the US and Europe, prompting the smartphone maker’s CEO, Carl Pei, to admit that demand for the device has been higher than expec.....»»

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Project Loon LTE balloons restore some communications in Puerto Rico

Alphabet’s Project Loon has brought basic communications back to parts of Puerto Rico for individuals who have LTE phones. The communications are being made possible by Project Loon’s balloons; they’re currently giving people access.....»»

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808 Audio XL-V smart speaker arrives with Alexa next month

808 Audio has just launched its first smart home device, the 808 Audio XL-V. This smart speaker is cylindrical with a tower design and, most importantly, it has Alexa built-in. As with other Alexa devices, 808’s new smart speaker allows users t.....»»

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Adobe Scribbler AI can create a realistic color image from a sketch

Adobe has detailed a research project in which it has developed an artificial intelligence capable of generating realistic colored images from a sketch. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an AI able to generate realistic images, but the.....»»

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Ford Chariot commuter shuttle service temporarily suspended in San Francisco

Around this time last year, Ford Smart Mobility announced the acquisition of Chariot, a transportation company based out of San Francisco. Chariot offers shuttle buses that give commuters another option for getting around while helping alleviate road.....»»

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NASA model improves odds of finding habitable exoplanets

NASA has a new model that improves the space agency’s odds of identifying habitable exoplanets. The model is based on new NASA research that determines conditions across three different dimensions instead of one, as previous models did. With th.....»»

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