The mystery of activating NES Golf on the Switch has been solved

Back in July, we reported that home brewers on the Switch Brew forum had discovered an NES emulator encoded into every Switch. It was theorized at the time that the emulator, called “flog,” would be used to run classic NES games that Nint.....»»

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Nest unveils video doorbell, alarm system and outdoor security camera

Look out Ring, there’s a new competitor in town. Home automation specialist Nest at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday unveiled a handful of new products including its first-ever video doorbell......»»

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HTC to suspend trading of its shares ahead of major announcement

Google’s acquisition of HTC is nearly ready for primetime. On Wednesday, the Taiwan Stock Exchange announced that trading of shares in the company will come to a halt on September 21 “pending the release of material information.”.....»»

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Amazon is teaming up with Kohl"s to make returns easier

Amazon and Kohl's have inked a deal to allow Amazon customers to make returns to Kohl's stores. For now, the program will be fairly limited with just 82 locations participating in Chicago and the Los Angeles area......»»

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Amazon is developing Alexa-powered smart glasses

Amazon is working on a pair of smart glasses powered by its Alexa voice assistant according to TechCrunch (the original article from the Financial Times is behind a paywall)......»»

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Developer of Super Mario 64 mod receives numerous copyright strikes

Earlier this month, we shared a romhack for Super Mario 64 that let up to 24 individuals play the game simultaneously. The mod, called “Super Mario 64 Online,” attracted tens of thousands of players and more than a million views on YouTub.....»»

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Apple is cutting down on cookies and advertisers aren"t happy

With Apple's latest iOS update, the humble cookie is once again at the center of a debate between web advertisers and privacy advocates......»»

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Google"s new Chromebook Pixel is a 2-in-1 called the Pixelbook, starts at $1199

Last month brought rumors that Google would unveil a new Chromebook Pixel at its October 4 hardware event. Now, Droid Life has revealed some (low-res) photos and information about the device, including its name — the Pixelbook......»»

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Apple Watch Series 3 reviews are in, see what the experts think

(Image courtesy Vjeran Pavic, The Verge).....»»

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Noctua quietly adds two new low-profile coolers for AM4

Adding to its line of iconic brown fan CPU coolers, Noctua has introduced the NH-L9a-AM4 and NH-L12S for Ryzen processors. Both coolers focus on slimness for use in HTPCs and other small form factor cases......»»

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Yota unveils the third generation of its dual-screen phone

In a world where there are few differences between most flagship smartphones, the YotaPhone and its successor differed from the pack thanks to their second e-ink displays on the rear of the handsets. Now, a third generation of the device has been unv.....»»

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The new Tomb Raider trailer has arrived

No matter how many times they are critically panned, Hollywood continues to make movies based on video games. Two of the slightly better-rated titles (according to Metacritic) from the genre are the Tomb Raider movies from 2001 and 2003 — they.....»»

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T-Mobile increases high-speed unlimited data "cap" to 50GB

T-Mobile is at it again. The disruptive wireless carrier is boosting its “network prioritization point,” a fancy term that simply means users will have access to more high-speed data before throttling kicks in......»»

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Stack Overflow shows off salary calculator for developers

The largest online community for developers has launched a new tool to make sure that developers are being fairly compensated for their work......»»

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Tim Cook says the iPhone X"s $999 cost is a "value price"

Face ID isn’t the only issue of contention surrounding the iPhone X; there’s also that $999 starting price. It’s raised plenty of eyebrows, and Apple certainly wasn’t keen to highlight the cost during the launch event last wee.....»»

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Philips" upcoming professional monitors feature USB-C and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

Looking for a professional monitor with a slew of connectivity options and features? Then you might want to check out Philips’ upcoming offerings. The Dutch firm chose the recent IFA event to announce two new displays, both of which come with U.....»»

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HP Omen Desktop Review: A mid-range pre-built gaming tower

HP's more modest gaming desktop is the simply named Omen Desktop, which is now available with AMD Ryzen processors inside. It's a more traditional tower-style chassis that's highly configurable, with prices ranging from just under $1,000.....»»

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Apple iOS 11 released, now available on most devices

With a lot of improvements for iPads, an enhanced Control Center, ARKit and new productivity features, iOS 11 has now become available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Apple Watch. You can upgrade via OS settings or download the firmware standalo.....»»

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Sony provides a sneak peek at upcoming games ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2017

The Tokyo Games Show 2017 doesn’t start for a couple more days but Sony traditionally previews what it will have on exhibit beforehand. The hour-long press conference, held earlier today, was light on specifics with Sony preferring to show rath.....»»

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