Incorta Raises $15M to Expand Real-Time Analytics

Startup aims to help make it easier for organizations to build real-time data analytics applications......»»

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Oracle Sending Java EE and Glassfish to Eclipse

Oracle once again leans on the Eclipse Foundation to make its open-source contributions......»»

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The Sorry State of DevOps

DevOps concepts are ubiquitous, as are job titles, yet the actual practices are still barely present around the market......»»

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Larry Ellison Says Oracle Can Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

Forget the signature V-neck sweater, black turtleneck and trousers. Yesterday Oracle CTO Larry Ellison donned a new uniform of polo shirt, beat up blue jeans and running shoes to share a message with the masses.  There was also a clicker invo.....»»

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Deep Learning Is Becoming as an Enterprise AI Essential

Seeking more accurate predictions based on business data, most data scientists will end up using deep learning by 2018, says Gartner......»»

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How Communications, Preparation and Willingness to Help Were Keys in Hurricane Crises

Here is a look at how organizations reacted and telecommunications products helped during recent hurricane crises......»»

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Think Strategically About Security at the Technical and Corporate Levels

How an organization approaches security at both the technical and corporate levels must be a function of an established and shrewd philosophy......»»

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Don"t Fall Into the Big Data Trap: Context Is Everything

Correlation does not prove causation — we've all heard this a million times. But we still seem to forget it at times, especially those of us who buy into the promise of big data. Try this one: if you want to predict the growth rate of email S.....»»

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7 Technology Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace

Predicting the future of work is clearly impossible, but during one of the final sessions of the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London, Gartner VP Matthew W. Continue reading........»»

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Free Cloud-Native Tools Are Changing the Industry

Our entire company started using Slack in less than a week. The marketing team in Amsterdam was completely onboarded within an hour, most of the company within a day, and people on vacation or out of office within less than a week. Then our other.....»»

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Goodbye Digital Transformation, Hello Cathedral Thinking

We marketers just love jargon, we can’t help ourselves. Why write simply when it’s so easy to pump up our statements until they are virtually unintelligible? “Best of breed solutions to maximize human capital and innovation,&rdqu.....»»

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Top B2B Industry Events (Sept. 20 to Oct. 25, 2017)

It's amazing what three organizations can accomplish when they work together to achieve their goals. Sept. 15 marked the end of NASA's Cassini Mission, a satellite sent to study Saturn's rings and moons which gathered data that will be studied for.....»»

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Secrets of a Smooth Digital Experience Implementation

When your company first agreed that it needed to develop a digital experience strategy, enthusiasm was high and everyone was looking forward to implementing it. So you went out into the marketplace to see what your organization’s options were.....»»

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Vexata Unveils Storage Operating Systems for NVMe

Active Data Fabric from Vexata is a software-defined OS that can be deployed across a controller, router and data node consisting of SSDs......»»

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Laying Out the SDDC Transition Strategy

Before implementing an SDDC and the process of transformation, the enterprise should think about how it will reorganize around a fluid environment......»»

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Actian Accelerates Apache Spark Analytics

Actian uses extensions to the instruction set for Intel x86 processors, so the utilization rate for analytics apps can be much greater......»»

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Slack Lands $250M in Funding, CXone Updates, More News

Slack has closed a $250 million Series G funding round led by Tokyo-based SoftBank Group Corp., which dipped into its $1 billion Vision Fund for the investment. Continue reading........»»

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Intel provides 10nm updates, plan for 10nm FPGA

Intel has provided updates for its 10nm process and plans for 10nm FPGAs, as well as the availability of its 64-layer 3D NAND for data center applications. The disclosures were made during a recent company event held in Beijing, China......»»

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Touch Taiwan 2017: Corning showcases advanced glass technologies

Corning is showcasing technologies from its advanced glass portfolio at Touch Taiwan 2017, including two innovations enabled by its Gorilla Glass: cover glass for consumer electronics, and interiors for autos......»»

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NAND flash supply to stay tight til end-2017, says Phison chairman

The supply of NAND flash memory is expected to remain tight through the end of 2017, according to Khein Seng Pua, chairman of flash device controller supplier Phison Electronics......»»

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