Underscore in Numerals

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Using underscores for numerals is allowed in Java for better readability and representation......»»

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How to Use Scanner to Receive Command Line Input

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Scanner is a simple and easy-to-use utility provided by Java......»»

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Understanding Optional

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Get to know optional. This example can be fine-tuned as needed to explore all of the methods supported......»»

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Java Collections Performance, MAP

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Improve Java performance with MAP......»»

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New Way to Iterate a List in Java 8

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn a new way to iterate a list in Java 8......»»

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Java Collections Performance, SET

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - A set is a collection that contains no duplicate elements......»»

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Making a File Read-only Using Java

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Explore how the setReadOnly() method works in Java......»»

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UUID in Java

Language: Java, Expertise: Advanced - Learn to create a new random UUID......»»

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Comparison of Arrays

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Easy code for comparing arrays in Java......»»

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Reading Updated/Latest Value in Multithreading Environment

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — Learn a good way to ensure that your variables show the most recently updated values......»»

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Making a Java List Thread Safe

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — The java.util.list is not thread safe by default. Learn a quick workaround to make your list thread safe......»»

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Best Practices for Multithreading in Java

Get a glimpse at the basics of threads and multithreading and the best practices that should be adopted when working with multithreading in enterprise applications......»»

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Using a JDBC Template

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate Spring provides a nice abstraction on top of the JDBC API using JdbcTemplate and also provides great transaction management capabilities using annotation-based approach......»»

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Use the @RestController Annotation

Language: Enterprise Intermediate.....»»

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Defining a Parameter in Jenkins

Language: Enterprise||Expertise: Beginner.....»»

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Career Guide for the New Developer

Get some practical advice about the important things to focus on as a new developer......»»

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Remote Work and the Social Forces and Technologies that Enable It

Do you believe, as blogger Gigi Sayfan does, that in 10 years, offices will be obsolete as the telecommuters take over?.....»»

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Exploring the Modern Software Development Environment

One of the never ending flame wars involves the use of programmer editors vs. integrated development environments (IDEs). Most developers have a proclivity for one over the other......»»

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The Foundation of Proper Object-Oriented Design: Interfaces

While it can be difficult to use object-oriented techniques well, it is possible. Learn why it's worth your time and effort......»»

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