Pluribus recharges, expands software-defined network platform

Looking to simplify what it calls the complexity associated with current Software Defined Networking controllers and proprietary protocols that require significant changes to customer network architecture and operations, Pluribus has refreshed and.....»»

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Would Verizon really publish my unlisted landline number?

The question occurs: What will happen if I cancel Verizon’s “Non-Published Service,” which for a ridiculously unjustifiable fee of $5.25 a month keeps my landline unlisted and my time at home almost entirely uninterrupted by scammers and rob.....»»

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Cisco Facing a Maturing Open Network Environment

The networking giant needs to figure out how it will navigate the rapidly approaching era of software-defined infrastructure......»»

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Juniper takes a swipe at Extreme’s network buying spree, plans

It’s not at all uncommon for competitors to snipe at one another but it still makes for good reading and it provides an interesting look into a company’s strategy – and perhaps a signal to a competitor they are in for a fight.Today’s round.....»»

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Working Toward Global IoT Infrastructure

Managing data networks that cross geographic borders will be a big challenge for enterprises rolling out IoT initiatives......»»

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Riverbed Acquires Xirrus

Xirrus is the latest WLAN vendor to be acquired by a wired networking vendor......»»

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MIT selling 8 million coveted IPv4 addresses; Amazon a buyer

MIT is selling half of its 16 million valuable IPv4 addresses – an increasingly scarce stash it has held since the birth of the Internet. While details of the sale have not been made public, at least some of those addresses have already been tra.....»»

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FCC ends price caps on many business data lines

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to deregulate the providers of the business data lines connecting broadband service to many small businesses, schools, hospitals, and ATM machines.The deregulation of business data services, or.....»»

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Ethernet evolution: Broadcom switches offer Time Sensitive Ethernet

Broadcom this week introduced a family of Ethernet switches that support new technology aimed at helping users address the rising network implications of the Internet of Things, automotive networking and video applications.+More on Network World:.....»»

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Face-off: ServiceNow vs. Zendesk for IT service management

Face-off: ServiceNow vs. Zendesk for IT service management To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story).....»»

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Twitter’s porn problem is ‘trending’

News this morning that former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez reportedly had committed suicide sent the murderer’s name to the top of Twitter’s “trending” list. Clicking on it brought back a string of tweets that was positively.....»»

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Computing pioneer Robert Taylor dies

True legends in any field are few and far between but Robert Taylor, who died last week at 85, was definitely was one in the field of computer networking.A key figure on the development of the Internet and ubiquitous Ethernet, Taylor was also inst.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Infrared much better than Wi-Fi

A few special “light antennas” dotted around a room would provide significantly more bandwidth for internet-connected devices than traditional Wi-Fi, says a Dutch scientist. Wi-Fi’s days could be numbered if the technology works as suggested.....»»

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Secrets of bimodal IT success: Tiger teams, skunkworks and the camel’s nose

For such a seemingly obvious idea, Gartner ignited quite a firestorm with its proposition that, to remain relevant, IT must be broken into two distinct realms: one focused on keeping the lights on, or, in Gartner parlance, Mode 1, and one devoted to.....»»

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Tips and tricks for a successful SD-WAN

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology promises enterprises true transport independence and flexibility. SD-WAN adopters can turn to any transport protocol -- 3G, 4G LTE, MPLS, Internet or Wi-Fi -- to provide the best cost and perform.....»»

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How the Interconnect is Driving Converged Infrastructure

As vendors increase the throughput of their fabric, the separations between compute, storage and networking are beginning to disappear......»»

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Silver Peak enhances its SD-WAN edge device to improve the branch experience  

This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices.  Click here to subscribe.  If you want to get a sense for how rapidly the SD-WAN market is evolving, go back and read some of the articles from, say, two years ago. Some o.....»»

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5G wireless behind AT&T, Verizon’s big buys

5G technology, despite some fairly breathless hype, is still in the embryonic stages of development, but the pace is quickening. The major U.S. carriers are racing to buy up critical spectrum that will be necessary for the realization of 5G’s po.....»»

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24% off NETGEAR CM700 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem 1.4Gbps Certified for XFINITY, Time Warner, Charter, and More - Deal Alert

The NETGEAR CM700 High Speed Cable Modem is certified to work with most major cable providers, and may save you $100 or more annually by eliminating modem rental fees you may currently be paying. It provides a connection to high-speed cable Intern.....»»

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Avaya’s post-bankruptcy plan should not impact customers, partners

On Good Friday 2017, the Easter Bunny dropped off Avaya’s Chapter 11 plan for reorganization at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of N.Y. The plan is aimed at significantly cutting Avaya’s pre-filing debt, which had become a.....»»

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