Download of the day – Smile While

Our daily pick of the best free software: a mini carnival for your desktop. It's nearly the weekend, so have a miniature carnival on your desktop with Smile While – a little app that fills your screen with gaudy streamers, bursts of.....»»

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5 best VPN services for torrents and torrenting 2017

Not every VPN supports torrents, of course – but these are the best ones which do. Torrents are a popular way of downloading things – legal things, and of course in some cases, not-so-legal things (of course we don’t condone any.....»»

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WhatsApp now supports coloured text statuses like Facebook

Today, WhatsApp officially announced its support for text-based statuses with coloured backgrounds. This new feature has already started rolling out to the latest versions of the popular messaging app for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp has just.....»»

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Get 15% off Adobe Creative Cloud

A special deal on Adobe's full suite of premium software, exclusively for TechRadar readers. We’ve teamed up with Adobe to offer you a special 15% discount on Creative Cloud membership. You'll pay just $42.46/£42.46 each month.....»»

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How to create eye-catching designs in seconds with iStock Editor

This browser-based tool is so easy to use, and it’s free! You don’t need to be able to use Photoshop to combine words, text and logos in intricate designs. A new, free tool from popular stock image library iStock by Getty Images m.....»»

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5 of the most popular Linux gaming distros

We pick out the very best gaming editions of distros, which come loaded with games, and the means to grab more. Note: Our most popular Linux gaming distros round-up has been fully updated. This feature was first published in May 2015.A Linux ga.....»»

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New digital platforms to become the foundation for IT

The future of business will include artificial intelligence (AI) in every nook and cranny, along with transparent, immersive experiences and entirely new digital platforms, according to consulting firm Gartner.Digital business will be driven by th.....»»

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IoT in the office: Plantronics service blocks annoying noises

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating interesting, new business opportunities. This week, Plantronics announced a new noise-as-a-service portfolio called Habitat Soundscaping. The solution set is designed to counteract the productivity-killing.....»»

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Beware of companies claiming products have AI capabilities

Software companies are exploiting the current artificial intelligence (AI) craze by exaggerating the scope and capabilities of AI in their products, according to a report from Gartner. Gartner tracks product marketing hype with a tool it calls th.....»»

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Mind-reading computer moves closer to reality

Computer scientists are developing a mind-reading computer that deciphers symbols that people have looked at.The device accurately replicates shapes seen. The computer scans brain activity, then successfully redraws those numerals and symbols, say.....»»

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Who"s responsible for cloud security? | Tech Talk Ep 1

IDG editors talk about the common misperceptions about public cloud storage, including who's ultimately responsible for data security......»»

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Big buyouts hit the enterprise market, BMC and Bain eye companies

The leveraged buyout of Dell that resulted in its merger with EMC and the computer giant going private was the first of what appears to be many similar moves. Private equity firms are looking to gobble up some of the enterprise giants and in the p.....»»

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Save money and make your website better—by killing JavaScript

Bandwidth, storage space and computing power (CPU/RAM/etc.) on your web servers represent a distinct and noteworthy cost for any company with a major online presence.As traffic to a company’s website increases, most opt to throw money at the pro.....»»

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Cisco rolls out Cisco Enterprise Agreement for software

Software is now dominating IT spending.My research shows that the combination of SaaS and on-premises software is now a $650 billion market that has seen a steady growth of 6 percent per annum over the past five years. Today, almost all areas of I.....»»

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Top 20 AI experts you should follow on Twitter

As artificial intelligence (AI) increases in importance in new technology and applications, several people have risen to the top of the field—achieving expert-level status and providing insight into breakthroughs, new applications and ideas abou.....»»

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Nvidia gives glimpse of the future at its GPU Technology Conference

Historically, GPUs have been used in graphics-heavy processes such as video games. It’s fair to say that to serious gamers, Nvidia-based graphics cards have become the de facto standard. However, as I pointed out previously, GPUs have become inc.....»»

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Google’s AI shifts from the next platform to its next products

Last October, when Google Home was announced, Google CEO Sundar Pichai christened AI as the next platform. Yesterday, AI became a Google product that could become as transformative and as large and potentially pervasive as Google Search.Google’s.....»»

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SNL one step ahead of Amazon with Echo Silver

Amazon is cranking out new products as fast as it can, such as the new Alexa-powered Echo Show device with a screen, but SNL has an even more practical idea.The SNL spoof ad, from the minds of Amazon and AARP, addresses the unique needs of older p.....»»

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Tech majority disagrees with AI warnings from Hawkings, Musk and Gates

Tech star personalities Stephen Hawkings, Elon Musk and Bill Gates warned the public about artificial intelligence (AI). The tech-oriented public and AI experts disagree, though, according to a recent research paper, “Tweeting AI: Perceptions of.....»»

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Cisco taps into AI, collaboration with $125M MindMeld buy

Cisco said it would target collaboration applications first with artificial intelligence technology it will get from buying MindMeld for $125 million.The deal, announced today, is Cisco’s third in two weeks and nets the company MindMeld’s AI p.....»»

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