New Apple macOS Big Sur Feature To Hamper Adware Operations

With macOS 11, also known as Big Sur, Apple has removed the ability to install macOS profile configurations from the command-line. ZDNet reports: This ability was previously a core feature of macOS' enterprise package, which allows system administrat.....»»

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Walmart is Converting Its Parking Lots Into Pop-up Drive-in Theaters For the Summer

Walmart said this week that it was converting some of its parking lots into drive-in theaters for the summer as the movie industry struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic. From a report: The retail behemoth is converting 160 of its parking lots acros.....»»

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WHO Sees First Results From COVID Drug Trials Within Two Weeks

The World Health Organization (WHO) should soon get results from clinical trials it is conducting of drugs that might be effective in treating COVID-19 patients, its Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday. From a report: "Nearly 5.....»»

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GGV’s Jeff Richards: ‘There is a level of resiliency in Silicon Valley that we did not have 10 years ago’

Earlier this week, GGV Capital’s Jeff Richards and Hans Tung joined TechCrunch for an Extra Crunch Live session. During our hour-long chat, we touched on startup profitability, the global venture capital scene, why GGV doesn’t have an off.....»»

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We need a new field of AI to combat racial bias

Responsibly managing machine learning processes is no longer just a desirable component of progress but a necessary one. Gary M. Shiffman Contributor Share on Twitter Gary M. Sh.....»»

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R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones.....»»

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Tesla is taking reservations for its Cybertruck in China

Tesla has opened up reservations for its all-electric Cybertruck to customers in China, a move that will test the market’s appetite for a massive, futuristic truck. The reservations page on Tesla’s China website was first posted in Reddit.....»»

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Twitter Engineers Replacing Racially Loaded Tech Terms Like "Master," "Slave"

For Regynald Augustin, a Black programmer at Twitter, the impetus for change arrived in an email last year with the phrase "automatic slave rekick." The words were just part of an engineering discussion about restarting a secondary process, but they.....»»

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Linus Torvalds: "I Do No Coding Any More"

The Linux Foundation recently uploaded its video from the Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference: Europe. And there was a poignant moment when Linus Torvalds did his traditional keynote conversation with Dirk Hohndel, VMware's vice presiden.....»»

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iOS 14 exposes LinkedIn app reading users’ clipboards in background, company says it’s a bug

We recently covered that TikTok was caught reading users’ clipboards on iPhone and iPad thanks to the new privacy features of iOS 14. This week, iOS 14 users also noticed that the LinkedIn app is copying and pasting from the clipboard in the b.....»»

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Apple files to halt future patent lawsuits from Zipit Wireless

Apple is seeking a declaratory judgement to determine that it does not infringe on two instant messaging patents owned by a company named Zipit Wireless, which previously leveled claims against the tech giant.Credit: AppleIn a complaint filed Friday.....»»

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Hands-on: Everything you can do with the new iPhone App Library in iOS 14

A major new change that comes with iOS 14 alongside home screen widgets is the iPhone App Library. The feature offers a new way to manage the many apps you’ve got with auto-generated categories, a new alphabetical view, the ability to hide app.....»»

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LinkedIn blames bug for clipboard snooping discovered by iOS 14

LinkedIn claims that clipboard snooping behavior, recently revealed in the firm's iOS app by a new iOS 14 data privacy feature, is caused by a software bug.Credit: LinkedInOn Thursday, a portfolio portal developer testing Apple's iOS 14 beta release.....»»

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Tested: elago’s latest AirPods Pro cases re-create iconic designs

Editor’s note: Tested with 9to5Toys is a new series focused on everyday accessories and essentials to take your setup to the next level, starting with the new Anker PowerExpand Elite Dock. Have a product you’d like to see us review? Sound off.....»»

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Apple surveying users about iPhone AC adapters amid rumors they"ll be sold separately

Apple is surveying users in Brazil about the USB Power Adapters that came packaged in their iPhones, likely for market research concerning the ubiquitous iPhone accessory.Apple is surveying users about its 5W USB adapter amid rumors that it'll stop i.....»»

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Celebrate Independence Day with these iTunes movies and TV show deals

It is Independence Day weekend in the United States, so Apple is holding a special iTunes sale for movies and TV shows. Celebrate your American patriotism with these deals.iTunes Movie DealsThis Week's Deals Read more........»»

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Review: fierce and fun Warrior Nun is a perfect Fourth of July binge-watch

Meet the (reluctant) new Chosen One of the Order of the Cruciform Sword Ava (Alba Baptista) finds herself resurrected by an angelic halo in her back, and is recruited by a group of nuns in the.....»»

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Kobe Bryant will be memorialized on the cover of NBA 2K21

Kobe Bryant is being memorialized on the cover of the video game NBA 2K21......»»

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What Is Complexity Science?

As I caught up this morning on the posts in my new Startup Community community (over 1,000 people have already joined – that was a pleasant surprise – click here to join us) I noticed one from a member from a founder in Adelaide. It was i.....»»

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Scientific "red flag" reveals new clues about our galaxy

Figuring out how much energy permeates the center of the Milky Way—a discovery reported in the July 3 edition of the journal Science Advances—could yield new clues to the fundamental source of our galaxy's power, said L. Matthew Haffner of Embry-.....»»

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