Ferrari data breach: Client data exposed

Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has suffered a data breach and has confirmed on Monday that it “was recently contacted by a threat actor with a ransom demand related to certain client contact details,” but that it won’t be p.....»»

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2022 witnessed a drop in exploited zero-days

Malicious threat actors have actively exploited 55 zero-days in 2022 – down from 81 in 2021 – with Microsoft, Google, and Apple products being most targeted. 53 out of 55 allowed attackers to achieve elevated privileges or execute remote.....»»

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Microsoft & OpenAI add AI image creation tool to Bing

After integrating ChatGPT into Bing, Microsoft is adding a tool to it, that creates images from words using an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E model.New AI tools from BingThe company announced the integration of ChatGPT into Bing and its Edge bro.....»»

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ChatGPT watch out: You can now chat to Google Bard

Google is starting to roll out access to Google Bard, its AI chatbot competitor to ChatGPT that aims to use machine smarts to provide intelligent responses to queries.Google Bard is rolling out to users. First introduced in February, Google Bard was.....»»

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Future Apple Watch bands could automatically launch apps or change face

Not content with its plan to make Apple Watch bands whose color can be changed, Apple wants those bands to change what the Watch displays — and to prove that they are "authorized."A band's texture would stay the same, but the color could alter —.....»»

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Google begins rolling out its ChatGPT rival

Google is opening up access to Bard, its new AI chatbot tool that directly competes with ChatGPT......»»

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Bard: Google"s rival to ChatGPT launches for over-18s

The tech giant is rolling out its new AI chatbot, called Bard, to users in the US and UK first......»»

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LaFontaine Automotive Group expands in metro Detroit

LaFontaine Automotive Group has purchased a Chevrolet store in metro Detroit, marking its second dealership acquisition of the year......»»

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John Dion named Ford chief transformation officer

The company has added former ESAB Corp. executive John Dion to its leadership team as it looks to cut costs, overcome quality woes and improve its operational execution......»»

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As U.S. CPO sales fall to 8-year low, some brands make older cars eligible

Last year, sales of certified vehicles fell 9.4 percent to 2.49 million, according to figures from the Automotive News Research & Data Center. It was the lowest annual volume since 2014, when 2.34 million certified sales were recorded......»»

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Foxconn paying more & getting less than expected with new India plant

Foxconn's previously announced new factory in Bengaluru, India, has now cleared local government approval — though at greater cost and with fewer jobs.The Karnataka government approved Foxconn's application at its State High Level Clearance Committ.....»»

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Apple TV+ beats rivals to "Maybe Next Time" movie

A film of Cesca Major's latest novel, made by Reese Witherspoon's production company, will stream on Apple TV+ after the firm outbid competitors.Source: AdWeekThere are no details of how much Apple TV+ paid for the project, nor even of which other st.....»»

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Jabra"s new Elite 4 earbuds offer clarity in noisy environments

Jabra has released a new pair of true wireless earbuds called Elite 4, which offer active noise cancellation and microphones.Elite 4 earbudsFollowing the entry-level Elite 3, the Jabra Elite 4 headphones have more advanced features. The essential tru.....»»

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Deals: Apple Watch Ultra $669, 16" MacBook Pro $1,999, iPad Air for $270, more

Top deals for March 21 include 32% off a Hisense 4K UHD triple-laser ultra short throw projector, 50% off an Otterbox iPhone Case, 46% off Beats Studio 3 headphones, and 46% off a Samsung QLED TV.Save $500 on an M1 Pro MacBook ProThe AppleInsider Dea.....»»

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Apple & Foxconn amping up efforts for more labor reform in India

After success in one region, Apple is seeking more labor reforms across India to move more manufacturing out of China.Tamil Nadu may be next for reformsThe company started in the southern Indian state of Karnataka by lobbying for changes to labor law.....»»

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Ecovacs new vacuum & mopping robots feature better navigation

Ecovacs has introduced three new vacuum and mopping robots in the Deebot line with the N10 Plus, T9+, and T10 Omni with advanced navigation systems.New robots from EcovacsEach robot has advanced smart navigation and mapping systems and other features.....»»

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New Adobe Firefly will use AI to generate art, but protect artists

Adobe has announced an online-only beta release of its Firefly image generator, and says its its AI art isn't stealing from artists but is instead trained on licensed or public domain work.Source: AdobeIn December 2022, Adobe announced that its stock.....»»

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Are Roblox’s new AI coding and art tools the future of game development?

New initiative aims to take game development past "the hands of the skilled few." Enlarge / All these characters were generated directly by human developers, but future Roblox content may rely more on AI-generation tools. (credit.....»»

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The Genesis GV70 Electrified humbly sticks to its strengths

With its latest, Genesis is one step closer to putting ICE in its rearview mirror. Enlarge Genesis provided flights from New York City to Atlanta and back, plus two nights in a hotel so we could drive the new GV70 Elect.....»»

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Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket

Russia has spent nearly $1 billion on the development of the new Soyuz-5 rocket. Enlarge / A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying Spain's satellite Amazonas-5 blasts off from the launch pad at the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome i.....»»

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