Last Fall a Drone Swarm Surveilled America"s Largest Nuclear Reactor -- Twice

America's Nuclear Regulatory Commission honored a document request from a UFO group — which has inadvertently revealed a very real incident last fall at America's largest nuclear reactor in Arizona, reports Forbes: Documents gained under the F.....»»

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NIADA chief Steve Jordan resigns

Jordan will remain with NIADA in an "advisory capacity" during a 30-day transition, the association said......»»

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Audi's electrification blitz gets underway

The expansion of the luxury brand's battery-electric lineup will begin next year and will continue for at least the next four years as it adds battery-powered, all-wheel-drive sport sedans, crossovers and perhaps even supercars......»»

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The king of off-road goes electric, reaches upscale, thinks bigger

Jeep is on a new-product wave, reaching into new segments as it expands its global brand presence......»»

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Consumers more likely to consider used than new

The study by McKinsey & Co. finds that used-vehicle consideration remains down compared with pre-pandemic levels, but it is stabilizing, while new-vehicle intent is decreasing......»»

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Tim Cook"s leadership style has "reshaped how Apple staff work and think"

A new profile examines how Apple CEO Tim Cook, with "cautious, collaborative and tactical" leadership, honed the Cupertino tech giant into the world's largest company.Credit: AppleAfter the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, both Wall Street and Silicon Va.....»»

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Facebook Removes QAnon Conspiracy Group With 200,000 Members

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories. QAnon is a wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory that a "deep state" network of powerful governmen.....»»

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Microsoft Accuses Apple of Treating Gaming Apps Differently

Hour after Apple explained why Microsoft's xCloud wouldn't be coming to iOS, Microsoft shot back and accused the company of "consistently treating gaming apps differently." AppleInsider reports: On Wednesday, Microsoft ended its xCloud TestFlight pro.....»»

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Coronavirus Clobbers Uber, Leading To $1.8 Billion Quarterly Loss

In the second quarter of 2020, Uber announced that its ride-hailing business plunged by 75 percent compared with a year earlier -- from $12.2 billion to $3 billion. "That was offset somewhat by rapid growth in Uber's delivery business," reports Ars T.....»»

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Microsoft Signals Renewed Interest In Windows With Latest Reshuffle

Microsoft is making some significant changes to the way it runs its Windows organization this week, signaling a renewed focus on the operating system that made its name. The Verge reports: The software giant placed Surface chief Panos Panay in charge.....»»

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Beavers just won government protection they didn’t know they needed

Beavers that were mysteriously reintroduced in England have now won government protection and a legal "right to remain." Beavers were once native to England but were hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago. The animals popped back up in 2.....»»

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A supply issue won’t prevent Apple from shipping the iPhone 12 in October

Apple's iPhone 12 release was pushed back a few weeks on account of the coronavirus. As a result, the new launch window for the iPhone 12 will likely be sometime in October. Apple's higher-end iPhone 12 models may not arrive in stores until No.....»»

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Apex Legends season 6: Release date, new legend, and crafting

Apex Legends season 6 is almost here, and it brings a lot of changes. Here's everything you need to know......»»

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How to use Apple Watch’s fitness features

Apple has built an elaborate fitness tracking system into the Apple Watch. We show you how to best use it......»»

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Amazon Echo vs. Echo Plus: Which is better?

If you're trying to choose between the third-gen Amazon Echo or the Echo Plus, then this guide is for you......»»

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How to photograph the Perseid meteor shower 2020

Chance favors the prepared when it comes to capturing this year's Perseid meteor shower. Here's what to know......»»

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Fortnite season 3 week 8 challenge guide: Motor Mayhem Time Trial location

Finding and completing Fortnite's Motorboat Mayhem trial is tough, but we'll show you how to beat it here......»»

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Hulu has a new annual plan, and there’s a good reason to get it

Hulu has announced a new plan that mirrors a similar offering from its family-friendly sibling, Disney+. The two existing plans — the one with ads and the one without ads — aren’t going anywhere and consumers will continue to pay fo.....»»

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Scientists mutate fish with disturbing results

Research published this week showed an experiment run by scientists with mutation on their minds. In the experiments, scientists altered single genes of zebrafish and recorded the results. Their aim was to study the evolution of the jaw. They created.....»»

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NASA is getting rid of old, offensive space nicknames

NASA is taking steps to eliminate its use of offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise problematic nicknames given to various cosmic regions and objects. The decision comes amid growing calls for more diversity and inclusion, a process that involves tea.....»»

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