A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks

Thailand’s largest cell network AIS has pulled a database offline that was spilling billions of real-time internet records on millions of Thai internet users. Security researcher Justin Paine said in a blog post that he found the database, con.....»»

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A virtual window into the future of mobility

COVID-19 loomed large as the signature Israeli mobility event went digital. Here's what happened......»»

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Sonic moves ahead with used-vehicle stores

The nation's sixth-largest new-vehicle retailer opened its 10th EchoPark store in April in Tampa, Fla., and plans to open two more by the end of the year, with plans for another three or four in 2021......»»

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Akio Toyoda: Japan"s automotive jobs vital to culture

The CEO says the pandemic underlines Toyota's need to maintain at least 3 million units of production in Japan, no matter how bad the economic downturn......»»

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7 EV pickup brands forge ahead despite uncertain demand

By the end of next year, U.S. consumers are expected to have more electric pickup nameplates to choose from than there are gasoline-powered full-size pickups on sale today......»»

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Taycan"s U.S. rollout takes hit from virus

U.S. deliveries of Porsche's first battery-electric face delays because of a six-week COVID-19-related production shutdown in Germany......»»

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GPB could be forced to sell dealerships

The future ownership of five Toyota dealerships remains in question after the automaker demanded that majority owner GPB Capital Holdings sell the stores. It's the latest in a string of blows to the firm that owns most of Prime Automotive Group......»»

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Workers relearn familiar jobs as plants reopen with new protocols

Restarting the engines of the North American auto industry after a wholesale two-month shutdown involved a few hiccups and a lot of relearning the jobs workers had been doing for years......»»

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Automakers consider extensions on auto rules under USMCA

Some questions remain unanswered as the industry waits for details in the uniform regulations, which are expected to come out June 1, just a month before USMCA enters into force......»»

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The 17 best action movies on Netflix

The 17 best action movies on Netflix.....»»

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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern stays cool as earthquake hits during live interview

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has once again displayed her poise amidst unexpected trials, smoothly continuing a television interview after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. Ardern was speaking to The AM Show host Ryan Bridge via video call.....»»

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Save 15% on a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our top-rated headphones have been discounted by AU$70 through Amazon. If you’re a bassline junkie then you’ll want to take a gander at Sony’s most popular pair of cans, the WH-1000XM3 – currently discounted through.....»»

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Is Siri continuing to listen in despite Apple"s apology?

Apple had apologised to iPhone and iPad users last years after allegations of privacy breaches surfaced following a whistleblower's revelations that he was part of a team that transcribed such recordings. A year ago iPhone and iPad users recei.....»»

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Intel and AMD shouldn’t panic yet, but this Chinese vendor has repacked a Xeon CPU

Will the US allow similar exotic products to surface in China or will there be a crackdown? Jintide Montage might sound like the name of a punk group, but it's not. In fact, the Montage is an x86 processor with PrC (Pre-Check) and DSC (Dyn.....»»

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Memorial Day TV sale: this 65-inch 4K TV gets a massive $1,000 price cut at Best Buy

This 65-inch 4K TV gets a massive $1,000 price cut at the Best Buy Memorial Day TV sale. Upgrade your TV and save money with this fantastic deal from Best Buy's Memorial Day sale. For a limited time, you can get the TCL 65-inch 4K Roku TV.....»»

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After 19 Years, the ISS Receives Its Very Last NASA Science Rack

"One of the longer chapters of the International Space Station has come to a close," writes Engadget. "NASA has sent the last of its 11 ExPRESS (Expedite the Processing of Experiments to the Space Station) science racks to the orbiting facility, 19.....»»

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Risk For MS 30% Higher For Those Living In Cities, Study Finds

schwit1 quotes UPI: City-dwellers are nearly 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis than those living in more rural areas, a study presented Friday at the European Academy of Neurology Virtual Congress has found. Based on the.....»»

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Tech Companies Urges US House to Protect the Privacy of Americans" Browsing and Search History

While reinstating the PATRIOT Act, the U.S. Senate blocked an amendment which would've shielded Americans' browsing and search histories from warrantless searches. But that fight may not be over, reports TechSpot: [S]everal tech companies includi.....»»

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Linus Torvalds Dumps Intel For 32-core AMD Ryzen On His Personal PC

Linus Torvalds released Linux 5.7 rc7 today, saying it "looks very normal... none of the fixes look like there's anything particularly scary going on." But then he added something else: [T]he biggest excitement this week for me was just that I upgra.....»»

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WhiteHat Security offers free app scannning services to education institutions to secure online learning

WhiteHat Security, an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Ltd. and a leading application security provider, announced that it will offer free application scanning services to any education institution to support secure online learning. When s.....»»

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