Fairbuds are Fairphone’s proof that we really could make better tiny gadgets

Swap the batteries, tips, charging case, shell, or even just individual buds. Enlarge / The Fairbuds and their replaceable components, including the notably hand-friendly, non-soldered batteries. (credit: Fairphone) Fair.....»»

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All items in Content Warning: gadgets, lights, and more

It's time to go viral or die trying in Content Warning! Grab some friends, your camera, and all these items to make the best SpookTube video and earn cash......»»

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Rising scourge of e-waste a "catastrophe" for environment: UN

The world threw away a record amount of smartphones, televisions and other electrical devices in 2022, the UN said Wednesday, warning this avalanche of dumped gadgets was polluting the planet......»»

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The Finals Season 2 offers up plenty of reasons for players to come back

The Finals Season 2 impresses with new weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and a bombastic new 5v5 Power Shift mode......»»

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This $350 wearable is one of the strangest gadgets I’ve ever used

The world is an anxious place, but can a wearable help you to manage that? I took one for a spin, and I'm still none the wiser......»»

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Phandroid Best of MWC 2024

MWC 2024 has introduced a bunch of new devices and gadgets, so here are some of our favorites that we’ve found so far! The post Phandroid Best of MWC 2024 appeared first on Phandroid. Unlike CES, MWC tends to be more focused on mobile de.....»»

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These are my favorite travel accessories for Apple gear [Video]

Whether it’s a quick overnight trip for work or a long vacation, I always end up being the person who packs all the tech stuff. And I know I’m not the only one with this job. Usually, all those chargers and gadgets end up in a big, tangled mess a.....»»

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Best Gadgets to Look Out for in 2023 on Amazon

Amazon's best gadgets for 2023 include the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation), Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger, Philips Hue Smart Bulb, Bose QuietComf.....»»

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Method to make synthetic derivative of natural indigo may inspire future electronic devices

Chemists at RIKEN have developed a method for making synthetic derivatives of the natural dye indigo that doesn't require harsh conditions. This discovery could inspire advances in electronic devices, including light-responsive gadgets and stretchy b.....»»

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The 5 best VR headset and AR glasses announcements at CES 2024

CES 2024 showed us a lot of VR headsets, AR glasses, and other metaverse gadgets. Here are the best......»»

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Live coverage of CES 2024

The biggest technology companies in the world converged on Las Vegas once again to share all the greatest gadgets the world has ever seen at CES 2024. We talked with experts, witnessed world-first product demos, and broke down what this year’s bigg.....»»

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Portable monitors could make foldable-screen gadgets finally make sense

Opinion: I'd rather have my secondary, portable screen fold than my phone or PC. Asus plans to release this foldable OLED monitor in 2024. Electronics retailer Abt Electronics.....»»

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These are the weirdest mobile gadgets we’ve seen at CES 2024

CES 2024 isn't only about big, mainstream products. There are many fun, quirky products hidden away throughout the halls and hotel suites in Las Vegas......»»

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Hyper debuts its first Qi2 chargers with new 15W 4-in-1 stand and iPhone 15 power bank

Hyper is now joining in on the CES 2024 reveals with a new collection of gadgets. While there’s power banks, Thunderbolt docking stations, and portable SSDs for your iPhone 15, the real stars of the show are the two new Hyper Qi2 chargers – the c.....»»

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I controlled this smart plant with my iPhone and I’m in love

I used my iPhone 15 Pro to control one of the coolest little gadgets I've received so far — a smart plant......»»

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The 6 best portable power stations, tested by experts

A power generator keeps gadgets running for camping trips and short outings. Here are the best portable power stations available......»»

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How to save money with your smart home this winter

Keeping your home cozy this winter is easy with the right smart home gadgets. Here's a look at some that keep you warm and save you money......»»

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How to deck out your pad with smart home gadgets for the holidays

Planning for the holidays can be a stressful experience, but there are a variety of great smart home gadgets that can make your winter season a bit more jolly......»»

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Cover all your bases with OMBAR’s three channel dash cam

Dash cams are very useful gadgets to protect yourself on the road in the event of an accident where having video evidence can be crucial, so if you’re looking for the ultimate protection, OMBAR’s 3 channel dash cam might be worth checking out! Th.....»»

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Ikea launching 3 new smart home safety gadgets in 2024

Ikea is releasing a motion sensor, water sensor, and door and window sensor in 2024. Here's a look at what to expect when they roll out in the coming months......»»

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