Offshore wind farm construction is noisy—but gadgets used to protect marine mammals are working

The European Union had 14.6 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy installed in 2021, and this is projected to increase by at least 25 times in the next ten years. While an expanding renewable energy sector is necessary to replace fossil fuels and sl.....»»

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Save money on your utility bills with these smart home gadgets

From smart bulbs and smart thermostats to security cameras and more, these smart home devices can help you save money on your monthly utility bills......»»

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Solar Power on the Move

It’s fun to use mini solar cells to charge your gear or power small gadgets, and once you’ve learned the basics you can scale up to bigger panels. Let’s explore ways you can harness solar energy for your own DIY projects — mobile, weara.....»»

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Growatt VITA 550 portable power station keeps all your devices charged on the go

Now available for pre-order, the Growatt VITA 550 is a compact portable power station that's the perfect solution for keeping all your gadgets charged on the go......»»

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How the Kindle Scribe quietly became my favorite gadget of 2022

2022 gave us a lot of killer mobile gadgets. But among all of the iPhones, Pixels, and Galaxy goodies, the Kindle Scribe stands out as my favorite of the year......»»

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Portable wind turbines, solar tent, rolling battery round out Jackery’s CES 2023 launches

The portable power company earned several awards at CES 2023, as it showed off products that make it easy to charge your gadgets while off the grid......»»

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From color-changing cars to self-driving strollers, here"s some of the coolest tech from CES 2023

A long list of companies once again showed off an assortment of cutting edge technology and oddball gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week......»»

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Best workout tech accessories for the fitness newbie in your life

The road to fitness can be downright brutal for a beginner, but you can kickstart your workout journey with these smart exercise gadgets that will work with your iPhone.Kickstart your fitness journey with these smart exercise gadgetsThese app-enabled.....»»

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Samsung profits plunge as demand for gadgets slows

The global economic slowdown is impacting memory chip prices and demand for devices......»»

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Make ice in the woods, heat your tent, and scoop poop with EcoFlow’s CES 2023 gadgets

At CES 2023, EcoFlow showed off an electric cooler that also makes ice, a battery-powered AC/heat pump, and an electric mower that also scoops pet poop......»»

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Gadgets unveiled at CES but Russia is banned

Thousands have come to Las Vegas for one of the world's largest technology shows......»»

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5 appliances and smart home gadgets that"ll save you money in 2023

With prices soaring across the board, we need to invest in gadgets and appliances that will save us money in the long-term......»»

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What to expect at CES 2023, from mondo TVs to EVs

Faster PCs, brilliant TVs, and smarter smart homes are all on the horizon, and CES 2023 will be ground zero for the gadgets that will get us there......»»

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Some day soon we might be making popcorn with infrared poppers

It's fast, energy efficient, environmentally friendly compared to conventional heating Enlarge / In the future, our kitchen gadgets might include an infrared popcorn popper. There's rarely time to write about every c.....»»

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The tech we couldn"t live without in 2022

Bone conduction headphones, TV streaming devices and Bluetooth speakers are among the tech gadgets topping holiday wish lists this year. Other notable products -- ahem, the new 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max -- are near impossible to find......»»

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9 of the best budget smart home devices under $100

These budget smart home gadgets make it easy to upgrade your house. From lights and locks to cameras and more, here are the best affordable smart home gadgets......»»

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Oppo prototypes Magic Mouse-looking health tracker for the whole family

ECG, sleep tracking, and heart and lung auscultation—all in one unusual design. Enlarge (credit: Oppo) This time of year is often weird tech concept season—companies show us gadgets that they've been tinkering with.....»»

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Satechi Duo Wireless Charger review: Clever & superfluous multi-device battery

Satechi's Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand is both a perfect multi-purpose travel gadget and an overpriced power bank, all-in-one.Satechi Duo Wireless ChargerSatechi is a reliable accessory maker creating functional gadgets, but this Duo Wireless Cha.....»»

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Anker’s 150W charger has completely changed how I charge my gadgets

Anker's no stranger to the world of smartphone chargers, and its 747 charger may be one of the best yet. Here's how it's completely changed my charging life......»»

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9to5Mac Gift Guide: Upgrade your work-from-home setup with these products

As work from home continues to be an option for many employees everywhere, it’s never a bad time to upgrade your setup with new accessories and gadgets. Head below as we roundup some of the best additions to your WFH setup, whether you’re buying.....»»

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