A conductive self-healing hydrogel to create flexible sensors

Recent advancements in the field of electronics have enabled the creation of smaller and increasingly sophisticated devices, including wearable technologies, biosensors, medical implants, and soft robots. Most of these technologies are based on stret.....»»

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How to insert a text box in Google Docs

Whether you want to make text stand out, add some structure, or create a unique visual, we’ll show you a few ways to insert a text box in Google Docs......»»

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Researchers create groundbreaking cotton quality model to aid farmers

Does climate change have an impact on the quality of cotton? Mississippi State scientists hope to answer that question with a new way to monitor the environmental impacts on the cash crop throughout the growing season......»»

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Scientists create computer program that "paints" the structure of molecules in the style of famous Dutch artist

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have created a computer program that "paints" the structure of molecules in the style of famous Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, whose beautiful artworks will be instantly recognizable to many......»»

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IoT sensors tattle on stores that neglect promo displays

Whether it's a pharmacy, a supermarket, or a clothier, when you walk into a retail store in the U.S., you are sure to encounter a flashy promotional display featuring products from a specific brand......»»

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New portable fluorescence sensors enable targeted detection of heavy metal chromium (III)

Prof. Jiang Changlong's research team from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a highly sensitive ratiometric fluorescent probe that can detect heavy metal trivalent chromium (Cr3+) in the environ.....»»

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Tourism development doesn"t equal bad jobs—weak government protection does

While tourism's ability to create new jobs is indisputable, there is much talk of these jobs being low quality and precarious. Despite this criticism, many public administrations see tourism as a valid way to create new jobs in their regions......»»

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WhatsApp voice messages are about to handy transcription tool

It looks like WhatsApp is testing out a new feature that will allow users to create transcripts for voice messages. The post WhatsApp voice messages are about to get a handy transcription tool appeared first on Phandroid. WhatsApp, like ma.....»»

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Travel scams exposed: How to recognize and avoid them

In this Help Net Security video, Aaron Walton, Threat Intel Analyst at Expel, discusses travel scams. For the past 18 months, the Expel SOC team has observed a campaign targeting administrative credentials for The attackers create phishi.....»»

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How to add sensors to Apple Watch and iPhone for an improved cycling experience

In iOS 17 and watchOS 10, Apple turned the iPhone and Apple Watch into full-featured bike computers. Here's how to set up your devices and add cadence sensors, speed sensors, and more to track your rides.Mount your iPhone on your handlebars, fire up.....»»

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Researchers demonstrate how to build "time-traveling" quantum sensors

The idea of time travel has dazzled sci-fi enthusiasts for years. Science tells us that traveling to the future is technically feasible, at least if you're willing to go near the speed of light, but going back in time is a no-go. But what if scientis.....»»

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Scientists create comprehensive map of sea worm neural circuits

Researchers have created a detailed map of the circuits and more than 9,000 cells that make up the entire body and nervous system of a three-day-old larva of the sea worm Platynereis dumerilii......»»

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Microsoft staff in China must use iPhone for authentication, not Android phones

Microsoft staff in China have been told that they must use an iPhone for authentication when logging in to company systems. From September, the use of Android smartphones as multi-factor authentication devices will be banned. This will create a si.....»»

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How AI-powered software spreads Russian disinformation on X

The US Justice Department (DoJ) has seized two US-based domains used by Russian threat actors to create fake profiles on X (formerly Twitter) that would spread disinformation in the United States and abroad. This bot farm was created and operated via.....»»

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Airbag problems force massive recalls at Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, and Jeep

Takata airbags and problematic sensors lead to recall across four car brands. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Both BMW and Stellantis are recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the US this month due to airbag prob.....»»

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Researchers create online tool to research the four-day school week

Growing adoption of a four-day school week in many communities across the United States is raising questions about this trend in education......»»

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GM supplier to invest $390M in new Michigan plant, factory expansions

Gestamp is building a $64.5 million, 450,000-square-foot plant in suburban Detroit to support GM. The plant is expected to create 390 jobs......»»

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OpenAI and Arianna Huffington are building an AI health coach for you

OpenAI and Thrive Global launch company to create an AI-powered health coach.....»»

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Improved imaging offers new insight into Mount Etna

With a technique called seismic tomography, researchers use the shape of traveling seismic waves from nearby or distant earthquakes to create 3D images of inner Earth, allowing them to "see" hundreds of kilometers below the surface......»»

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New AI model can provide high-accuracy forecasts from even low-resolution data

Being able to create accurate weather models for weather forecasting is essential for every aspect of the American economy, from aviation to shipping. To date, weather models have been primarily based on equations related to thermodynamics and fluid.....»»

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A once-in-a-lifetime explosion is about to create a "new" star in the sky

Any night now, a "new star" or nova will appear in the night sky. While it won't set the sky ablaze, it's a special opportunity to see a rare event that's usually difficult to predict in advance......»»

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