A highly sensitive technique for measuring the state of a cytoskeleton

A research group from Kumamoto University, Japan has developed a highly sensitive technique to quantitatively evaluate the extent of cytoskeleton bundling from microscopic images. Until now, analysis of cytoskeleton organization was generally made by.....»»

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Catnip leaves kitties feline groovy, wards off mosquitoes: study

Catnip is known to hold a special place in the hearts of felines, who often respond by rubbing their face and head in the plant, rolling around on the ground, then zoning out in a state of intoxicated repose......»»

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Brazilian dam collapse could have been predicted with right monitoring technology, study finds

One of Brazil's worst environmental disasters—a dam collapse that also killed more than 200 people—could have been foreseen with the latest satellite radar imaging technique, according to a new study by the University of Nottingham and Durham Uni.....»»

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3-D printing highly stretchable hydrogel with diverse UV curable polymers

Hydrogel-polymer hybrids are widely used across a variety of applications to form biomedical devices and flexible electronics. However, the technologies are presently limited to hydrogel-polymer hybrid laminates containing silicone rubbers. This can.....»»

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Mass. dealership group to pay $1 million in unemployment scheme settlement

The state's attorney general alleges Colonial Automotive Group furloughed sales employees last spring and then asked them to complete some unpaid work while they received unemployment benefits......»»

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Penn State Engineers Are Developing An Inexpensive, Thermally-Modulated Battery For Electric Cars

schwit1 shares a report from Penn State University: Range anxiety, the fear of running out of power before being able to recharge an electric vehicle, may be a thing of the past, according to a team of Penn State engineers who are looking at lithium.....»»

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Fired former data scientist Rebekah Jones arrested, tests positive for COVID-19

State accuses her of unauthorized access to its computer systems. Enlarge / Florida's handling of the pandemic has been... a mixed bag. This beach was hopping on May 20, around the same time Jones publicly claimed the state fired her for refusin.....»»

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Minnesota"s forests, land offer chance to cut greenhouse gases

Reforestation and cover cropping should be on the front lines of Minnesota's fight to reduce greenhouse gases, and could cut up to one-fifth of the state's heat-trapping emissions......»»

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Even a small amount of gender bias in hiring can be costly to employers

Tiny amounts of gender bias in employee hiring decisions contribute to concerning rates of discrimination and productivity losses that together represent significant costs, financial and otherwise, for employers, a new study from Oregon State Univers.....»»

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Samsung"s 870 Evo maximizes the potential of SATA SSDs

Samsung didn’t reveal its full hand of incoming products during the virtual Consumer Electronics Show last week. We know that because on Tuesday, the South Korean tech titan let us in on its latest consumer-facing solid-state drive......»»

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State responses, not federal, influenced rise in unemployment claims early in the pandemic

Early in the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment claims were largely driven by state shutdown orders and the nature of a state's economy and not by the virus, according a new article by Georgia State University economists......»»

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GDPR: German Laptop Retailer Fined $12.6M For Video-Monitoring Employees

The data regulator for the German state of Lower Saxony has fined a local laptop retailer a whopping $12.6 million for keeping its employees under constant video surveillance at all times for the past two years without a legal basis. From a report: T.....»»

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A realistic model of the ITER tokamak magnetic fusion device

Tokamaks, devices that use magnetic fields to confine plasma into torus-shaped chamber, could play a crucial role in the development of highly performing nuclear fusion reactors. The ITER tokamak, which is set to be the largest nuclear tokamak in the.....»»

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Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy reveals triplet state coherences in cesium lead-halide perovskite nanocrystals

Advanced optoelectronics require materials with newly engineered characteristics. Examples include a class of materials named metal-halide perovskites that have tremendous significance to form perovskite solar cells with photovoltaic efficiencies. Re.....»»

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Texas AG outs Google for tilting advertising scales in Facebook"s favor

The complaint filed by Texas AG Ken Paxton is connected to the multi-state antitrust lawsuit filed last December that alleges Facebook and Google agreed to assist each other against antitrust actions. The redacted filing hid much of the specific deta.....»»

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Plan C Live: The State Of Play

"Play is important in and of itself." Read more on MAKE The post Plan C Live: The State Of Play appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Synthesis of potent antibiotic follows unusual chemical pathway

Images of a protein involved in creating a potent antibiotic reveal the unusual first steps of the antibiotic's synthesis. The improved understanding of the chemistry behind this process, detailed in a new study led by Penn State chemists, could allo.....»»

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New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data

In an effort to address a major challenge when analyzing large single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have developed a new computational technique to accurately differentiate between da.....»»

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Florida"s Whistleblower Covid-19 Data Manager Arrested Today

The state of Florida's former Covid-19 data manager was apparently arrested today. After her firing in May of 2020, Rebekah Jones had become a critic of the state's publicly-available information, even setting up her own online dashboard of Covid-1.....»»

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AI-powered text from this program could fool the government

Volunteers couldn't tell AI-generated comments from those penned by humans. Enlarge (credit: Elena Lacey | Getty Images) In October 2019, Idaho proposed changing its Medicaid program. The state needed approval from the federal government, whi.....»»

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What motivates the motivated reasoning of pro-Trump conspiracists?

New study suggests a desire to see society focus on men helps drive support. Enlarge / January 7, 2021 - St. Paul, Minn. — Trump supporters gather at the Minnesota Governor's Residence after a "Storm The Capitol" event at the Minnesota State C.....»»

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