A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics

Physicists at RIKEN have developed an electronic device that hosts unusual states of matter, which could one day be useful for quantum computation......»»

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PSA: Don’t burn yourself out on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s open-world activities

You might be tempted to do every single open-world activity in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but beware of burnout......»»

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Alibaba Leads Record Deal to Mint $2.5 Billion China AI Firm

The Chinese tech giant led a $1 billion funding round in Moonshot AI, valuing the year-old firm at $2.5 billion. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. led the largest single financing round for a Chinese artificial intelligence startup, the la.....»»

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7 Unique Strategies for Business Success in 2024

The wider economic landscape presents numerous challenges for all forms of business and industry. Currently, there are higher-than-normal levels of inflation in many developed and developing countries. This can create a situation where material and c.....»»

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Apple @ Work: Need to switch MDM providers? Check out MacOnboardingMate

Apple @ Work is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that integrates in a single professional-grade platform all the solutions necessary to seamlessly and automatically deploy, manage & pr.....»»

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Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits

The question of where the boundary between classical and quantum physics lies is one of the longest-standing pursuits of modern scientific research, and in new research published today, scientists demonstrate a novel platform that could help us find.....»»

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It"s not only opposites that attract: New study shows like-charged particles can come together

"Opposites charges attract; like charges repel" is a fundamental principle of basic physics. But a new study from Oxford University, published today in Nature Nanotechnology, has demonstrated that similarly charged particles in solution can in fact a.....»»

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Cybercriminals harness AI for new era of malware development

The alliance between ransomware groups and initial access brokers (IABs) is still the powerful engine for cybercriminal industry, as evidenced by the 74% year-on-year increase in the number of companies that had their data uploaded on dedicated leak.....»»

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You probably haven’t seen this underrated 2004 thriller. Here’s why you should watch it now

Nicole Kidman plays a woman with a very strange dilemma in an oddball 2004 thriller that deserves a second look......»»

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Researchers discover way to bind nanotubes to metals

Carbon nanotubes have shown promise for everything from microelectronics to aviation to energy storage. Researchers think this material might one day fulfill the science fiction dream of creating an elevator to space......»»

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Better neutron mirrors can reveal the inner secrets of matter

Improved neutron mirrors can increase the efficiency of material analysis in neutron sources such as the European Spallation Source. The improved mirror has been developed by researchers at Linköping University by coating a silicon plate with extrem.....»»

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This HP laptop can last for up to 15 hours, and it’s $300 off

The HP Dragonfly Pro, an AMD Ryzen 7 laptop with a battery that can last up to 15 hours on a single charge, is on sale from HP for $1,100 after a $300 discount......»»

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Veeam Data Cloud delivers data protection and recovery services on a single cloud platform

Veeam Software has unveiled the new Veeam Data Cloud, which is built on Microsoft Azure and delivers the confidence and reliability of the platform with the ease and accessibility of a cloud service. Veeam Data Cloud provides backup-as-a-service (Baa.....»»

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Kandji announces new integration with ServiceNow to deliver single-pane-of-glass visibility for Apple fleets

Kandji, a popular Apple enterprise management vendor, has announced a new partnership with ServiceNow for an automatic sync feature that directly integrates the latest data from Kandji’s Apple fleet into the ServiceNow Configuration Management Data.....»»

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New tool helps decipher gene behavior

Scientists have extensively researched the structure and sequence of genetic material and its interactions with proteins in the hope of understanding how our genetics and environment interact with diseases. This research has partly focused on 'epigen.....»»

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AI technique "decodes" microscope images, overcoming fundamental limit

Atomic force microscopy, or AFM, is a widely used technique that can quantitatively map material surfaces in three dimensions, but its accuracy is limited by the size of the microscope's probe. A new AI technique overcomes this limitation and allows.....»»

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An 80-mph speed record for glacier fracture helps reveal the physics of ice sheet collapse

There's enough water frozen in Greenland and Antarctic glaciers that if they melted, global seas would rise by many feet. What will happen to these glaciers over the coming decades is the biggest unknown in the future of rising seas, partly because g.....»»

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Apple will reap the rewards of the cancelled Apple Car project for decades

While the Apple Car project may be dead, Apple isn't going to lose a single dime on the research it did to make a fully self-driving car, given how the industry is going.Apple has big AI ambitionsThe last few years have been the time of AI. Things ha.....»»

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Researchers find three companies own more than 19,000 rental houses in metro Atlanta

Three corporate landlords control nearly 11% of the single-family homes available for rent in metro Atlanta's core counties, according to a new analysis led by Taylor Shelton, a geographer at Georgia State University......»»

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Discovery shows how cells defend themselves during stressful situations

A recent study by an international research team has unveiled an exciting discovery about how our cells defend themselves during stressful situations. The research, published in EMBO Reports, shows that a tiny modification in the genetic material, ca.....»»

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Cops called after parents get tricked by AI-generated images of Wonka-like event

Dull in-person warehouse for kids doesn't live up to technicolor AI-generated promo images. Enlarge / A photo of "Willy's Chocolate Experience" (inset), which did not match AI-generated promises, shown in the background. (credit:.....»»

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