AEM to create over 300 jobs in Singapore, Malaysia, US expansion

AEM, a global leader in test innovation, expands its operation by having a new site in Malaysia and the US. AEM will also expand its R&D centers in the aforementioned countries and Singapore. The new facilities are scheduled to start operating by the.....»»

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Extreme debtors may accumulate debt due to inflated sense of self-control

A first-of-its-kind study led by Associate Professor Jia Lile from the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences found that extreme debtors have a low capacity to regulate their behavio.....»»

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Malaysia is set to implement ELV management policy by 2025

Malaysia is considering a suitable approach for the implementation of end-of-life vehicle (ELV) management by 2025, Dr. Azrul Hisham Abdullah, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister said......»»

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Scientists bent frickin’ laser beams to create this detailed image of a cat

"We can use this system to do quantum simulations of electrons and superconductivity." Enlarge / Researchers manipulated light with liquid crystals to create a sculpted laser beam capable of producing this photorealistic image of a cat.....»»

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Scientists create DNA test that identifies Lyme disease in horses

A Rutgers scientist aiming to help heal a sick horse has created an ultra-sensitive DNA test that could have applications for difficult-to-detect illnesses such as Lyme disease in humans......»»

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Holocaust Museum motivates visitors to create social change, study suggests

"Dark tourism" experiences—sites and museums associated with violence, tragedy and war—draw millions of travelers each year. New research suggests that exploring one of the darkest chapters in mankind's history—the Holocaust—may inspire touri.....»»

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Cryptocurrency emerges, however, from utter chaos in SEA

Cryptocurrency has been on a red alert as of late with recent policy changes in Singapore while Thailand allows the central bank to be more involved with digital currencies......»»

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Seagate Expansion 8TB external hard drive review: No frills storage in need of USB-C

When speed isn't paramount, external USB hard drives are necessary tools for any Mac owner. The Seagate Expansion is a solid choice with 8TB of capacity for backups and file storage.Seagate Expasion with the 24-inch iMacSeagate is well known in the s.....»»

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Data-driven organizations begin with a data culture

Data is valuable. Overcome barriers, identify data impacts, and establish end user value to create a data-centric culture. Data is valuable. Overcome barriers, identify data impacts, and establish end user value to create a data-centric culture.R.....»»

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Why diversity should have a critical impact on data privacy

Exploring why diversity must play a critical role in data privacy and how companies can create more inclusive and ethical technologies. Exploring why diversity must play a critical role in data privacy and how companies can create more inclusive.....»»

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FCC Denies SpaceX $885 Million in Subsidies for Rural Starlink Expansion

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel doesn't think the agency should "publicly subsidize its still developing technology," which requires a $600 satellite dish.  The post FCC Denies SpaceX $885 Million in Subsidies for R.....»»

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Ferrotec holds groundbreaking ceremony for new factory in Malaysia

Ferrotec Holdings Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, and precision system solutions, held the groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction of its new manufacturing facility at Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah, facilitated by the Malay.....»»

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Uncovering the past: Researchers create 3D images of fossils

Idaho National Laboratory is perhaps best known for innovative research that helps shape the clean energy economies of today and tomorrow—and for good reason. But while much of the laboratory's work is focused on building a sustainable future, INL.....»»

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Not all streaming services create content equally

While Netflix is increasingly in the spotlight for its battle to retain subscribers, a QUT researcher says the streaming giant should not be compared to others and the notion of 'streaming wars' is out-dated......»»

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Check out this supercomputer’s stunning image of a supernova remnant

Australia’s newest supercomputer, Setonix, has crunched masses of data to create a stunning image of a supernova remnant......»»

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Apple celebrates 40 years in Australia with new energy and education initiatives

Tim Cook has announced a series of grants, coding opportunities, and renewable energy goals as Apple marks its fourth decade in Australia.Just as it did with 40 years in France, and then in Singapore, Apple has chosen to celebrate its Australia anniv.....»»

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Cycode’s new software supply chain features identify vulnerabilities in all phases of the SDLC

Cycode has launched its software composition analysis (SCA) solution and the expansion of its platform to add static application security testing (SAST) and container scanning. Cycode’s platform makes AppSec tools better through its Knowledge Graph.....»»

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Toronto greenspaces create structural and systemic barriers for racialized residents

Racialized residents could face structural and systemic barriers to accessing, using and navigating Toronto's greenspaces, say the authors of a new report led by York University......»»

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Performance life span of workers mapped in new research

The performance of workers across their employment life span has been mapped by a new study, which found that more complex jobs can help employees to maintain their ability to be proactive and adaptive at work as they grow older......»»

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Splatoon 3 will recieve at least 2 years of support, expansion teased

Splatoon 3 is to receive two years of support with a possibly teased DLC expansion......»»

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Climate change leads to invasive insect expansion on US West Coast

Climate change has led to warming temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, leading some insect species to expand their range into more northerly oak savannas, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York......»»

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