Algorithms are pushing AI-generated falsehoods at an alarming rate. How do we stop this?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are supercharging the problem of misinformation, disinformation and fake news. OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, and various image, voice and video generators have made it easier than ever to produce con.....»»

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We need to stop taking Guy Ritchie for granted

Guy Ritchie, director of The Gentlemen and The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, deserves more praise than he gets......»»

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SimpliSafe is now using AI to prevent burglars from entering your home

SimpliSafe's Live Guard Outdoor Protection is in currently in early access and uses AI and live monitoring on outdoor cameras to stop crimes before they happen......»»

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People doubt their own ability to spot AI-generated deepfakes

23% of Americans said they recently came across a political deepfake they later discovered to be fake, according to McAfee. The actual number of people exposed to political and other deepfakes is expected to be much higher given many Americans are no.....»»

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Feedback loop that is melting ice shelves in West Antarctica revealed

New research has uncovered a feedback loop that may be accelerating the melting of the floating portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, pushing up global sea levels......»»

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Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track

YouTube videos of 6K celebrities helped train AI model to animate photos in real time. Enlarge / A sample image from Microsoft for "VASA-1: Lifelike Audio-Driven Talking Faces Generated in Real Time." (credit: Microsoft).....»»

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Password crackdown leads to more income for Netflix

Netflix to stop reporting subscriber numbers, prioritizing viewer engagement instead. Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg) Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing helped the streaming service blow past Wall Street’s earnings.....»»

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Hubble goes hunting for small main belt asteroids

Like boulders, rocks, and pebbles scattered across a landscape, asteroids come in a wide range of sizes. Cataloging asteroids in space is tricky because they are faint and they don't stop to be photographed as they zip along their orbits around the s.....»»

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Author granted copyright over book with AI-generated text—with a twist

Copyright Office changed course after initially denying request. (credit: Getty Images) Last October, I received an email with a hell of an opening line: “I fired a nuke at the US Copyright Office this morning.” The.....»»

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Amazonia"s fire crises: Emergency fire bans insufficient, strategic action needed before next burning season

In response to the escalating fire crises in the Amazon, a timely study has revealed alarming shortcomings in the emergency fire bans implemented by the Brazilian Government. Initially seen as a promising solution in 2019, these bans have consistentl.....»»

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Researchers create nanomembrane to increase reaction rate in chemical production

Flow-through reactors packed with enzymes can produce certain chemicals in a gentle and careful way. However, their performance has so far been limited. A research team from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon and RWTH Aachen University has now been able to.....»»

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OpenAI winds down AI image generator that blew minds and forged friendships in 2022

How a group of friends found themselves at the center of a fierce debate about the future of art. Enlarge / An AI-generated image from DALL-E 2 created with the prompt "A painting by Grant Wood of an astronaut couple, american go.....»»

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It’s time to stop believing these PC building myths

Some PC hardware myths are so common that many see them as a fact. It's time to debunk them once and for all......»»

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Fracking the future: How Congolese oil extraction has shaped its history and its fate

In 1969, the recently independent Republic of Congo discovered an enormous oil field off its coast. The find represented both a rare opportunity for the burgeoning nation, and a potential threat—the revenue generated by oil extraction could either.....»»

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Tripadvisor Statistics By Users, Reviews and Revenue

Introduction Tripadvisor Statistics: Tripadvisor is an American online travel […] Introduction Tripadvisor Statistics: Tripadvisor is an American online travel agency that offers user-generated content-supported travel bookings. It cu.....»»

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Ford recalls 456,565 Bronco Sports, Mavericks over loss of drive power, NHTSA says

Unexpected battery loss might go undetected in these vehicles, which could lead to a car being unable to restart or stall when coming to a stop at a low speed, NHTSA said......»»

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Lightning, downpours kill 65 in Pakistan, as April rain doubles historical average

At least 65 people have died in storm-related incidents including lightning in Pakistan, officials said, with rain so far in April falling at nearly twice the historical average rate......»»

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Gigahertz-rate switchable wavefront shaping by LNOI-empowered metasurface

Over the past decade, metasurfaces deploying two-dimensional artificial nanostructures have emerged as a groundbreaking platform to manipulate light across various degrees of freedom. These metasurfaces exhibit significant potential in foundational s.....»»

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Human odorant receptor for characteristic petrol note of Riesling wines identified

Climate change does not stop at grapevines. Too much sun means that the bouquet of German Riesling wines becomes dominated by a petrol note (some) customers do not appreciate. A research team from the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the.....»»

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Namecheap"s Spaceship celebrates one year

Namecheap's one stop website service platform for website building and hosting celebrates its first birthday.....»»

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New UK law targets “despicable individuals” who create AI sex deepfakes

Under new law, those who create the "horrific images" would face a fine and possible jail time. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Tuesday, the UK government announced a new law targeting the creation of AI-generated sexu.....»»

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