Amazon’s Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 deal saves you $200 – it’s time to buy!

Amazon has slashed $200 off the price of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, dropping your total from $999 to only $799......»»

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How Mank used visual effects to turn back the clock on Hollywood

David Fincher's Mank takes audiences back in time to 1930s Hollywood, and made innovative use of visual effects to bring the story to life in the Netflix film......»»

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Wearables don’t work the same on dark skin. It’s time to change that

Is the heart rate sensor on your smartwatch accurate? Research has shown skin tone may affect whether it is, and companies have responded to the challenge......»»

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How Facebook Silenced an Enemy of Turkey To Prevent a Hit To the Company"s Business

Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shares this report from ProPublica: As Turkey launched a military offensive against Kurdish minorities in neighboring Syria in early 2018, Facebook's top executives faced a political dilemma. Turkey was demanding th.....»»

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Apple"s Powerful M1 MacBooks are Lowering The Resale Value of Older MacBooks

"The impressive performance and battery life gains of the new M1 MacBooks have created a historic discontinuity in the normally placid resale market," reports ZDNet: Should you spend $800 for a one year old MacBook Air when for $200 more you could g.....»»

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Brave Privacy Bug Exposed Tor Onion URLs To Your DNS Provider

Brave Browser had a privacy issue that leaked the Tor onion URL addresses you visited to your locally configured DNS server, "exposing the dark web websites you visit...", writes Bleeping Computer. Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes their rep.....»»

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The best Windows tablets for 2021

If you're looking to run Windows 10 on a tablet, you have quite a few options to choose from on the market. Here are the best Windows tablets that you can buy......»»

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The Perseverance Rover CPU Has Similar Specs To a Clamshell Ibook From 2001

An anonymous reader writes: NASA's Perseverence rover, which is currently exploring Mars, has as it's CPU a BAE Systems RAD 750 running at a 200 Mhz and featuring 256 Megabytes of RAM with 2 Gigabytes of storage. This is a radiation hardened version.....»»

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How to watch the Indian Space Research Organisation launch 19 satellites tonight

The Indian Space Research Organisation will be launching 19 satellites tonight, including a Brazilian satellite to monitor the deforestation of the Amazon......»»

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Do Python Developers Want Static Typing?

Results were announced this week for the fourth "official annual Python Developers Survey" of over 28,000 developers (in nearly 200 countries) conducted by the Python Software Foundation and JetBrains. 85% of the survey respondents use Python as th.....»»

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This tiny, round probe could explore caves on the moon

Most exploration of the moon focuses on its surface, but a trio of missions proposed to ESA would head below ground to explore the subterranean lunar world......»»

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The cheapest 4K TV deal available today is this crazy discount at Walmart

This 50-inch 4k TV has built-in Google Assistant as well as Chromecast......»»

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This Apple AirPods deal at Amazon is so good it might be a mistake

Need new buds? Snag the Apple AirPods today at their low price of $129 from Amazon while this deal lasts......»»

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What is Windows Polaris? Microsoft’s defunct UI explained

What is Windows Polaris? It was a component of Microsoft's supposed Windows Core OS project. Here's how it worked in the overall modular Windows picture......»»

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Amazon Rainforest Plots Sold via Facebook Marketplace Ads

Parts of Brazil's Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook, the BBC is reporting. From the report: The protected areas include national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples. Some of the plots listed via Facebook's classified.....»»

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US Drops Digital Tax Demand, Opening Door To Global Deal

The U.S. has dropped a key demand in negotiations over digital taxation of technology companies such as Alphabet's Google and Facebook, lifting a barrier that had raised transatlantic trade tensions and prevented an international deal. From a report:.....»»

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8 exciting 5G use cases that show what 5G can really do

Now that are expanding across the country, it’s a great time to start thinking about some of the innovative 5G use cases that will impact the world as we know it. Like any upgrade to our mobile network infrastructure, the most exciting aspect i.....»»

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With TPG Deal, AT&T Moves On From Traditional Video Business

With TPG Deal, AT&T Moves On From Traditional Video Business Many consumers may not realize that DIRECTV is now owned by AT&T, and now they may never need to know. AT&T said today that it will sell 30% of DIRECTV and related AT&T linear video busine.....»»

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The 48 best movies on Amazon Prime right now

From Amazon Originals to kids movies to cute rom-coms, we've dug out all the best movies available on Amazon Prime Video so you don't have to......»»

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The 52 best shows on Amazon Prime right now

After sifting through hundreds of shows on Amazon Prime Video, we've chosen the best ones available for streaming, from the classics to new originals......»»

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Microsoft Dominates the Analytics, Business Intelligence Market but There Are Alternatives

While Gartner reports Microsoft Power BI's domination of the market there are other effective alternatives for those that do not want to go that route. Continue reading........»»

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