Are Android-based game-streaming handhelds a fad, or are they the future?

Modern game streaming + retro game emulation + Switch-like design = success? Enlarge / Let's see: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia Geforce Now, Xbox again, and Steam Link. That's all the cloud streaming services, right? Nothing's missing. (cr.....»»

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Can Taiwan LED makers benefit from government-proposed tax incentives?

The Taiwan government has proposed an income tax credit to encourage R&D of innovative technologies and products as well as purchases of equipment used in advanced manufacturing processes. Since some Taiwan-based LED makers have been developing advan.....»»

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Accidental Steam listing leaks Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date

Ahead of its gameplay reveal at the 2022 Game Awards, EA's Star Wars sequel has seen its release details seemingly leaked online......»»

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China-based battery makers see triple-digit growth in global installation volume

Asian EV battery companies dominate the market, with China-based manufacturers leading the pack. According to SNE Research, almost all Chinese battery makers that enjoyed the highest installation volume worldwide achieved triple-digit growth for the.....»»

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Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam shortlisted for Taiwan PCB manufacturing relocation

Taiwan-based PCB and CCL suppliers, of which many have built their production sites in Kunshan, China, are considering relocating manufacturing to Southeast Asia, with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam being shortlisted for their move into the region......»»

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GM, Microsoft execs: Digital groundwork for connected vehicle future is happening now

General Motors' Scott Miller and Sanjay Ravi with Microsoft told Automotive News Congress that the foundations for a vastly changed digital automotive ecosystem are being laid now......»»

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Team develops photon-efficient volumetric imaging method with light-sheet scanning fluorescence microscopy

In biological imaging, researchers aim to achieve 3D, high-speed, and high-resolution, with low photobleaching and phototoxicity. The light-sheet fluorescence microscope (LSFM) helps meet that aim. Based on a unique excitation and detection scheme, t.....»»

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Study finds both habitat quality and biodiversity can impact bee health

Efforts to promote the future health of both wild bees and managed honeybee colonies need to consider specific habitat needs, such as the density of wildflowers......»»

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3D printing can help produce valuable radiopharmaceuticals

Without accurate diagnostics, it is difficult to talk about effective treatment of patients, especially in the case of cancer. Today, as much as 80% of diagnostic procedures using radiopharmaceuticals require the use of molybdenum-99. In the future,.....»»

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NASA is testing a new robotic arm that really knows how to chill out

Future planetary missions could explore in extremely cold temperatures that stymie existing spacecraft, thanks to a project under development at JPL......»»

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Biologists make case for guiding conservation with a local touch to fight climate change effects

As nature reels towards a hotter, drier, harsher future, new conservation tools—seed banks and frozen zoos, gene editing and assisted gene flow—hold promise to help struggling animal and plant populations. The catch: New approaches must incorpora.....»»

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For biodiversity to thrive, conservation efforts must be "nature and people positive," experts say

In a new expert study published in the journal One Earth, an international team of scientists from the Earth Commission, convened by Future Earth, say that efforts to meet new biodiversity targets and goals for the next three decades risk repeating p.....»»

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How to watch The Game Awards 2022: when it airs and what to expect

The Game Awards 2022 show goes live on December 8. Here's how to watch the end-of-year gaming highlight reel and what to expect......»»

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Starfield, The Elder Scrolls Online devs are voting to unionize

Quality assurance testers at Microsoft-owned game developers like Bethesda Game Studios are voting to unionize......»»

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Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game

The cryptic game's new interface welcomes newcomers but preserves the chaos. Enlarge / Not pictured: the things that are far more dangerous to fortress-dwelling dwarves, like poor site planning, miasma, and a lack of drink......»»

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Report: Climate change for food projects

Many people working in local or community food projects already know that they need to review how they operate in order to ensure they are doing as much as possible to reduce future negative impacts on the climate......»»

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Google Password Manager is taking over this key Chrome security function

Google Password Manager is fast becoming the default for Chrome users on more platforms, including Android......»»

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The future of replacement organs is (quite possibly) here: Robust human intestinal organoids created in a lab

Growing miniature organ-like tissues in the lab is already within our reach. Now, researchers from Japan have developed a new approach that enables intestinal mini-organs to be grown more easily and efficiently in the lab. This holds immense promise.....»»

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Survey reveals how Australians were affected by the start of COVID-19

A new report reveals how the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Australians, as many of us received government income support, worked from home under lockdown, watched more TV and worried over an uncertain future......»»

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Quantum light source could pave the way to a quantum internet

The ability to integrate fiber-based quantum information technology into existing optical networks would be a significant step toward applications in quantum communication. To achieve this, quantum light sources must be able to emit single photons wi.....»»

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Where to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

Miss Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, and the gang playing in the snow? Find out where the Peanuts holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas is streaming......»»

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