Asian water towers on tighter budget despite a warmer and wetter climate

The 'Third Pole' centered on the Tibetan Plateau is home to headwaters of over 10 major Asian rivers. These glacier-based water systems, also known as the Asian Water Towers, will have to struggle to quench the thirst of downstream communities despit.....»»

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Dealers in Texas putting wintry mess in rearview

The snow, ice and astoundingly frigid temperatures that devistated power and water systems in mid-February was just the latest catastrophe to hit Texas dealers......»»

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Meet Catfish Charlie, the CIA’s Robotic Spy

The evolution of underwater robots from smart torpedoes to surveillance fish Photo: CIA Museum CIA roboticists designed Catfish Charlie to take water samples undetected. Why they wanted a spy fish for such a purpose r.....»»

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Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge

Aridification in the central plains of China during the early Bronze Age did not cause population collapse, a result that highlights the importance of social resilience to climate change. Instead of a collapse amid dry conditions, development of agri.....»»

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Broaden your view of ‘best’ to make smarter, more inclusive investments

Research shows that diverse teams, companies and founders pay, so why are all of the VC home runs from white men, or Asian men in Asia, plus a few Asian men in the U.S.? David Teten Contributor Share.....»»

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Texas woman sues Griddy after being charged $9,546 for 19 days of power

Griddy blames state agency as variable-rate plans produce outrageous power bills. Enlarge / The US and Texas flags fly in front of high-voltage transmission towers on February 21, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (credit: Getty Images | Justin Sullivan ).....»»

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Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge

Climate alone is not a driver for human behavior. The choices that people make in the face of changing conditions take place in a larger human context. And studies that combine insights from archeologists and environmental scientists can offer more n.....»»

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UN: Carbon-cutting pledges by countries nowhere near enough

The newest pledges by countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions are falling far short of what's needed to limit global warming to what the Paris climate accord seeks, a new United Nations report finds......»»

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Were it not for humans, woolly mammoths would have lived for 4,000 more years, simulation shows

An international team of researchers has used computer simulations to show that it was likely a combination of climate change and human hunting that led to the extinction of the woolly mammoth. They have written a paper describing their findings, ava.....»»

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Protecting the family tree with global seed vaults

It seems like every day we learn of a new risk posed to native plants, from bushfires to climate change. But they're not going out without a—er—bang......»»

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When devastation strikes the oceans, sharks can hold the key to recovery

A world without sharks is a world less resilient to extreme climate events, scientists say......»»

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Improving water quality could help conserve insectivorous birds

A new study shows that a widespread decline in abundance of emergent insects—whose immature stages develop in lakes and streams while the adults live on land—can help to explain the alarming decline in abundance and diversity of aerial insectivor.....»»

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Lite-On Tech to hike capex 47% in 2021

EMS provider Lite-On Technology plans to budget NT$5 billion (US$178 million) in 2021 capex, increasing 47% from 2020, mainly for a new factory in southern Taiwan and overseas capacity expansions, according to company president Anson Chiu......»»

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Getting ahead of climate change

As climate change increases the occurrence of catastrophic natural disasters around the world, international organizations are looking for ways to reduce the risk of such disasters. One approach under exploration is the humanitarian community's forec.....»»

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Southern exposure: Cold wreaks havoc on aging waterworks

The sunshine is back and the ice has melted. But more than a week after a deep freeze across the South, many communities are still grappling with getting clean water to their residents......»»

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Compilation of research on PFAS in the environment

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of man-made chemical compounds and a current, emerging concern to environmental health. PFAS substances have unique characteristics-resistance to heat, water, oil and stains-that make them useful.....»»

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Granholm confirmed to lead U.S. Energy Department

The Senate voted 64-35 to confirm the former Michigan governor to run the sprawling agency, which has an annual budget of $35 billion and national research laboratories spread across 17 states......»»

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New shape-changing 4D materials hold promise for morphodynamic tissue engineering

New hydrogel-based materials that can change shape in response to psychological stimuli, such as water, could be the next generation of materials used to bioengineer tissues and organs, according to a team of researchers......»»

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Live chat tomorrow: Ars Texas on living through last week’s arctic adventure

Come chat about enduring sub-freezing temperatures without heat, water, or electricity! Enlarge Most of Texas endured record or near-record low temperatures last week as a late-season (for Texas, at least) arctic cold front sagged down across.....»»

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What motivates natural resource policymakers in Africa to take action on climate change?

Climate services are vital tools for decision makers addressing climate change in developing countries. Science-based seasonal forecasts and accompanying materials can support climate risk management in agriculture, health, water management, energy,.....»»

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El Niño impacts the precipitation recycle ratio over the Tibetan Plateau at interannual timescale

The water cycle over the Tibetan Plateau (TP), known as the "Asian Water Tower", is vital to the regional and downstream climate and ecosystem. A new study found that the interannual variability of the summer precipitation recycle ratio over the TP i.....»»

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