Asteroid will pass in front of bright star Betelgeuse to produce a rare eclipse visible to millions

One of the biggest and brightest stars in the night sky will momentarily vanish as an asteroid passes in front of it to produce a one-of-a-kind eclipse......»»

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With EA’s Star Wars shooter canceled, it’s time to revisit a classic

EA's planned Star Wars shooter is no more, but you can revisit this remaster of one of the series' classic games right now......»»

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Cloud Computing Chronicles: Architecting the Skies of Online Gaming

In the realm of online gaming, where millions of players converge daily, the architecture behind the scenes plays a pivotal role in delivering seamless experiences. Cloud computing has emerged as the cornerstone of modern gaming infrastructure, revol.....»»

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Stop by Warby Parker stores between April 1 and 8 to score free solar eclipse glasses

Warby Parker stores are giving away free solar eclipse glasses starting on April 1 while supplies last. FREE ECLIPSE GLASSES: Stop by any Warby Parker storefront between April 1 and April 8 to score free eclipse glasses, while supplies last......»»

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With the arrival of K-pop stars, fans turn their attention to Fashion Week metrics

As luxury brands learn to leverage the star power of K-pop idols, their social media accounts have become a battleground for fandoms looking for new ways to quantify their influence. The newest front-row fixture at Fashion Week? Fanwars.As luxu.....»»

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Scientists zoom in on distant solar system. It"s teeming with water.

Astronomers used the ALMA telescope array to observe the developing solar system around the star HL Tauri, In this young disk of matter, they identified lots of water near a potentially-forming planet. Astronomers are excited about this one. Us.....»»

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Images show ultra-rare black iPod Hi-Fi prototype

The iPod Hi-Fi launched 18 years ago this week, marking Apple’s entry into the home audio market. In celebration of that birthday, new images posted to Twitter this week show an ultra-rare iPod Hi-Fi in a stunning black finish. more….....»»

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How to get Zinc Ore in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Zinc Ore is just one of many materials you will be filling your pockets with in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This one is quite rare, so here is where to find it......»»

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn’t on Xbox, so play these RPGs on Game Pass

From Tales of Arise to Persona 3 Reload, here are some great Xbox Game Pass RPGs that'll fill the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-sized hole in your heart......»»

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Does trying to look younger reduce how much ageism older adults face?

Every year, millions of older Americans spend money and time to try to look younger than they are. They color graying hair, buy anti-balding products, use teeth whiteners and wrinkle fillers, and much more......»»

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A bright idea for recycling rare-earth phosphors from used fluorescent bulbs

Recycling facilities collect glass and mercury from thrown-away fluorescent bulbs, but discarded lighting could also supply rare-earth metals for reuse. The 17 metals referred to as rare earths aren't all widely available and aren't easily extracted.....»»

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Unveiling rare diversity: The origin of heritable mutations in trees

What is the origin of genetic diversity in plants? Can new mutations acquired during growth be passed on to seeds? INRAE scientists, in collaboration with CIRAD and the CNRS, have used the French Guiana forest as the setting for their research, leadi.....»»

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Star Wars: KOTOR remake developer reportedly sold by Embracer Group

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 studio Saber Interactive is reportedly being sold by Embracer Group......»»

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What’s new on Disney+ in March 2024

Disney+'s March 2024 lineup includes Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version), X-Men '97, new episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and more......»»

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T-Mobile expands 5G home internet to Puerto Rico

T-Mobile has been a leader in 5G home internet over the last few years. Now alongside availability to tens of millions of homes in the contiguous 48 states, T-Mobile 5G home internet has launched in the US territory of Puerto Rico. more….....»»

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Algorithms are pushing AI-generated falsehoods at an alarming rate. How do we stop this?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are supercharging the problem of misinformation, disinformation and fake news. OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, and various image, voice and video generators have made it easier than ever to produce con.....»»

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How climate change is messing up the ocean"s biological clock, with unknown long-term consequences

Every year in the mid-latitudes of the planet, a peculiar phenomenon known as the phytoplankton spring bloom occurs. Visible from space, spectacular large and ephemeral filament-like shades of green and blue are shaped by the ocean currents......»»

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Researchers discover a new plant species whose name tells a story

A new species and genus of fairy lantern, tiny glass-like white plants that feed on fungi, has been discovered in Japan. In a country known for its extensive flora research, the discovery of a new plant genus is extremely rare and has not occurred in.....»»

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Astronomers reveal a new link between water and planet formation

Researchers have found water vapor in the disk around a young star exactly where planets may be forming. Water is a key ingredient for life on Earth and is also thought to play a significant role in planet formation, yet until now, astronomers have n.....»»

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NASA and Russian satellites just miss in ‘too close for comfort’ pass

Two large satellites — one operated by NASA and another owned by Russia — came alarmingly close to colliding about 378 miles above Earth on Wednesday......»»

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GitHub besieged by millions of malicious repositories in ongoing attack

GitHub keeps removing malware-laced repositories, but thousands remain. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) GitHub is struggling to contain an ongoing attack that’s flooding the site with millions of code repositories. Thes.....»»

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