At the edge of industry: Litmus and IIoT

Digitalization and industrial IoT is revolutionizing industries across the globe. Industrial IoT enables the seamless integration of physical machinery, devices, and sensors with digital systems, allowing real-time data collection, analysis, and auto.....»»

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Machine-learning-boosted drug discovery with 10-fold time reduction

Boosting virtual screening with machine learning allowed for a 10-fold time reduction in the processing of 1.56 billion drug-like molecules. Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland teamed up with industry and supercomputers to carry out on.....»»

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Ex-UN climate chief has "lost patience" with fossil fuel industry

The UN's former climate chief said Thursday she had "lost patience" with fossil fuel companies and that they should steer clear of crunch talks in Dubai if the industry refuses to be part of the solution......»»

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There’s a big sale happening on Lenovo Tower and Edge servers today

Today, there's a big sale on Lenovo Tower and Edge servers so you can outfit your next venture with incredible hardware......»»

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Chicago"s West Side is an air pollution hotspot, new study finds

The western edge of Chicago—including the North and South Lawndale, East Garfield Park, Archer Heights and Brighton Park neighborhoods—experiences up to 32% higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution compared to the rest of the.....»»

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Microsoft Bing and Edge are getting a big DALL-E 3 upgrade

Microsoft's AI focus will make your shopping easier with Copilot guiding you, while Bing becomes much more artistic with DALL-E 3 image creation......»»

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Suppliers urge price concessions from automakers as UAW strike hits finances

The UAW's strike against the Detroit 3 has made an already precarious financial situation for many suppliers even more fraught — and the automakers might be in part to blame, industry experts said......»»

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Red Hat and Intel deliver open source industrial automation to the manufacturing shop floor

Red Hat announced a new industrial edge platform, designed in collaboration with Intel, that will provide a modern approach to building and operating industrial controls. By transforming the way manufacturers operate, scale and innovate with standard.....»»

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Rising OT/ICS cybersecurity incidents reveal alarming trend

60% of cyberattacks against the industrial sector are led by state-affiliated actors and often unintentionally enabled by internal personnel (about 33% of the time), according to Rockwell Automation. This corroborates other industry research showing.....»»

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What AppSec and developers working in cloud-native environments need to know

All enterprise organizations are, in essence, software publishers, regardless of their industry. This is because every enterprise relies on custom software applications for managing internal processes, interacting with customers, or analyzing data, m.....»»

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Research finds that more flexible working and avoiding excessive alcohol at work events are key to workplace equality

Flexible working is key to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, according to a new report. The research into equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK insurance industry also found that excessive alcohol consumption at team building and.....»»

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Fast-track strain engineering for speedy biomanufacturing

Using engineered microbes as microscopic factories has given the world steady sources of life-saving drugs, revolutionized the food industry, and allowed us to make sustainable versions of valuable chemicals previously made from petroleum......»»

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How Brembo brings AI-powered 4-wheel independent braking to masses

Brembo wants its new artificial intelligence-based braking system, Sensify, to set a new industry standard just as antilock braking did decades ago by bringing high-performance, all-electric, independent four-wheel braking to mass-market brands......»»

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Avoiding domain security risks when taking your business online

Unfortunately, as available domain extensions increase in variety (and uniqueness), so do security risks. In this Help Net Security video, Prudence Malinki, Head of Industry Relations at Markmonitor, discusses best practices enterprises should abide.....»»

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Stack"s arrival signals renewed confidence in automated vehicle tech

Argo AI's demise symbolized the self-driving industry's struggles. The return of its founders in a new venture, Stack, may signal the industry's recovery......»»

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Industry keeps an eye out for UAW strike"s impact on small suppliers

Suppliers are closely watching the UAW's strike against the Detroit 3 and bracing themselves for fallout deep in the supply chain if it persists longer than a few weeks......»»

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Poor charging experience hinders EV industry, Battery Show panel says

At an event bursting with technology to accelerate the industry's transition to electrification, experts say the charging experience of today remains a major hurdle......»»

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Review of mBot Neo

What is the mBot Neo, anyway? The mBot Neo a coding robot that makes learning interactive, engaging, and loads of fun! With its cutting-edge technology, this educational robot takes learning to a whole new level by showcasing real-world applications.....»»

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Kenya: Ongata Rongai boom town destroyed two vital rivers—new study flags a major health risk

Over the past 10 years, Ongata Rongai, a satellite town on the edge of Kenya's capital, Nairobi, has experienced uncontrolled development and exponential population growth. Because of its appealing location close to the city, it's jumped from just un.....»»

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Concordium Web3 ID prioritizes user privacy for both individuals and businesses

Concordium unveils Web3 ID: an edge identification platform offering age-verification capacities designed to prioritize user privacy for both individuals and businesses. Concordium’s age verification tooling works to protect minors online amids.....»»

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Apple attempts to control the message around France"s iPhone 12 RF radiation debacle

France is threatening a recall of all iPhone 12 models due to concerns over radio frequency exposure, and Apple has instructed staff control messaging on the matter.iPhone 12 on the edge of a recallIt's been a busy few days for Apple, but not just be.....»»

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