Baidu"s smart speaker unit to launch a phone next week

Baidu Inc. is adding a phone to its portfolio of smart gadgets as it builds out a hardware ecosystem to complement its internet services......»»

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Microsoft clarifies Windows 11 23H2 update isn’t arriving next week

While the Copilot AI is about to arrive, the big annual update for 2023 won’t be along until later in Q4......»»

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Saturday Citations: Cutting the middleman out of spider silk synthesis; hungry black holes; Osiris-Rex is back!

This week, we reported on spider silk synthesis without spiders, and how policymakers are pursuing a wish-based approach to a global economy under climate change—what the kids call "manifesting" a green-growth future. Plus, black holes could be hun.....»»

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Crowdfunding conservation: A Pacific island"s plan to protect its waters

For a little under $150, you can now directly sponsor marine conservation across one square kilometer of the Pacific Ocean, through a novel scheme announced this week by the tiny island of Niue......»»

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Dealers alert to strike impact on showroom, service

Dealers said new-car inventory remains mostly stable in the second week of the UAW strike. But some are readying for a wider range of vehicles to become unavailable if the strike persists and expands to other assembly plants......»»

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UAW strike cost the economy $1.6B in first week, expected to grow exponentially

So far, the losses have been concentrated in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio, where plants are shuttered over the strike......»»

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Android phones get PC webcam capabilities in the latest beta

Connect an Android "webcam" to Windows, Mac, Linux, or even another Android phone. Enlarge / The Pixel 7 Pro camera layout. Between the first two lenses, you can make out sensors for laser autofocus and a color sensor......»»

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Unity exec tells Ars he’s on a mission to earn back developer trust

Interview: "It was not our intent to nickel-and-dime it, but it came across that way." Enlarge (credit: Unity) Unity executive Marc Whitten tells Ars the company has learned a lot over the last week. (credit: LinkedIn)If.....»»

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Microsoft unveils new Surface laptops, AI-powered Windows Copilot

At an event mainly intended to promote an artificial intelligence tool into the next Windows 11 update, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface laptop lineup with a spec bump and a new Intel Neural Processing Unit.Microsoft revealed new products at its S.....»»

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Google continues to awkwardly push for iPhone RCS integration in new "Meet iPager" video

Google has taken yet another awkward swipe at Apple's iPhone 15 and iMessage with another video designed to goad the company into adopting RCS.The video, dubbed "Meet iPager," is heavily stylized to look like one of Apple's signature product launch v.....»»

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Apple Stores worldwide -- including China -- are packed for iPhone 15

Allaying fears of lesser demand in China, stores in the country were as packed for the launch of iPhone 15 as everywhere else.A woman with her new iPhone 15 Pro Max in Apple Central World, BangkokAlso new in stores are the update AirPods Pro (2nd gen.....»»

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Wedbush says iPhone 15 Pro Max is "a clear standout"

Investment firm Wedbush reports that launch day demand for the iPhone 15 in Apple Stores matches the higher than expected pre-orders for the range.Buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Sydney, Australia (Source: Apple)Wedbush previously reported that it es.....»»

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Daily deals Sept. 22: $20 off Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9 $389, $90 off iPad 9th Generation, more

Today's top deals include an Apple Watch Series 5 from $160, a FlexiSpot electric standing desk for $150, 30% off a Baseus magnetic power bank battery pack, CyberPower battery backup systems from $60, 60% off a Samsung wireless party speaker, and mor.....»»

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Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak open Fifth Avenue store for iPhone 15 launch

Apple executives Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak welcomed the first iPhone 15 buyers at New York's Fifth Avenue store.Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak in NYC (Source: CNBC)Crowds have been gathering at Apple Stores across the world as they began selling the iPhon.....»»

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iPhone 15 review: A bigger step up than the iPhone 14 was

The move to the iPhone 15 is a much larger step than the iPhone 14 was, and it is a return to form for Apple's phone for the rest of us.iPhone 15 review: Displays on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 PlusThe introduction of the iPhone 14 was, frankly, a disapp.....»»

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Grab everything you need for your iPhone 15 - cases, cables, chargers, and more

Grab all the things you need for your brand new phone with our list of the best accessories for the iPhone 15 line.Best iPhone 15 accessoriesApple's iPhone 15 lineup is now available, which means you're going to want to pick up some accessories to ge.....»»

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FCC closing loophole that gave robocallers easy access to US phone numbers

New rules make it a bit harder for VoIP providers to access numbering system. Enlarge In one of its many attempts to curb robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission said it is making it harder for Voice over Inter.....»»

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Depredations and depravities reign in this week’s Wheel of Time

Recap: The shadow rises, the Seanchan strengthen, and our characters face desperation. Enlarge / Still no safeword in Tel'aran'rhiod, Rand. (credit: Amazon Studios) Andrew Cunningham and Lee Hutchinson have spent decades.....»»

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Apple’s new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro reach doorsteps and store shelves

Pro model shipments are backed up for weeks. Enlarge / All the colors of the new iPhone 15. (credit: Apple) Today marks the in-store launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, plus the likely delivery date for at least t.....»»

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How to use StandBy in iOS 17 to turn your iPhone into a smart display

StandBy is cool new iOS 17 feature that will change how you use your iPhone. Here's everything you need to know to get started......»»

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Astronomers discover newborn galaxies with the James Webb Space Telescope

With the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers are now able to peer so far back in time that we are approaching the epoch where we think that the first galaxies were created. Throughout most of the history of the universe, galaxies se.....»»

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