Bosch and Volkswagen to industrialize equipment for battery-cell production

The Bosch Group and the Volkswagen Group have signed a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to explore the possibility of establishing a European battery equipment solution provider......»»

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Ontario focuses on being Stellantis" EV hub

The automaker plans to retool its plants in Windsor and Brampton and build two new R&D centers in Canada focusing on EVs and battery technology......»»

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Samsung Might Reduce Phone Manufacturing by 30 Million for 2022

A shifting economic landscape has forced the manufacturer to reduce production costs. The post Samsung Might Reduce Phone Manufacturing by 30 Million for 2022 first appeared on Phandroid. There’s no doubt that Samsung is one of the bi.....»»

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Gene linked to severe learning disabilities governs cell stress response

A gene that has been associated with severe learning disabilities in humans has been found to also play a vital role in cells' response to environmental stress, according to a Duke University study appearing May 24 in the journal Cell Reports......»»

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Linker histone"s surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA

To keep order in the tight quarters of the cell nucleus, our DNA is neatly clamped in place around a central disk by H1 linker histone, which helps shepherd DNA into the tidy chromatin fibers that comprise chromosomes. Linker histone, however, is far.....»»

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Scientists identify beetle that triggers production of red propolis in Brazil

Jairo Kenupp Bastos first heard about the insect while visiting Canavieiras on the south coast of Bahia, a state in the Northeast of Brazil. "Local beekeepers told me about a tiny beetle that made holes in a plant called Dalbergia ecastaphyllum [C.....»»

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Researchers unravel role of cohesins in embryonic stem cell division

Chromosomes undergo precise structural changes at a molecular level during the different phases of cell division. These changes occur at a high level of accuracy to prevent genome instability. Genome instability resulting from broken, missing, or rea.....»»

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Jaguar Land Rover"s search for battery manfacturing signals more losses for UK

Unless battery investment picks up, experts say, automakers may only accelerate their exodus from what was once the world's second-biggest auto manufacturing base......»»

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Toyota cuts June output plan again as China lockdowns bite

Toyota said there was "a possibility" that it could lower its full-year production plan of 9.7 million vehicles as it faces a continuing shortage of parts due to the COVID-19 lockdowns in China......»»

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Bosch to develop autonomous driving software with WeRide

German supplier Robert Bosch signed a partnership deal with WeRide, a Guangzhou-based autonomous driving technology provider, to develop software enabling autonomous driving functions for passenger vehicle makers in China. .....»»

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Tesla submits application to expand German plant, report says

Tesla, which already has 740 acres of land for its auto factory and battery plant under construction, plans to build a freight station, logistics areas and parking spaces on the additional space, Gruenheide’s mayor told local media......»»

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Maxscend to commercialize production of SAW filters

China-based Maxscend Microelectronics, dedicated to supplying RF frontend chips such as RF switches and low-noise amplifiers, is set to kick off trial production of SAW (surface acoustic wave) filters as a new offering later in 2022, according to ind.....»»

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Bosch reportedly bargaining price hikes with automakers

Bosch, the world's largest automotive parts supplier, is reportedly re-negotiating contracts with carmakers for its planned price hikes, which might lead other suppliers to raise prices as well, according to industry sources......»»

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Taiwan Mobile deepens 5G cooperation with Nokia

Telecom operator Taiwan Mobile has disclosed it has signed an expansion deal with Nokia to enhance 5G coverage. To achieve the telecom's goal of using 100% renewable power by 2040, the company said it will prioritize energy-saving equipment......»»

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Semiconductor, EV battery startups highlighted at Computex 2022

Computex 2022 has spotlighted 18 startup teams with innovations about semiconductor, electric vehicle (EV) and other areas. The teams are expected to attract a total of NT$1 billion (US$33.8 million) in investment capital this year, according to Taiw.....»»

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Developing wet circuits for biology research

You don't have to be an engineer to know that water and electronics don't mix. But if you want to use a sensing circuit to study small-scale features in a community of cells, the electronics must find a way to accommodate the cell's aqueous environme.....»»

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HannStar Display to set up IGZO TFT-LCD production lines

HannStar Display will set up IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) TFT-LCD panel production lines based on 5G or 6G glass substrates, according company vice president Wu Hsu-ho......»»

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Silergy sees strong PMIC demand for automobile and server

Power management IC (PMIC) designer Silergy still sees tight production capacity while anticipating increasing demand, with order visibility extending more than a year, according to company chairman Chen Wei......»»

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Artilux intros GeSi sensor solution for TWS devices

Artilux has introduced its new GeSi sensor solution based on the company's CMOS SWIR (short-wave infrared) optical sensing technology for TWS earbuds and other wearables, which will likely be in volume production for devices from non-Apple vendors in.....»»

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BMW"s Mexico plans could include EVs

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse last month said crossover production will come to Mexico, without revealing specific plans......»»

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Will the iPhone 14 lineup face delays? Kuo weighs in

A report from early this week suggested Apple and its suppliers were struggling with iPhone 14 production due to COVID-19 lockdowns in China. In addition, an analyst said iPhone 14 Plus/Max production was delayed by three weeks. Now, analyst Ming-Ch.....»»

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