Climate change cost U.S. ski industry billions, study says, and future depends on emissions

U.S. ski areas lost $5 billion from 2000 to 2019 as a result of human-caused climate change and could lose around $1 billion annually in the 2050s depending on how much emissions are reduced, a new study found......»»

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Here’s why Roborock’s next-gen S8 Max will change your home-cleaning game [free $1000 gift pack]

If you have kids, pets, or simply want the luxury of immaculately clean floors without having to do the work yourself, then look no farther than Roborock’s next-gen S8 MaxV Ultra – the industry’s most technologically advanced robot mop and vac.....»»

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Scientists study lipids cell by cell, making new cancer research possible

Imagine being able to look inside a single cancer cell and see how it communicates with its neighbors. Scientists are celebrating a new technique that lets them study the fatty contents of cancer cells, one by one......»»

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Beyond higher temperatures: Preparing for national security risks posed by climate change

When talk turns to climate change, certain images pop to mind—maybe polar bears on ever-shrinking ice floes, coral reefs drained of color, or more powerful hurricanes hitting the coast......»»

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Should family members be in charge of family businesses? We analyzed 175 studies to understand how a family CEO pays off

From Hermes to Smuckers to the fictional Waystar Royco of HBO's "Succession," family businesses often choose their CEOs from the ranks of kin. But is this a good business decision? As researchers who study entrepreneurship and management, we wanted t.....»»

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How creating less-gassy cows could help fight climate change

A Curtin University study has revealed breeding less-flatulent cows and restoring agricultural land could significantly reduce rising methane emission levels, which play a considerable role in climate change......»»

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Study finds climate change is helping tropical fish invade Australian ocean water

A University of Adelaide study of shallow-water fish communities on rocky reefs in south-eastern Australia has found climate change is helping tropical fish species invade temperate Australian waters. The work is published in the Journal of Animal Ec.....»»

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Grüner Veltliner white wine could be the toast of Pennsylvania, study suggests

States that are associated with signature varietals of wine can realize an economic benefit—some examples are regions in California linked with zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, Oregon with pinot noir and the Finger Lakes region of New.....»»

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A new electrochemical approach could reduce ocean acidity and remove carbon in the process

In the effort to combat the catastrophic impacts of global warming, we must accelerate carbon emissions reduction efforts and rapidly scale strategies to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and the oceans. The technologies for reducing ou.....»»

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Staying on trend: Research dives into aligning social media skills development to industry expectations

New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Collat School of Business is revealing how college students grasp social media marketing concepts, and what industry leaders are looking for when they enter the workforce......»»

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From the coast to the deep sea, changing oxygen levels affect marine life in different ways

Earth's atmosphere maintains a constant level of oxygen, whether it is a wintry, rainy day or hot summer. Across the ocean, oxygen concentrations vary enormously between different places and over time. Sometimes oxygen levels change within the course.....»»

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2025 Subaru Legacy to mark end of brand"s midsize sedan

The midsize Legacy will be dropped after the 2025 model year, as U.S. consumers continue to shift away from sedans, making room for Subaru to build future EVs......»»

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McLaren"s new F1-inspired halo to cost $2 million-ish, arrives in 2026

The British marque plans to build fewer than 400 examples of the 1,000-plus-hp track monster......»»

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The big quantum chill: Scientists modify common lab refrigerator to cool faster with less energy

By modifying a refrigerator commonly used in both research and industry, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have drastically reduced the time and energy required to cool materials to within a few degrees above ab.....»»

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Researchers create artificial cells that act like living cells

In a new study published in Nature Chemistry, UNC-Chapel Hill researcher Ronit Freeman and her colleagues describe the steps they took to manipulate DNA and proteins—essential building blocks of life—to create cells that look and act like cells f.....»»

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Study shines light on properties and promise of hexagonal boron nitride, used in electronic and photonics technologies

Single-photon emitters (SPEs) are akin to microscopic lightbulbs that emit only one photon (a quantum of light) at a time. These tiny structures hold immense importance for the development of quantum technology, particularly in applications such as s.....»»

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State"s new law involving Puget Sound Energy aspires to set a course for the future

Over the past couple of years, Washington lawmakers have wrestled with a daunting task......»»

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Bacteria for climate-neutral chemicals of the future

Researchers at ETH Zurich have engineered bacteria in the laboratory to efficiently use methanol. The metabolism of these bacteria can now be tapped into to produce valuable products currently made by the chemical industry from fossil fuels......»»

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Study shows it"s not too late to save the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

New research has found a "missing piece of the puzzle" of West Antarctic Ice Sheet melt, revealing that the collapse of the ice sheet in the Ross Sea region can be prevented—if we keep to a low-emissions pathway......»»

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Novel method could explore gluon saturation at the future electron-ion collider

The U.S. nuclear physics community is preparing to build the electron–ion collider (EIC), a flagship facility for probing the properties of matter and the strong nuclear force that holds matter together. The EIC will allow scientists to study how n.....»»

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New small molecule helps scientists study regeneration

Regenerating damaged tissues or organs has been a dream of scientists for decades. Now, researchers at the FMI and Novartis Biomedical Research have discovered a new molecule that activates a protein involved in regeneration. The tool holds promise f.....»»

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