Composition of gut microbiota could influence decision-making

The way we make decisions in a social context can be explained by psychological, social, and political factors. But what if other forces were at work? Hilke Plassmann and her colleagues from the Paris Brain Institute and the University of Bonn show t.....»»

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Species composition and succession of coral reef fishes in Huaguang Reef, Xisha Islands

Huaguang Reef, one of the expansive atolls in the Xisha Islands, is completely mature, stretching 31 kilometers from east to west and 12 kilometers from north to south. Positioned as a concealed reef in the water, only the north and south gates are c.....»»

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New study unveils formation secrets of tiny rare earth elements

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences have revealed a novel route to the formation of bastnäsite, a crucial mineral for the extraction of rare earth elements (REEs). Their work offers promise in one day making the extr.....»»

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Apple"s on-device email categorization is a feature years in the making

Apple recently announced an all-new email categorization feature for iOS 18, but a newly-discovered prototype of the UI dates back to around five years ago, before the release of iOS 13.Apple's email categorization feature was originally created with.....»»

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Secrets of salt drop stains unveiled: New research decodes chemical composition from simple photos

Imagine zooming in on a dried drop of salt solution—each pattern a unique masterpiece, reminiscent of abstract art, yet no larger than the size of a penny......»»

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US military launched a secret anti-vax campaign in the Philippines—here"s why one researcher isn"t surprised

Reuters recently published the bombshell report that in the spring of 2020, the US military began a social media disinformation campaign in the Philippines that aimed to undermine China's influence in the country by casting doubt on the effectiveness.....»»

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First chemist in history may have been a female perfumer—how the science of scents has changed since

Perfume making dates back at least 3,000 years—to the time of Tapputi-belat-ekalle, who is considered the first chemist in history. What we know about her comes from inscriptions on fragments of clay tablets dating back to the Middle Assyrian perio.....»»

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Security Bite: Meta will start using your data to train its AI next week, but you may be able to opt out

9to5Mac Security Bite is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Making Apple devices work-ready and enterprise-safe is all we do. Our unique integrated approach to management and security combines state-of-the-art App.....»»

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Saturday Citations: Bulking tips for black holes; microbes influence drinking; new dinosaur just dropped

What did scientists do this week? Exactly four things, all of which are summarized below......»»

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NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data

“We are letting the data drive our decision." Enlarge / Boeing's Starliner capsule lifts off aboard United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket. (credit: United Launch Alliance) In an update released late Friday evening, N.....»»

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New insights into methyl jasmonate-induced saponin biosynthesis in the balloon flower

Platycodon grandiflorus, commonly known as balloon flower, is renowned for its medicinal properties, primarily due to its rich saponin content. Saponins are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immune-boosting properties, making P. gra.....»»

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This app is like Screen Time on steroids, making you actually follow your iPhone limits

Apple’s Screen Time tools need some work. Not counting serious bugs that go unfixed far too long, one of Screen Time’s major drawbacks is that any limits you set can be easily bypassed. Ultimately, your desire to make healthier technology choices.....»»

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General Motors overhauls ad agency roster

The decision concludes a review that began in January under Chief Marketing Officer Norm de Greve, a former CVS marketer who started at GM last July......»»

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Stellantis signals more job cuts ahead in cost-reduction crusade

After already making buyout offers and layoffs in recent months, Stellantis said it's planning $200 million more worth of headcount reductions by year-end......»»

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Festivals can be a powerful force for sustainable lifestyle changes, new research shows

Festivals and mass gatherings can empower and inspire people making lifestyle changes for a sustainable future, according to new research from a vegan festival which suggests the power of these collective experiences may have been underestimated......»»

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Citing national security, US will ban Kaspersky anti-virus software in July

US cites Russian government's "capacity to influence Kaspersky's operations." Enlarge (credit: Kaspersky Lab) The Biden administration will ban all sales of Kaspersky antivirus software in the US starting in July, accord.....»»

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New survey reveals how many people consider CarPlay a must-have in a new car

I’ve written a lot about CarPlay over the years, including questioning GM’s decision to abandon CarPlay on all of its EVs. Now, a new survey has details on just how important CarPlay is for people shopping for a new car, with a third of consumers.....»»

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Behavioral and computational study shows that social preferences can be inferred from decision speed alone

Researchers led by Sophie Bavard at the University of Hamburg, Germany, found that people can infer hidden social preferences by observing how fast others make social decisions......»»

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Exploring the relationship between civilians and military organizations through an experiment in Japan

In democracies where civilian control is followed, the power to make crucial decisions, like those of national security, is mainly exercised by elected officials, allowing the citizens who elect them to influence such decisions indirectly. This role.....»»

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Unlocking the tea leaf"s secret: Decoding the amino acid blueprint of tea plant

Amino acids are vital for plant growth and significantly influence tea flavor and health benefits. Tea plants, particularly Camellia sinensis, exhibit unique amino acid profiles that contribute to their distinctive taste and nutritional value......»»

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Huawei is making good progress on its 5nm chips

Huawei chip manufacturing partner SMIC has reportedly made good progress on its 5nm chips and could find its way into a future Huawei phone. The post Huawei is making good progress on its 5nm chips appeared first on Phandroid. Following th.....»»

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