CrossOver Mac DirectX 12 support arriving later this summer

The developers of CrossOver for Mac are adding support for DirectX 12, enabling more Windows games to be playable on macOS.Windows games running on Apple SiliconIn a CodeWeavers blog post, the company claims it will be introducing DirectX 12 support.....»»

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Arizona"s sweltering summer could set new record for most heat-associated deaths in big metro

America's hottest metro area is on track to set an annual record for heat-associated deaths after a sweltering summer, particularly in Phoenix......»»

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Apple updates iWork with iOS 17, macOS Sonoma features

Newly updated iWork 13.2 with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the Mac, iPad, and iPad, has now been launched to take advantage of Apple's new operating system updates.Image Credit: AppleAll three iWork apps have added support for USDZ format, which.....»»

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James Webb spots carbon dioxide on Europa, supporting theory of habitability

Europa is one of the most likely places in the solar system to support life beyond Earth, and now new findings could make that possibility more likely......»»

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Efficient fuel-molecule sieving using graphene

A research team led by the University of Tsukuba has successfully developed a new method that can prevent the crossover of large fuel molecules and suppress the degradation of electrodes in advanced fuel cell technology using methanol or formic acid......»»

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Migratory birds can be taught to adjust to climate change, study shows

One result of climate change is that spring is arriving earlier. However, migratory birds are not keeping up with these developments and arrive too late for the peak in food availability when it is time for breeding. By getting the birds to fly a lit.....»»

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Australia"s firefighters face worst season in years

Volunteer firefighters are scorching Australia's forest undergrowth, reducing fuel for what is expected to be the fiercest fire season since the monster "Black Summer" blazes......»»

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Researchers call for change to Irish schoolyards to support children"s play

Researchers are calling for increased attention to the design of schoolyards and provision of diverse spaces for play in primary schools, to address issues of exclusion, bullying and racism in Irish schoolyards......»»

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Linux gives up on 6-year LTS kernels, says they’re too much work

Linux's six-year long-term support was meant to help embedded devices. (credit: Sean Nguyen) The LTS (long-term support) period for the Linux kernel is being cut down. In 2017, the kernel jumped from two years of support.....»»

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1Password is now officially rolling out passkey support for iOS 17 users

Earlier this year, 1Password announced its plans to bring passkey support to its iOS app since iOS 17 lets third-party apps store the new passwordless sign-in method. Now that iOS 17 is available to the public, 1Password is rolling out the update wit.....»»

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Ensuring effective visual communication of climate change

The consequences of a warming climate frequently dominated the news this summer, from devastating wildfires and floods to deadly heat waves across the globe. Reducing harm from climate change is a challenging endeavor, and it requires comprehensive p.....»»

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New regulatory model needed to help organizations comply with equalities legislation, study says

A new type of regulation is needed to support and encourage organizations to comply with equality and human rights law because enforcement alone is ineffective, a new study says......»»

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When did the first exocontinents appear in the universe?

On Earth, continents are likely necessary to support life. Continents "float" on top of the Earth's viscous mantle, and heat from the planet's core keeps the mantle from solidifying and locking the continents into place......»»

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Study: Most people rely on parents for material support into adulthood

A new study finds that only a third of adults in the United States did not rely on their parents for some form of material support between their late teens and early 40s. The study highlights the extent to which parents and adult children rely on eac.....»»

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My last hope for Mac gaming is the iPhone 15 Pro

Mac gaming has been struggling to gain traction, but the iPhone 15 Pro’s crossover into console games could make everything better for players on the Mac......»»

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1Password introduces mobile support for passkeys

1Password customers can now create, manage, and sign in with passkeys on a growing number of websites and apps, providing cross-platform access on iOS 17 and Android 14, as well as all major web browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Later this fall, 1.....»»

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Philips Hue Matter support finally rolling out to existing bridges

Philips Hue Matter support was first promised by March of this year, before quietly admitting to a delay just a few days ahead of the deadline. Whatever caused that delay has now been addressed, and Matter integration is now available within the H.....»»

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Philips Hue adds Matter support to existing bridges

The delayed addition of Matter to the Philips Hue range of smart home products is reportedly now live in an update available to the company's bridge devices.Hue Guide LightsMatter is intended to become a kind of superset of smart home devices, with p.....»»

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Arlo announces updated Essential range, promises HomeKit in 2024

Arlo's second generation of smart cameras and doorbells in its Essentials series has been released, with a commitment to HomeKit support later.Arlo Essentials rangeArlo's Essentials range previously centered on a lower-cost indoor camera, but now the.....»»

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Chameleon-inspired coating could cool and warm buildings through the seasons

As summer turns to fall, many people will be turning off the air conditioning and firing up heaters instead. But traditional heating and cooling systems are energy-intensive, and because they typically run on fossil fuels, they aren't sustainable. No.....»»

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WhatsApp testing out support for passkeys

In the latest WhatsApp beta, it appears that the company is testing out support for passkey. The post WhatsApp testing out support for passkeys appeared first on Phandroid. The method of securing an account using a username and password sy.....»»

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