Delta Emulator changes logo after Adobe legal threat

The developer behind Delta has been threatened with legal action by Adobe, forcing the game emulator to change its icon.Adobe's logo [left], Delta's new icon [middle], Delta's old icon [right]On Friday, the Delta game emulator updated its icon to som.....»»

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Multidrug-resistant fungi found in commercial soil, compost, flower bulbs

Named a critical public health threat by WHO, Aspergillus fumigatus is potentially deadly to immunocompromised.....»»

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PFAS "forever" chemical laws need an overhaul—recent court rulings highlight the loopholes

As awareness of toxic, synthetic chemical pollution from per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) increases, more legal settlements in billion dollar amounts are being made between chemical companies and public water suppliers, both in the US and E.....»»

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Pooping on the Moon Is a Messy Business

If humans are to return to the moon, space agencies and governments need to figure out the legal, ethical, and practical dimensions of extraterrestrial waste management......»»

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This brute of a power station will power almost anything — even A/C

The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 is a massive 4-kilowatt-hour power station that fits into the home well and, with a little elbow grease, can also hit the road......»»

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4 video editors you should use instead of Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the go-to video editor in 2024, but it's pricey and difficult to learn. Here are four alternatives to keep in mind......»»

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Open-source Rafel RAT steals info, locks Android devices, asks for ransom

The open-source Rafel RAT is being leveraged by multiple threat actors to compromise Android devices and, in some cases, to lock them, encrypt their contents, and demand money to restore the device to its original state. Check Point researchers have.....»»

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Why are threat actors faking data breaches?

Earlier this year Europcar discovered a hacker selling info on its 50 million customers on the dark web. The European car rental company immediately launched an investigation, only to discover that the data being sold was completely doctored, possibl.....»»

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Imposter calls become the top threat as robocalls decline: How to protect your phone number and stop spam

We’ve seen carriers and the FTC work to reduce the problem of robocalls in recent years but imposter calls remain a top scam. Want to protect yourself and your family? Incogni makes removing your personal information from the web and blocking spam.....»»

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Why 3 Hyundai dealer agreement addendums could make business trickier for its retailers

The three franchise agreement addendums Hyundai wants its retailers to sign will not be legal in some states, and the changes don't take into account where today's industry stands, a dealer attorney says......»»

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8 reasons for Apple users to switch to UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant

UPDF is an Adobe alternative with an AI twist for reading, annotating, searching, and editing PDFs on Mac. Save big and chat with your PDF today.UPDF Editor: AI PDF AssistantIf you work with PDFs, it can be a pain finding the right tool for the job......»»

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Pressure mounts on CISOs as SEC bares teeth with legal action

A Panaseer investigation into organizations’ annual 10-K filings reported to the SEC shows that from January-May 2024, at least 1,327 filings mentioned NIST – a key indicator that cybersecurity posture is present in a filing. This compares to jus.....»»

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How to run Xbox 360 games on macOS Sequoia

Upgrades in macOS Sequoia make it possible to run the Windows-based Xenia Xbox 360 emulator on your Mac. Here's how.Xbox 360 and 360 "S" models.Xbox 360 was the second, third, and fourth generation of Microsoft's game console which launched in 2005......»»

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Lynn Conway was a trans woman in tech—and underappreciated for decades after she helped launch the computing revolution

Lynn Conway may hold the record for longest delay between being unfairly fired and receiving an apology for it. In 1968, IBM—a company that now covers its logo in a rainbow flag each June for Pride Month—fired Conway when she expressed her intent.....»»

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AI can help forecast toxic "blue-green tides"

A team of Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists plan to use artificial intelligence modeling to forecast, and better understand, a growing threat to water caused by toxic algal blooms. Fueled by climate change and rising water temperatures, these.....»»

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Apple Intelligence plans in China still unclear due to legal concerns

How Apple Intelligence will work in China remains unclear, as the company has to navigate the country’s generative AI regulations. A new report says that Apple concluded it was unlikely to get approval to use a system developed outside of China,.....»»

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Hope from an unexpected source in the global race to stop wheat blast

An important breakthrough in efforts to halt the advance of wheat blast, an emerging threat to international food security, has come from a surprising source......»»

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Three Apple internal tools allegedly stolen following June server breach

A threat actor is claiming to have leaked source code for three internal Apple tools, in a supposed breach that Apple has yet to confirm actually happened.Servers in a data centerApple prides itself on being security-focused and being willing to defe.....»»

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Threat actor claims to have breached Apple, allegedly stealing source code of several internal tools

Notorious threat actor IntelBroker, who previously claimed responsibility for other high-profile data breaches, including those of U.S. government systems in April, allegedly leaked the source code of several internal tools used at Apple via a post o.....»»

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iPhone PC emulator block called confusing, inconsistent, and probably illegal

Apple’s decision to block iPhone PC emulators has been criticized by developers, who have variously said that it is confusing, inconsistent, and probably illegal. One even said that not even Apple’s own app reviewers appear to understand the c.....»»

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Clever macOS malware delivery campaign targets cryptocurrency users

Cryptocurrency users are being targeted with legitimate-looking but fake apps that deliver information-stealing malware instead, Recorded Future’s researchers are warning. The threat actor behind this complex scheme is going after both Windows.....»»

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