Devs pull Zombie Survival mode from Battlefield 2042 immediately after release for awarding too much XP

Ripple Effect is a studio that helps DICE with expansions and game modes. Ripple's Senior Designer Justin Wiebe explained that they removed Zombie Survival and replaced it with a "Gun Game" mode because it borked the game's progression system. Eviden.....»»

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Facebook for iOS dark mode interface disappears for many users

The Facebook app is now missing one of the most-used system-level features of iOS. As spotted by many Facebook users and confirmed by 9to5Mac, the dark mode option in Facebook for iOS has disappeared without explanation. While this is likely a bug,.....»»

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How to enable Lockdown mode on Android

Did you know that your Pixel phone has a Lockdown mode? If you’re hearing about this for the first time, here’s how you can enable it. The post How to enable Lockdown mode on Android first appeared on Phandroid. All of our smartphones c.....»»

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How CentOS Stream and RHEL 9 Led to AlmaLinux 9

ZDNet writes that in late 2020 Red Hat decided "they'd no longer release CentOS Linux as a standalone distribution. Instead, CentOS Stream would work as a beta for RHEL." So where are we now? The competition immediately sprang up to replace CentOS......»»

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Google is Rolling Out Chrome 102 with 32 Security Fixes, One Critical

This week Google began a rolling release for stable Chrome version 102 "with 32 security fixes for browser on Windows, Mac and Linux," reports ZDNet: Chrome 102 for the desktop includes 32 security fixes reported to Google by external researchers. T.....»»

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How to speed flip in Rocket League

This is one of the most valuable moves in the game. Before you get behind the wheel again, check out exactly how to pull off the speed flip in Rocket League......»»

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Are We on the Verge of an 8K Resolution Breakthrough in Gaming?

An anonymous reader shares a report: With the 2020 release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, we've started to see the era of console games that finally make full use of TVs capable of 4K resolutions (i.e., "Ultra HD" 3840Ã--2160 pixels) th.....»»

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Wild animals are evolving faster than anybody thought

How fast is evolution? In adaptive evolution, natural selection causes genetic changes in traits that favor the survival and reproduction of individual organisms......»»

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Intensive whaling did not rob the fin whale of its genomic diversity

Fin whales are the second largest creatures on our planet, surpassed only by blue whales. They can reach a length of around 20 meters—and require up to two metric tons of food per day. Accordingly, they release enormous amounts of nutrients—with.....»»

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New Pokémon Unite mode lets you catch ’em just like the RPGs

The Pokémon-focused MOBA is introducing a new game mode allowing players to catch wild Pokémon. 'Catch 'em Battles' will be playable for all starting on May 30......»»

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AmigaOne X1000/X5000 Remains Well Supported With PowerPC Linux

Mike Bouma writes: Despite being expensive and having been sold out for quite some time at the main Amiga Dealers, two days after Linus Torvalds' release of Linux 5.18, Christian "xeno74" Zigotzky made the latest PPC kernel available for the AmigaOne.....»»

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Would you consider buying a purple iPhone 14 Pro?

One of the things people care about when Apple releases an iPhone is new color options. Rumors now say the company could release a purple iPhone 14 Pro, alongside the traditional Silver, Graphite, and Gold options. With that in mind, would you consi.....»»

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Marble Madness II: The Canceled Sequel To Classic Arcade Game Recovered For MAME Emulator

An anonymous reader writes: Atari pulled the plug on the release of Marble Madness II almost exactly 31 years ago after the follow up to their hit game failed to perform well in location tests. For decades the only way to play this now sought after r.....»»

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The Andor trailer and more news from Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars fans have a lot to celebrate, with the first trailer for Andor, a release window for The Mandalorian and Ahsoka, and a new show with Jude Law......»»

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Microsoft plans to recognize Call of Duty devs’ new union

Phil Spencer said Microsoft will recognize Raven Software's union once its deal with Activision Blizzard closes next year......»»

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God of War Ragnarok rating signals imminent release date

God of War Ragnarok was rated by South Korea's game rating committee, and that suggests that we could be seeing a release date for the game soon......»»

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Release date, price, leaks, and more

If the rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be a significant upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3......»»

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Global automakers losing ground on booming EV battlefield

U.S. electric pioneer Tesla is the only foerign automaker ranked among the top ten EV sellers in China this year, according to China Passenger Car Association data......»»

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Sigstore: Signature verification for protection against supply chain attacks

Software supply chain attacks have been increasing over the past few years, spurring the Biden administration to release an executive order detailing what government agencies are supposed to do to protect themselves against them. These attacks consis.....»»

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New ‘Apple Account Card’ now available in the Wallet app for iOS 15.5 users

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac discovered that Apple had been working to rebrand iTunes Pass as “Apple Account Card” in the Wallet app with iOS 15.5. Although there was no mention of this feature in the official release notes for iOS 15.5, the Apple.....»»

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FIFA 23 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know

FIFA 23 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. EA hasn’t confirmed the FIFA 23 release date yet, but that will change later this year when the company outlines its plans for this year’s version of.....»»

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