Dmitry Rogozin may be in some trouble in Russia

Wagner Group soldiers are well-trained to identify those attired in NATO clothing. Enlarge / Dmitry Rogozin, second from left, has been active in the Donbas region of Ukraine. (credit: Dmitry Rogozin/Telegram) It has bee.....»»

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You Might Survive a Nuclear Blast—if You Have the Right Shelter

The escalating risks of Russia’s war in Ukraine have led scientists to study the unthinkable and model the aftermath of nuclear detonation......»»

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The world’s farms are hooked on phosphorus, and that’s a problem

Nonrenewable fertilizer powers 50% of Earth's agricultural productivity. Enlarge (credit: Brian Brown/Getty Images) Disrupting Earth’s chemical cycles brings trouble. But planet-warming carbon dioxide isn’t the only.....»»

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Earlier geomagnetic storm prediction wins us time to prepare

Scientists at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia), together with colleagues from the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics (Germany), the University of Graz & the Kanzelhöhe Observatory (Austria), the University of Zagreb and Zagr.....»»

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European Commission to present space defence plan in March

The European Commission will present a strategy to bolster the EU's security and defence efforts in space in March, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said Tuesday, with Russia's war in Ukraine raising tensions in space......»»

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Apple’s secret spring event could be in yet more trouble

Apple is expected to release a ton of new products this spring, but its launch event might have been pushed back, meaning disappointment for loyal Apple fans......»»

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Meet the real zombifying fungus behind the fictional Last of Us outbreak

Ants are in trouble, but humans are safe... for now. Enlarge / HBO's The Last of Us provides a vivid visual imagining of what a Cordyceps infected human might become. (credit: YouTube/HBO Max) HBO's new sci-fi series Th.....»»

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YouTube TV live channel guide is currently broken for many on Apple TV

If you’re having trouble with YouTube TV on your Apple TV this week, you’re not alone. A recent update has broken the live channel guide. more… The post YouTube TV live channel guide is currently broken for many on Apple TV appeared first on.....»»

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Windows 11 warning: system restore is breaking some PCs

If you’ve performed a system restore on Windows 11 and run into trouble with some vital apps, you’re not alone......»»

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Sex, drugs and alcohol are the top reasons that Texas teachers get in trouble, but overall, such cases are rare

Only about 1 in 200 teachers in Texas are sanctioned for misbehavior, but the largest portion of those sanctions involve sexually related offenses. That's according to a new study we published recently in the Journal of Education Human Resources. The.....»»

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Russia has fined Apple $17M in latest antitrust action; size of fine limited by sanctions

The competition regulator in Russia has fined Apple $17M, after an antitrust investigation concluded that the company broke the law by not allowing app developers to link to payment options outside of the App Store. The size of the fine is based on.....»»

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If you think you know what to expect from Atomic Heart, think again

If you're just expecting Atomic Heart to be Bioshock in Soviet Russia, you're going to be shocked by the full picture......»»

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Russia fines Apple $17.4 million for alleged antitrust issues

Russia's competition regulator has fined Apple, say that its forcing of developers to use the App Store payment system is an abuse of the company's dominant position.The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) originally announced in July 2022 that it wou.....»»

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Best sleep tracking apps for iPhone

You are not alone if you are having trouble sleeping, as every night millions of people toss and turn longing for a better night's rest. The best sleep-tracking apps can help you relax, meditate, and start dreaming quicker.[Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio]R.....»»

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The best Hulu original series right now

Hulu's best original series run the gamut from the dramatic, like Fleishman is in Trouble, to fun sitcoms, like How I Met Your Father......»»

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Russia to send rescue mission to space station

Russia said Wednesday that it will send an empty spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) next month to bring home three astronauts whose planned return vehicle was damaged by a strike from a tiny meteoroid......»»

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Russia reveals plan to rescue three space station crewmates

Russian space agency Roscosmos has unveiled a plan for bringing home three crewmembers after their Soyuz capsule suffered damage at the space station......»»

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Five things to know about the International Space Station

Russia is scrambling to bring home three astronauts—two Russians and one American—who are stuck aboard the International Space Station after a meteorite damaged the spacecraft that was due to return them to Earth......»»

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Space junk, not meteorites, remains biggest threat to spacecraft

Dodging the kind of meteorite strike that forced Russia to plan a space station rescue mission is nearly impossible, yet the greater threat to spacecraft is actually the man-made debris in orbit, experts say......»»

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Russia will abandon Soyuz on orbit, fly up a new one to bring crew home

The temperature inside the vehicle could reach the low 40s Celsius during Earth return. Enlarge / Three hours after the coolant leak was initially detected Wednesday night, it remained ongoing. (credit: NASA TV) Four wee.....»»

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Russia to launch new capsule to return space station crew

Russian space corporation Roscosmos said Wednesday that it will launch a new spacecraft to take some of the International Space Station's crew back to Earth after their capsule was damaged and leaked coolant......»»

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